Title:: The Warmth

Author:: Lokaia

Summary:: Rosie's little tangent.

Rating:: G

Disclaimer:: Space Cases belongs to Peter David and Bill Mumy etc. and so forth and so on. "The Warmth" belongs to Incubus.


You know what's funny?

Everyone thinks that being stuck seven years from

home, with a bunch of people you don't know and never

talk to... everyone thinks that would be bad. But

it's not!

Harlan and Radu are my brothers, Cat (and now Suzee)

are my sisters. Constantly looking out for me and

making sure I'm all right, while at the same time,

including me in their jokes and tricks against Ms.

Davenport and the Commander!

And those two... Ms. Davenport and the Commander are

like very irritable parents, who pretend to stay

together for their children, but you know they really

like each other.

Sort of.

And Bova of course! He's my best friend, the only one

I know I can talk to and who'll give me a straight

answer. Cat and Suzee tend to go off on little

tangents of their own, and so does Harlan. Radu just

tries to make me feel better, which is always welcome!

But Radu likes to spend more time with Harlan than

with me now. Not that I blame him--I do look much

younger than him, and since Harlan is being friendly

now, I figure...

It's good that we all have someone to turn to.

I like talking to Bova, though. It really is nice to

hear someone else's point of view, even if it does get

a little redundant.

"I knew it."

"I knew that too."

"I also knew that, I just didn't tell you."

So Bova's my best friend.

Or at least, I thought he was.

Then I started noticing how cute he is. And how smart

he is. And how nice he is.

Well, to me anyway.

It's very hard for a Mercurian to doubt herself, but I

somehow manage it every once in a while. Like

"What if he doesn't like me back?"

"What if he laughs at me?"

"What if he hates me?"

"What if we can't even be friends anymore?"

And it's things like that, that I think of only when

I'm just about to admit everything to him... it's

things like that that make me change the subject.

But after a while, Bova gets sick of hearing me talk

about the new names I've given my stuffed animals.

Maybe I am a child.

Maybe I am annoying.

But maybe... just maybe...

I can get Bova to smile at me.

...Okay, so maybe it's not funny-haha. More like


But Bova's here. He's grumbling about homework and he

doesn't know that I asked for Infocore privileges

tonight, and he doesn't know I've uploaded a bunch of

his favorite movies, and he doesn't know the single

couch in here is only big enough for two...

But in a little bit, he'll know I like him.

So I smile.

And *that's* funny!