"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride," the reverend said with a smile.

Everybody clapped and cheered when Rupert leaned in to press a soft kiss on Jenny's lips.

A few days after Buffy's return from the hospital, they had confessed that Giles had proposed to Jenny during their trip in England, but the unexpected events had made them postpone the announcement. Buffy liked Jenny very much, and the only thing that mattered was seeing her father happy. As happy as she was with Spike.

They had been together officially for three months now, and things were going great. Of course there were still some issues to be dealt with. Since August Spike had been back to Los Angeles for the shooting of the new season. He tried to come back to Sunnydale whenever he could, and Buffy sometimes went to LA. Spike had recently talked about buying their own house, halfway between both cities, although closer to Sunnydale. That way Buffy could keep her job at Sunnydale High, and they would stay close to their family and friends. Spike didn't mind the journey, and just in case he needed to stay in LA for some reason, he was keeping his apartment. But he had gotten so used to having his girl welcome him every night and taking good care of him that he would keep the overnight stays at his apartment to a strict minimum.

There had been fewer glares towards them this time, even if some people were still whispering about it and watching them not always very discreetly. But Buffy and Spike had decided to just ignore them.

For now they were sitting in a shadowy part of the big canopy where the wedding party was taking place. This time it was hosted at Jenny's parent's house.

Spike had put his arm around Buffy's shoulders and she was leaning against his chest. From time to time he placed small kisses on her temple and hair. She had put some make-up on and the scar on her cheek was less visible. She had decided to wait a little bit before calling a plastic surgeon. It wasn't as horrible as she thought it would be, and Spike didn't seemed to mind. In fact, since that event, he seemed to be even more loving and protective. And she certainly wasn't one to complain about it. "What are you thinking about, love?" he asked softly.

She smiled. "I was thinking about how my dad and Jenny look happy together. As Xander and Willow are, and probably as we are."

"I never thought we would make it this far," he admitted. "So many problems we thought insurmountable, and well.here we are."

"Because we love each other. And like that guy said once in your show 'Love is forever'".

"Well, yeah, but he said it just before shooting his girlfriend. So probably not the best reference, sweetheart."

"Oh, right. I had forgotten about that part. Never mind. It works for us anyway, doesn't it?"

"Forever indeed," he whispered, before kissing her tenderly. Then they resumed their position, watching people on the dance floor.

Spike let a chuckle escape.


He smirked. "I was just remembering the last wedding we attended.and our little escapade."

"Oh, right. Our first time.one of my fondest memories," she said with a wicked smile.

"Mine too. But I guess we shouldn't make an habit of it," he replied with a false resigned sigh.

Buffy was silent for a minute before asking, "We shouldn't?"

Spike seemed to think about it. "Well, that wouldn't be very proper. Unless."

"Unless.?" she pressed him, giggling.

"Unless we make it a tradition. Then of course, that's something you've got to respect. What do you say?" he asked, with an evil glint in his blue eyes. Buffy whispered something in his ear that made him smile broadly. Then she got up and left.

A few minutes later, he got up as well.

He had a tradition to respect, and an amazing girl to love.


Well, this is the end, and I hope you had as much fun reading it as I had writing it.

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