Chapter 14: Shun

"It must have followed me..." Trunks quickly glanced to all the others. "Dad, we have to get everyone out of here- or we need to leave- they don't stand a chance. Cell will demolish them! He must be here to kill us... I don't see any other reason.... Or to kill me. That has to be it!" Trunks pushed the hair out of his eyes; "we need to leave now."

"Tien, Piccolo... follow us." Vegeta ordered them and the 4 Z-warriors took off to the sky, the strange ki following them and getting closer and closer.

They flew for what seemed like forever, their hair whipping at their faces, and their hearts racing desperately in their chests. The ground blurred under them, the landscape changing from fields, mountains, and to blue ocean. They remained silent and Trunks' was trying to piece some of the mess together. His mind didn't want to believe that Cell was there to kill him... maybe he was just following them, or perhaps it thought that Goku was with them, but no matter what Cell was here to destroy someone and he hoped they weren't on his list. Trunks glanced behind himself and he could barely see a spot of green. Damn, how is he so fast? He faced forward again, his father sending him a concerned glance. Tien looked between the two then to where Trunks had looked and he paused, the others did the same as they noticed it too. Cell had suddenly stopped.

Vegeta was the fist to speak, "Why the hell is it going to opposite way?" Trunks looked as lost as he did. Eyebrows drawn together and a frown upon his lips. Vegeta's eyes suddenly went wide. "Kakkarot."

Piccolo thought for a moment. "We should follow him. He must have realized Goku is not here and went searching for him. He must have felt Trunks' ki and assumed it was him. Then, he realized it wasn't so he searched for Goku's and he must have found him and went for him." Vegeta nodded sharply as did the others then they started after Cell.

Goku was tired. Not just mentally but physically. His whole body was drained of energy, his child had taken almost all of it, and it had taken a toll on his body. He seemed to be sleeping all day- yet he was exhausted. He could barely get out of the bed to go for walks and sitting up was painful too. Seventeen had to help him eat his food, shovel it into his open mouth, and hope that he didn't choke. Goku had grown tired of waiting for the others to find him. It seemed impossible. He didn't even know where he was and he was positive they couldn't feel his ki; it was down to nothing.

Seventeen has told him of a plan to escape later that day, when they went for their walk, Seventeen would pick up Goku and fly off to Kami's look out. The plan seems so perfect but plans often go astray. He could only hope it will work.

He sighed heavily and he sat up, all his weight on his weak elbows as the door opened. Seventeen walked in briskly, a smile on his usually blank features.

"It's time to go." He stepped next to Goku. "Are you feeling any better?" Goku shook his head. Seventeen frowned and helped the Sayian stand up and the two left the room. They walked slowly down the hall; Seventeen had to hold Goku up so he remained standing. They soon exited the building; golden sunlight spilled over the two males and Goku smiled at the sudden warmth across his pale skin. They walked until they got to the far wall that kept Goku from leaving. Seventeen went to take Goku into his arms but he halted and his eyes widened. Goku's eyes searched his blue eyes wondering what was going on- then he felt it. Vegeta! They had found him!

But something seems to be bothering the Android. The ki... it wasn't just Vegeta's it was all of the Z-warriors.... Even Goku's. "Something isn't right. I need you to go back inside-"

"It's Vegeta! He's here to sav-"

Seventeen growled. "It isn't him! That ki.... It has yours too!"

"Trunks must be with him..."

Seventeen was getting irritated and fast. "Feel beyond that first ki you feel." Goku stretched out his senses and gasped. A green dot appeared and was moving fast towards them. "Get inside now!" The android shouted and Goku did so, stumbling towards the building. Seventeen stared into the sky, the figure getting closer and uglier with each second. It touched down close to him. Remaining silent. Seventeen stared at the hideous... thing. Not finding any words.

The thing was a sickly green with black spots on his scaly skin; it appeared to be a type of insect with a huge tail that snaked back and forth behind him, the end pointed. His hands were curled into balls and it seemed to be inspecting him just as seventeen was doing to him. Then it suddenly moved- Seventeen gasped as it grasped a hold of his neck tightly. He hadn't even had time to move- he had barely seen it move. The android gasped for breath and tried to pry the hands free. He thought that this thing had been after Goku! Why was it attacking him? He kicked his legs into the thing's chest but it seemed not to notice. Oh gosh what the hell is it? He felt all the energy in his body fade, and fast as the drip on his neck tightened. His eyes widen as he saw the tail move over him- the end opening and widening. What the fuck is it doing? He suddenly felt his body jerk up, as if the tail was trying to suck him up. The thing that was holding his neck suddenly released him and he gasped for breath but it was gone as he was pulled up and into the opening of the tail.

Goku gasped as he saw this. He had stopped as he got to the door. What is that thing and why did it suck Seventeen. He watched in amazement and disgust as the thing started to change. He quickly turned away, saddened that Seventeen was dead. He felt tears at his eyes as he tried his best to run down the hall, his body strained to do so. Where was Vegeta? He had felt his ki, but he had yet to show his face. He slid to a stop as he saw Eighteen at the end of the hall, a very worried look on her youthful face.

"Where's Seventeen?" Her eyes were void of emotion but her voice was riddled with anger. She moved forward and a loud crash caused both of them to jump back, the metal walls were twisted and torn apart, that thing was standing between them and looking back and forth wondering who to attack first. Goku panted as it moved towards Eighteen.

"RUN!" Goku shouted. "Get out of here!" But the Android seemed to not hear him. Her anger had boiled over and she was ready to kill the mutant.

Goku turned away as the same thing happened to the blonde. His eyes burned as he heard her scream- then silence. He could tell the thing had turned to face him. Goku looked at it and was surprised to see it wasn't as hideous as it had been before... it was almost... he hated to admit it... decent looking. It walked slowly towards him; a smirk on its face but it stopped and then was suddenly gone. The Sayian stepped back and gasped as he hit skin and a hand was on his shoulder. "Kakkarot." Vegeta's voice sounded in his ear and he turned to see his prince. "Are you alrig-" Vegeta's words were cut off as Goku wrapped his arms around him tightly. "G-glad to see you too..." He hugged the other Sayian with less force. "Did that thing say anything to you?"

Goku shook his head. "It... it ate.... Seventeen and Eighteen with it's tail..." Vegeta cocked an eyebrow and glanced over to Trunks who seemed uneasy about something.

"It's stronger now... Dammit!" Trunks' fist slammed into the nearest wall and it went through the metal. The others stared at him in disbelief and wonder. "He absorbed them, and with each android he absorbs... he becomes more perfect, and once that happens... we're doomed."

Vegeta laughed at this. "I'm sure all of us put together can destroy him."

Trunks scowled, "He IS all of us put together!"

To be continued...

Agent 182: Kinda short- oh well. I've been wanting to work on this and I finally got around to do it. I hope you enjoyed it and don't hate me because of the whole- killing 17 and 18. And the next chapter will have another death that you will all hate me for... I wonder who it will be....