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Chapter One: Kiss

Date: March 21st

"Why so early..." I moaned, as I got up. I had to wake up earlier than the rest of Team 7, because I lived furthur away, and needed to walk (Diet!) to the mission site. I really hated it, but I knew that if I didn't shape up, Sasuke would never notice me.

I stopped, rested my head on my pillow, and thought about the what ifs... What if Sasuke liked me, and showed it? What if he kissed me? What if he'd take me on dates, like other boys did?

Then I sobered up. Sasuke was obsessed with his ONE goal, and it wasn't me. Unless I could beat that down or help him reach it, he wouldn't EVER notice me (or any other girl). Some think I'm actually as crazy as I look when I'm around him... that's only to annoy Ino-pig, who has as much chance at Sasuke as Naruto...

I got up, refreshed myself, took a shower, and headed out. It was a long time to get there, and I always bought MY lunch on the way, after hand-making Sasuke's. My mom thought I ate my own lunches... otherwise I wouldn't be able to include the nice stuff, like cinnamon muffins, or tea packages (we usually stop at Kakashi's for lunch, and he has an automatic kettle). Sasuke, seemingly not botherring to get his own lunch, eats the ones I give him, oh-so-wonderfully made ones.

As I walked, I stopped into a shop that sold charms. Naruto had given me a charm bracelet for my birthday (which Sasuke had forgotten...AGAIN), so I decided to get a charm or two. I looked through them, and decided on four different ones: A book, a cherry (or sakura) blossom, a kunai, and a bowl. They reminded me of my teammates. I smile a little, and remembered that I'd be late if I didn't hurry.

When I got there, nobody was there, even though I was fifteen minutes late... Then I checked the big clock in the distance. I was an hour early! I quickly set my watch, and waited.

Sasuke came within five minues, saw me, and sat down. "Sasuke-kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!" I yelled, hugging him. Oddly, he didn't push back as much as usual... I pulled away, and went to sit down. I looked in the distance for any sight of my other teammates.

"Sakura-saaaaaan!" Naruto yelled as he came bounding down the path towards me, cheery smile on his face.

'At 7am in the morning, no wonder I always hits him' I think to myself 'Why doesn't he shut up... This'll make him confused..."

As Naruto bounded towards me, I jumped at him, wrapping my arms around his neck, my legs arouind his body, restraining his arms. As he landed, with me sitting/hugging on him, I said...

"Naruto-kun, you're hot!"

I then leaned over and pressed my lips against his. Suddenly, I found out why someone would want Naruto, amidst all the headaches he'd cause, if they tried... Naruto's kiss, although somewhat wawkward, was long and sweet, and it tasted like bubble gum and ramen at the same time. I pulled my lips away, leaving Naruto speechless, almost speechless myself. But Sauke caught my eye... was that a jealous look that he had, before his face reverted back to normal? I couldn't be sure.

I got up, brushed myself off, walked over to Sasuke, and yelled in his face, "Ohayoooooooooooooooooo Sasuke-KUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!" I felt something sharp bonk me on the head. "Ohayou, Sakura," Hatake Kakashi, my ninja leader said, in his morning voice. "Why's Naruto lying down, dazed like he got run over?"

"Ask her, she's the one who did it," Sasuke said, pointing his thumb at me. I blushed, then stopped and looked at Kakashi.

"It mst be something, because you didn`t even yell at me for being late!" Kakashi laughed.

"I... only wanted to surprise him... I kissed him-" I said, interrupted by Sasuke, who interjected,

"She didn't just KISS him, no, she had to leap on him, tell him he was extremely hot, and smooch him to death." I couldn't believe my ears. Sasuke sounded jealous... slightly, at least.

"Did Sasuke just say the word smooch? Or am I still knocked out... I had a dream, where Sakura leapt on me and kissed me..." Naruto said, sitting up.

"This is interesting..." Kakashi said, looking around. "You guys still aren't as interesting as my book-" Kakashi stopped, interrupted by my yell of "Sensei!", as I smacked him, and he was left lying on the floor.

"That's just sick," Naruto said, scrunching his face in disgust. The thought of him... and me...

"Naruto!" I yelled a him, hoping to make him stop. He almost got ME thinking about it! That's disgusting!

"Guys..." Kakashi-sensei said, getting up and rubbing his head, "We need to start our missions. Our first one is to clean out old Mrs. Kuzaki's attic. Are you ready?"

"Yeah!" Naruto yelled, as I got up. Sasuke just asked, "Where?"

"Up near the academy!" Kakashi said, runnng into the distance. "Kakashi-sensei!" I called, running after him towards the academy.


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