Summary: In the newest season of the Bachelor, we bring to you the charming, rich, good-looking Ferio! He is also the first royal to appear on our show! 25 girls from all over the country shall vie for his attention but who will be his final choice? Brought to you by yours truly, Geo Metro!

Amber: Small note here, Rayearth doesn't have 25 girls so we shall sort of skip the first part. As in he will only meet, talk only with the girls available. Confusing? For example he chose Fuu to go on to the second round (15 girls) I will only write like how he felt when they came out of the limousine not all 25, understand? If not...just read on!

Ferio gazed at the 15 girls that he had chosen as they clinked their champagne glasses. He had chosen to go this show because it appealed to him that he could choose out of 25 gorgeous babes to date whoever he wanted, to have total freedom. He remembered exactly how he felt when each girl stepped out of the limousine.

First there was Caldina the magician and dancer. Her toned body attracted him to get to know her better as he could see most of it from the very revealing gown she wore. It was a pale pink hue with quite an amount of exposed cleavage. Her hair was also an unique pink shade while her eyes stayed an enchanting blue. The way she spoke proved to be sensual and pleasing in a southern accent, at the same time as she managed to flirt, act coy and looked so very desirable at once.

Tatra and Tarta arrived together. Tatra being a vet and Tarta a police officer. They both curtsied gracefully. They had the same accent as Caldina except theirs was a little less obvious. He knew that they were twins and he smiled to himself, how was he suppose to differentiate them? Tatra understood his dilemma, or so it seems as she smilingly replied, "The one with a nasty temper would be the Madam (slang for cop), and the one giggling all the time, well...that'll be me," He appreciated her sense of humor but he wasn't so sure about her sister.

Next it was Umi Ryuuzaki, she was hot! She was practically taller than he was. She was dressed in an elegant blue gown which had excess cloth to look like waves. It was bareback and her fair and smooth skin seemed to be taunting him. Her long straight blue hair framed her face which was matched by sapphire orbs which would put the real ones to shame. Her smile was mesmerizing, she was the kind of girl he would most likely have a date with, that gave her a little edge over the others.

Then it was Nova and a Hikaru Shidou. Both were pretty short and had the same ruby eyes. Hikaru was a Kendo instructor in the Shido school of Kendo while Nova strived to be a lawyer. Nova's long streaming dark pink hair matched her dressed of black leather. Clothed in revealing tube top kind of dress there was intricate details of sewn pink petals on her dress. She was the one of the few that chose not to wear high-healed shoes as she looked pretty unique in her combat boots.
Hikaru wore a simple white floral sundress which was simple and innocent. Her hair was pulled into a long braid and she seemed to bounce rather than walk, there was small pendant which she wore a wolf's symbol. Her child-like features seem to allure Ferio as he felt she would be one of his best friends in this whole thing.

Primera now...he winced she was such a brat! He could not believe the airs she had, coming here as if she owned the place, so what if she was another royal? His sister did not want to offend anyone, so as not to hurt Emaurade's feelings he obliged in bringing her to the next round. Not that there was much competition anyway, most of them just looked good, all whom he had chosen (with the exception of Primera) had charisma, at least most of them. He could picture her hazel eyes doing the infamous haughty stare accompanied by a pair of pouting lips easily.

Alcyone the secretary, she was very attractive but she seemed a little too old for him and she was getting along a little too well with Debonair a researcher whom he felt was very suspicious. He knew he had enemies but who would be so dumb as to send two people to assassinate him while he was on television. His curiosity got the better of him as he tried to remember the phrase Clef used before. Oh! It was 'curiosity killed the cat.' He wasn't a cat now, was he gave a famous catlike grin. Who cares? He has a whole army protecting him, Clef made sure of that. Sometimes he felt like strangling the little guy who always made sure he was safe, yet sometimes he would be touched on how dedicated Clef was to his safety.

He never thought he could find someone shorter than Clef, it turns out, he had. He couldn't really believe it at first, he kept blinking at her in surprise yet many years of training warned him not to underestimate her, after all...look at Clef! (Clef lovers...sorry, I wuw him too but u noe Ferio!) Her long raven hair had a hint of navy blue, her eyes a dark sapphire. She looked impressive despite being vertically challenged. She wore a traditional cheong sam with a taiji symbol on it. It however managed to look trendy and 'Zen' as well. He marveled at her choice of clothes and wondered about her race, were all Fahren people so chinese? Aska stared at Ferio, her reporter instinct going overload.

(A/N: Cheong sam is the traditional clothes for chinese women cept it's usually sleeveless, taiji symbol of yin=female/ black and yang=male/white means balance between everything.)

Another two girls stepped out of the limousine. Their long blond hair was tied up in a high ponytail, one dressed in a Roman style kind of dress. It was bareback and the only strings holding it up was the one that went behind her neck. The cloth, seem to fall around in graceful little creases which added to the ethereal effect of making her seem like a goddess. She was Presea the scientist who developed the weapons for the military. Sierra her twin was a psychologist and a talented one at that. She dress in a long white dress which looked more like a angel's costume. She wore another layer of orange shirt and layered skirt. Her outfit was also very interesting but it also presented itself in a humble way that showed she did not hanker his wealth nor status.

Finally it was the last girl. Ferio breathed a sigh in relief until his breath got taken away by that mysterious stranger. Her short blond curls adorned her face and those eyes...they were such a lush green. He could have sworn that he spent one whole minute ogling her eyes, they were the most unique eyes he had ever seen. He didn't even notice what she was wearing. Nothing had ever made him feel like this, it was like the air surrounding them was cackling electricity. There was defiant way she greeted him, yet with elegance that even Umi would have found difficult to match. With her blond curls flying behind her, the wind gave Ferio a gentle caress on his cheek as he watched the beautiful stranger left. Her name was Fuu Houoji...

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