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They were lead into a small room with many vials of multi-coloured liquids, some gurgled whilst others smouldered, Mulan looked away from the fascinating sight to spot Shang limping behind her and scowling at the old lady who was busy feeding a bird of a rare and exotic form.

"She got you good." Mulan simply said, watching him divert his angry gaze at her, "Yes alright." He snapped.

"Maybe she got something for that?" She gestured to his bleeding nose which he kept wiping with his arm and resulting smears all over his body.

"Her?! No thanks!" He snapped as he eyed her disdainfully

Mulan ribbed him as she asked, "So what was in the vial?"

"I believe it to be a vial of potion I sold to a woman back in the month of the moon. She came here insisting of a potion that could render a man senseless to the world. I told her I refuse to hand her over such potion with ill intent. She went on to tell me of her ill father so I gave her a small dose to be given to him." The old woman replied as she stared at the glass fragment.

Mulan went to ask another question but was interrupted by Shang loudly sniffing in attempt to staunch his nose. The lady rose a thin eyebrow and gestured to a chair, "Let Mulan clean you up whilst I find out more about this vial." Shang flopped down into the chair exhausted as Mulan followed the old lady who handed her a small pot.

"I don't think he'll accept this from my hands but he will from your sweet ones, rub this on his face, it'll help his nose. And should he wish to use it elsewhere where I inflicted him with my staff, feel free." The lady smiled as Mulan blushed and nodded her thanks. Grabbing a bowl of water and a cloth she walked back over to Shang who held his wrist up to his nose, resulting a bloodied shirt.

"Give me your shirt, I'll have it clean for you in no time." The old lady called out, Shang looked at Mulan who nodded, hesitatingly he pulled his shirt off and handed it to the old woman who went away cooing over the blood stains.

"Sweet Gods." Mulan muttered to herself, he was still as handsome and well built as the day she first met him on the first, ill-fated camp exercise at Wu Zhong. She shot a look at his tanned, broad expanse of a chest, well carved of muscles and strength. She felt light headed at all the memories that rushed to her head, from his quivering torso pushed against hers in throes of desire and lust to his warm smile when he joked with her at the camp.

"Mulan?" his voice broke her trail of thought, she jerked alert and dropped the cloth into the bowl of water and started cleaning his skin.

She so didn't want to touch him, his bronze skin flexed and quivered, taunting her so. Her memories left her reeling and she was senseless to the world.

"Ah!" a loud exclamation from the old woman made her jump and drop the bowl of water which Shang caught in time, slopping half of its contents on the floor.

"What?" Shang shot the old lady a dark look, apparently he was taken by surprise too. "There is residue on the glass, the pigments of one of the ore I have used in this potion has stained the glass red!" the woman waved the glass piece around in triumph.

"And?" Mulan smiled, they were getting somewhere!

"That means I can recreate the potion as there is only one of its kind that leaves a mark like this!" The woman exclaimed excitedly as she bustled around the room, gathering ingredients and dropping them with a loud thud on the wooden table.

"I want you to grind that rock down to a fine powder." The woman pointed Mulan to her task, turning to Shang she handed him a jar full of dried twig like objects and said, "Chop these finely." Pulling one out Shang wrinkled his nose, "What are these?"

"Them? They are dried lizards tongue, my own ingredients." The woman squared up her shoulders proudly.

"Ergh!" Shang hastily dropped in back into the jar with the others, he ignored a smirk from Mulan and fished out the strange object with a knife. Taking a deep breath he started chopping it, trying hard not to relate it to the former alive animal and its anatomy.

A flutter of wings caught his attention, he looked up to see the bird he seen earlier has settled down on a bottle and was watching him closely.

"Don't let him get any of the stuff, the last time he ate some potion ingredients he wouldn't stop giving off wind for days!" The woman eyed her pet bird and went to wave it away but it squawked and threatened to peak Shang who was nearest with its beak.

Shang completed his task eyeing both the knife and the bird carefully, making sure neither of them would cause anymore bodily harm. He looked over to see Mulan was stirring the cauldron of stuff that would hiss, she peered into it and almost gagged.

"Pretty strong smell eh?" the woman dipped her finger in the cauldron and licked it, earning a sickly look off both Shang and Mulan. "What? I have built up my body immunity system by tasting my potions, they don't effect me no more." The old woman poured the liquid into a glass vial and let it to rest.

"We need you to appear in court to testify against the woman you sold this to. She has done great harm to the kingdom and we need to stop her." Mulan informed her as she washed Shang's shirt. "Would you?"

The old woman didn't hesitate, "Of course, I have grown to like you two and I will not see that one of my potions cause trouble."

"Shang breathed a sign of relieve but caught the troubled eyes of Mulan, "We still have a long way to go." She told him.

"Yeah but this is certain evidence here isn't it?" He crossed his arms, leaning against the wall in curiosity.

"Not if they turn it around against us, I'm having trouble thinking how I'm going to present my evidence as it is. I'm not experienced in court." Mulan replied, not looking up from scrubbing Shang's shirt hard.

He reached out and stopped her and turned her to face him, "You do believe me?" He asked.

"I wanted to at the beginning but I was blinded by my own anger and the misleading facts, but as I'm going along the case, I think you are innocent." Mulan looked up, she watched Shang nod as he accepted her answer and squeezed her arm gently.

"You know I am thankful to you for doing this?" He weakly smiled.

"You needn't say no words." Mulan smiled. She went to resume cleaning his shirt when his hands gently teased the fabric from her grasp. "Its my shirt and my mess, you 're already sorting one mess out." He started cleaning it instead, Looking up at Mulan he softly shooed her away, "Go."

She turned and walked over to the table, feeling so many sensations that it left her weak.

"He looks at you like you were lovers. He wants you." The old lady smiled.

"How do you know?" Mulan raised an eyebrow.

"Even the blind man can see it, I believe you are destined to be together." The old lady grinned, "Though my predictions are a bit on the weak side."

Predictions or not, Mulan knew she was right, and little did the old lady knew that in fact they had been lovers. Confused, Mulan sat down wanting to sort her tangled pile of emotions out.

Do I take him back?

What did he do wrong in the first place?

Nothing apart from leaving to war as he was a general like herself.

In fact she had no reasons to be angry with him. Groaning softly, she dropped her head into her hands. She loved him still despite leaving her with his child.