I hate you.


You heard me right Casey Randolph McCall.

I hate your living guts.


You may be wondering why, but ya know what? I don't give a shit.

"Dan, what's with you?"

You always got what you wanted. 'Cept for Dana, but we won't talk about that.

"Dan. Are you saying that life has shorted you? You've got a job most people would dream of!"

A job eh?! What else did I get? What the hell did I get? A woman to go back to her jackass husband? Wow, I feel so goddamn special now!

"Dan, stop-"

You're a fucking moron, you're stubborn, pig-headed, and just a plain ass.


Don't look at me like that McCall. Shut the fuck up, it's my turn to talk.

"Dan. Stop it. Please."

No. No! You stop it! You don't think I've heard you talking about me?

"Dan. I've-"

Oh, I'm sure you haven't. Just like you never slept with Sally right?

"Dan, that's low."

No! You know what's low? You always take the spotlight, and I'm tired of it! That's what's low!

"Dan, you get just as much of the attention as-"


"Dan! Why won't you listen to me?"

Because, your a moron and a jackass!

"Dan. I've never turned my back on you. I've disagreed with you on many things, and yet, I'm still here."


"Dan. I know what your going through."

..How would you know?

"Because, I'm your friend. I just know these things. That's how."

That doesn't make you all-knowledgeable!

"But.. Dan. I know things. You know something? You embarrassed me on live television. Worse has happened. I may have a diffiicult time dealing with you right now, but, ya know, I'm gonna surpass that. 'Cause we have a common goal, the show. And ya know something, these last ten years working with you? I wouldn't trade the world for them."


"Dan. You've been there for me. Every time. We've had our ups and downs. Remember that time in Dallas-"

-that you puked on air?

"You never forget anything do you?"

Not really.

"Dan. I'm sorry."

Don't say that, Casey. I started this conversation, saying that I hated your fuckin' guts. It's not your fault.

"Dan. It's just as much my fault, cause I never tried to stop this. I knew something bad was coming... But I didn't do anything to stop it. And I'm sorry."



I'm done fighting.

"Yeah. So am I."

Casey, did you mean it?


That you are still here?

"Yeah. I'm still here."