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I use following stats for the BB:

Kai - 18yrs
Ray - 17yrs
Tyson - 16yrs
Max - 16yrs
Kenny - 15yrs

-Melting Ice-

By: Chǽd

Rating: PG-13

They're not mine and will never be.

Kai has always been the cold one, the ice-leader. But when all the ice melts through wrongful injustice, what then? Will the phoneix fall and rise from his ashes, or not?

Chapter 1 - Ending's Beginning

They had waited hours. Fine, not hours, but eternity was not so far wrong either... Actually it had been thirty minutes, yet the number was still growing. Ray sighed. Man, Tyson was in deep trouble. Perhaps 'trouble' was a slight understatement. They - that was him, Kai, Max and Kenny - were waiting for Tyson. The marine-haired teen had, once again, slept through.

It had begun like a normal morning. Kai had up first and had woken the others. Of course Tyson wouldn't leave the dream world easily, but they had got him awake by pouring a glass of cold water over his face. When they eventually had heared a moan of discomfort, all had breathed out relieved. So, he was awake for, let's say, two minutes in which he had told them, still half-dreaming, he would come down to practice in five minutes, the others should just go ahead. Kai had 'hmpfht' him and left, furious, the room. The others, not knowing what to do, and definitely not wanting to be overcome by Kai's wrath, had followed their leader, leaving Tyson alone.

So now here they were, still waiting for the blue-head to arrive and Rai honestly did not know how long Kai could hold himself back from going inside and beating the shit out of Tyson. If he concentrated he could feel the heat and tension coming from his captain. The others had not dared to go and wake Tyson, afraid that Kai would snap eventually...the outcome they would not like to see. Neither of them. But Tyson seemed to put their captain's patience on a hard test.

Beside him Max sighed. The blonde had seated himself on a fallen tree trunk, his head in his hands and probably muttering some prayers, that Tyson would survive this. He seriously needed them. Kenny as always, was typing on his computer, from time to time glancing over to the others, assuring that they were still there. And him, well Ray was standing next to Kai, shifting his weight from one side to the other, while looking for any sign of their last member. He had thought it would be better to be in near of his captain, just in case that Tyson showed up sometime, Kai would certainly do something, and Ray wanted to make sure he didn't do anything...well, fatal.

He noticed the slate-haired beside him clench his fists, heard Max from behind suck his breath and missed Kenny's fussing on the laptop's tastature. Then he heard Dizzy's metalic voice, mentioning that they would soon witness Tyson's death, and he could not other, but smile at the sarcastic remark.

From afar they could recognize an outline - Tyson's - a sandwitch in each hand and one in his mouth. Once more Ray smiled at the picture of the always hungry boy, but his smile faltered abruptly as he heard Kai growling beside him. Moving a step closer to his captain, hands already outstreched he said,

„Kai..." Further he didn't come, because Tyson arrived, slumping to his knees in exhaustion, the two sandwithches thightly clutched in his hands.

„I...sorry...slept...let me eat...and...can begin." He said through gasps. Sweat dropped down his forehead and his hand wiped away the salty liquid. Ray's gaze, however, was more fixed on Kai, studying his features. Their leader's mask of ice didn't melt, only his eyes narrowed and gazed at the in front of him knealing boy, preparing for the following outburst.

Poor Tyson didn't even know what happened before it hit him. Kai's sudden kick was that quick, that not even Ray could react in time. He saw the blue-head grimace in pain before he impacted hard with the ground, clutching his stomach and crying out in agony. Kai stood over him, hands folded in front of him, glaring daggers at Tyson. He waited for the boy to regain his breath, until Tyson looked up at him, fear mixed with anger in his eyes. Standing up, rubbing the hurting place, Tyson put his cap into the right position, which had flown off his head when he had fallen.

„What was THAT for!" he hissed at his captain.

Bad move Tyson, very bad, Ray thought, observing the scene between the two.

„You are late. Thirthy-five minutes by now. You let us wait and waisting time. How do you suppose, can we win the next tournament if we don't train?" Kai asked sharply. Ray held his breath. This was no good sign.

„You could have begun! Why waiting for me! You don't care anyway!" Tyson's voice grew dangerously loud, „All you care is you and your stupid, invincible Dranzer!"

Tyson stop, Ray screamed inwardly. This was not good… Definitely not good. Kai didn't appreciate, if anybody insulted his bitbeast or him. He hated it. But to Ray's bewilderment, their team captain remained calm, his features unreadable. Only a calm before the storm.

„We could have come this far without you too!" Tyson continued, „I don't know why Mr. Dickinson chose you for this team anyway! Your feaking training didn't help us, or your sudden disappearings! Where do you go to, heh? Train? Yeah, sure the mighty Kai trains everyday, every night to be the best!"

He studied Kai with disgust.

„Doesn't that sound pathetic, Mr. Sourpants? Then why do you never fight, only if it's neccessary? Do you know what? I think you're simply afraid of losing. And that's what you train for. To hold up your mask and make everybody believe you're invincible. But in reality you're nothing."

Ray gasped. Tyson had definitly gone too far. He swiftly threw a glimpse behind, to see a wideeyed Max and an unbeliving Kenny watching the scene silently. Kai on the other hand clutched his fists until they began to tremble and the knuckles turned white. He growled in agony, but suddenly he stopped, stood there motionless, what brought a glance of confusion on Tyson's face.

„You know nothing of me." Kai eventually whispered. His voice was low, surpressing the anger, which was boiling inside of him. Closing his eyes he repeated, „Nothing." That brought Tyson back from his stare and he tilted his head to the right in arrogance.

„Oh, come on Kai. Don't play the innocent, little boy. We all know you cannot do it well, and why hiding? Show us that ruthless, cold basteard you really are." He streched out his hands in challange, awaiting some reaction from the slate-haired, „Come on, show us."

Tyson was going too far and Ray seriously doubted that their leader's patience would last anylonger. Glancing at the others, he noticed they were still staring, unable to do anything. Something in his mind suggested that he should tell them to stop, but the other, much bigger part silently asked him, if he was still sane. Gulping down his fear he whispered with shaky voice,

„Tyson... Kai... we could solve this problem otherwise too..." He immediately stopped, when he noticed the two bladers glaring at him. No, this time they couldn't solve anything. This time it had to be cleared. And sometimes it needed more than words to do so. Unfortunately this moment was coming fast towards them. Tyson turned to Kai again, his face a mirror of fury and rage he felt at this moment for his captain.

„So Kai, answer me one question." The slate-haired narrowed his eyes to tiny slots, „Why, why did you not stay in your darn Abbey? Why did you come to us? Were you afraid? No, I cannot think of mighty Kai being afraid of anything. But should I tell you what I think? Should I tell you my opinion? I think you're the last shit of this blasted dungeons!"

Ray literally heard how something in Kai snapped. The captain of the Blade Breakers growled in agony, before storming forward and punching Tyson into the face. The blow was not so hard to make the marine haired collide with the ground, but he stumbled backwards a few steps, holding hiding his face in his hands from the surprising attack. He hissed something under his breath, glanced at Kai in a provoking manner and aimed a kick at his leader. Kai dodged it easily, but he was driven by rage, making his attacks more brutal, and impossible to think clearly anymore.

Tyson had not the slightest chance against their, neighter from technique nor strengh and soon he recognized how wrong it had been to start this conversation. He should have known better. But unfortunately he hadn't. Dodging some of Kai's blows and crying out in sudden pain when one or more broke through his defense, Tyson wondered if the rest of his team would only stay there and observe him dying.

Ray clenched his fists in fury, angry about himself that he couldn't do anything but stare. His body was like frozen, letting him be only a mere observer of the outcome. Max and Kenny most likely were put under the same bane. The scenario in front of them was more or less breathtaking – even if it was clear, that Kai was the stronger of the two, Tyson still didn't give in for a minute. Taking all his courage together Ray stepped forward trying to get a grip of Kai's hands.

As Kai was suddenly taken back, hands tightly held by Rai, the Chinese boy recognized how strong Ally really was and it took quite some of his strength not to lose their struggling leader.

„Let me go!" Kai ordered in a demanding tone. He tried to pull himself free again, but to no use. Ray suddenly twisted his hands painfully behind his back, making Kai standing still. Everytime he moved, Ray twisted his hands harder.

„Kai, calm down." Ray told him slowly. The slate-haired struggled once more, but like before the only result he reached was pain. „I will hold you, until you calm down." He heard Ray repeat. The raven haired boy looked over to Max and Kenny and then to Tyson.

„Get him into the house." He ordered the two and they immediately overcame their stare and made their way towards Tyson. The blader did not protest as they grabbed him and turned to leave, but once more glanced over to Kai, his eyes telling that it was not over yet. The trio stopped when Ray cleared his throat and Max tilted his head to the right, questioning Ray. „What?"

„Keep him in the house. Don't let him go until I come back, understand?"

„Yessir, understand, sir!" was the answer. Ray smiled and the others slowly disappeared around the corner. Remembering that he still held Kai tightly, he slowly losened his grip, but not fully, assuring that Kai could not go away easily. When Kai suddenly pulled his arms away from the other's grip and growled at him but Ray didn't give in that simply, he stepped into Kai's way making clear that the blader could not simply go.

„I won't let you go until you calm down, forgot?" he asked again. Kai turned around with a hiss and began to walk into the other direction. Sighing, Ray ran after him until he reached his leader and put a soothening hand on Kai's shoulder. The slate-haired evaded his touch and turned around nerved.

„Listen to me Ray, for I will not repeat it."

The tone was anything but calm,

„I've had enough of you all. Especially of Tyson. I'm off the team. Do whatever you think is the best, but without me."


„No 'buts' Ray." With that he turned around and left his white scarf hanging loose behind him. Regreating it before he spoke it out, Ray shouted after his former captain.

„You know what? Tyson was right in what he said!"

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