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The Bachelor.

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Bachelor. Chapter 3.

"Welcome to the Royal Cephirian Ball! This ball is held annually to celebrate the peace and prosperity of our country. Everyone who wishes to have a good time, just pop in!" There were a few laughs at this statement but they were soon hushed into silence.

Ferio continued, "My people, we are equal tonight and always, I welcome you and feel honored in your presence, for without you, there would be no Cephiro." A loud applause rang throughout the room. He bowed and returned to his sister's side.

"How are the ladies, my dear brother?" joked Emaurade laughing. She could not believe that actually those beauties could be separated from Ferio. Usually, they would be stuck to his side like bubble gum to a shoe.

"Fine actually." He replied smoothly, "With the exception of one of them wanting to murder me, while another can't stand the sight of me and one I merely wish to be friends with... I'm perfectly fine!" He finished.

"I thought you were fooling around with them Ferio." said Emaurade, her eyes growing serious, the blues a hue darker. She thought that her brother was just doing the show for fun. "You do know that if the people of Cephiro objects to who you're marrying, or even our parents, you would be forever banished from Cephiro?"

"I know. It felt like a game to me at first..." His eyes were closed but his face was set, his tone solemn.

"I know what I'm doing sis." He said finally, and sighed. "Can we not talk about this?"

The chandeliers dimmed and slow romantic music rang out. Couples waltz to the sensuous music. The scene changed from one of serenity to one of fun and enthusiasm as the music changed to a fast paced pop song.

"Some rubbish from the Bad seed Boys again!" An elderly man complained to his wife. Ferio had to stifle his laughter as he hurried past them. He however, managed to hear clips of "Back Street Boys, Back Street Boys! " behind him. He saw the ladies arriving in their limousines after picking out their gowns for the evening.

But Ferio was not ready for what he saw.

Hikaru dressed in pure white, a colour that gave her the mystical feel of being an angel. Her hair was let down and as Ferio soon realized, he regretted that he knew she was only going to be his friend. Her dress was a halter and the rest of it simply flowed down. It was not revealing, it was not exquisite, but it was natural and it was Hikaru.

"You look amazing!" he exclaimed. In return, Ferio choked when Hikaru hugged him with an unexpected amount of strength. He ruffled her hair. Her ruby eyes twinkled in response. Then she headed into the palace, her endless enthusiasm was infectious. Somewhere, a pair of amethyst eyes blinked and quickly turned his head away.

Nova unexpectedly, came in a Xena-bikini crossover. Hers was a black leather skirt that reached her knees. Above that was a leather bikini top that looked as it might some off at any moment. She, at least had the decency to cover herself in a jacket. Following up with a red (cotton thankfully) jacket with matching red boots. That might look good on some people but it seemed rather over the top and why couldn't she just be who she was?

Ferio bit his lip. "It's rude to laugh at someone in her face," he reprimanded himself sternly; somehow it had reverse effect on him and made his impulse to laugh stronger. 'Things one does to gain attention...' he thought to himself. When she smiled at him, it was the final straw; she looked so much like a- He regained his composure. As soon as she was out of earshot, he laughed, correction, he roared for a good two minutes. He was wheezing even as Primera stepped out of her limo.

She was wearing a fairy- tale princess costume that was in this cutesy tootsie chiffon pink. 'Where has all the fashion sense gone?" wondered Ferio as he pulled himself firmly back to earth. The pink was simply an eyesore; the pink was so bright- it was glowing! As best as he could to hide his amusement, he engaged into light talk before reliving a sigh as she headed in.

'Three down, two to go.' he fiddled with the thought in his mind. 'I wonder how Fuu looks like....' he mused silently. His bruised pride still needed time to heal, but what he felt for her, Ferio wasn't going to deny. He wasn't that kind of man. She was special and he damn well knew it.

Alcyone was next. She stepped out in a scarlet gown which had so much layers of intricate designs, so many bows, ribbons, gems that it looked way too complicated. Somehow, simplicity seemed even more appealing than ever. Ferio had to admit that the gown, which although felt like a pathetic attempt of decoration, managed to highlight Alcyone's voluptuous figure, a low cut top with a full length skirt. Alcyone held a crimson rose. She bowed meeting Ferio, her navy blue eyes glinting.

"Good eve my dear prince." she greeted pleasantly. Ferio nodded curtly in response. She smiled again, this time a little more of a sneer. "I hope you like my gift!' she called, throwing the rose to him like a dart to the score board.

Ferio had to dodge the rose by doing some silly spin like a ballerina but the thorns tore his right sleeve. And scratched his arm. Blood dripped from his wound. '100 point if I get his right arm' she muttered to herself. She heard him swear and she smiled. 'Score!' she laughed.

The green haired man stayed in a bad mood and it showed clearly on his face. How dare she do this to him? He was a PRINCE damn it. Sure there were countries who were enemies with Cephiro, but the royalty in this land were still a force to be reckoned with. He stared at his wound, what was he supposed to do with it?

"You're obviously not in a good mood." someone spoke amused.

Ferio let loose of a string of fairly colourful words before realizing whose voice that was. He shifted his gaze and found it to be locked with those amazing emeralds. And he couldn't tear his eyes away.

When he finally tried to say something, the words came out funny.

"Uh...." was his feeble attempt at conversation. He didn't know what to say, something that hasn't happened since he was three!! 'Those eyes do strange things to you' he thought. 'Strange, but nice'

"Hey, wake up Prince! Or am I supposed to whack you with something?" He awoke from his little dream. He took in what he was seeing, and he decided he like it. Ferio was pleased to see Fuu blushing when she realized he was enjoying what he saw. At least he was back in control now. His eyes took in the contours of her body, the silkiness of her skin....

Fuu had a light silvery skirt, which was draped down beyond her feet, but a high slit at the side, proved revealing. Her top, a plain white halter accompanied with a black necktie. She had a jacket the same shade as her dress, but see-through over her top. The best thing was, without those spectacles, her already beautiful eyes looked spectacular.

"Would you please stop ogling me?" she snapped, almost bashfully blushing a deep crimson shade.

"I didn't expect a goddess to drop by tonight." He replied licking his lips hungrily. She knew he was overplaying the theatrics but it didn't stop her from smacking him on his head.


He rubbed his head. "That hurts you know!" he whined. Fuu then noticed the blood oozing out of his wound. Seeing no possible bandage in sight, she bent down and was about to rip her skirt when a firm grip stopped her.

"It's not worth it," he said with a smile.

"But you're bleeding", she argued, and to prove her point, she removed her tie and gently dressed his wound. Ferio tried to hide it but Fuu was sure she saw him wince. 'He isn't so tough after all... he just acts that way.' she mused to herself.

"Shall we go in?" He asked, smiling again. That breath-taking smile, Now that she saw him up close, Fuu understood why girls were falling for him like dominoes.

He had this charisma about; he could charm anyone just by smiling. The way his amber eyes sparkled, the way his hair ruffled in the wind, the way he looked at you.... was more than enough to let any girl to fall heads over heels for him.

She smiled back and took the hand he offered. Together they entered the castle, to the ball, turning heads as they walked in.

Girls adored Ferio, he was their Prince Charming.

It's just too bad that Fuu wasn't one of them.

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