Cruel to Be Kind

Based on the movie '10 Things I Hate About You'.  It is a widely known fact that the Summers sisters are not

allowed to date until they are 18.  But due to a new rule, the youngest is allowed to date as long as her older

sister does.  Easier said than done.  In order to date Dawn Summers, Conner James pays William 'Spike' Develin

to date Dawn's older sister Buffy.  But Dawn's interest lies in senior Liam 'Angel' O'Conner, who is only intending

on sleeping with Dawn on Prom night to win a bet with friends.  As Spike soon finds out, getting to Buffy is no easy



Sunnydale, California.  Affectionately called Sunnyhell by its residents.  Just your below average, one

Starbucks town located two hours from Los Angeles.  The end of Spring Break signaled the beginning of

school.  Wonderful to some, hell to others.

Four teenage girls in a shiny red convertible pull up to the stop light.  All cheerfully singing to the Barenaked

Ladies, they looked forward to going back to school.  Just as they were singing the chorus, loud, angry rock music

drowned out the cheery beat.

Buffy Summers pulled up to the stop light next to the convertible in her old beat up car.  She looked at the girls

and smirked, happily drowning out their too cheery music and effectively destroying their good moods.  The light

changed to green, and both cars sped off.

Buffy pulled into the parking lot of Sunnydale High School with a sense of dread.

 'Only a few more months, only a few more months.', she repeated to herself over and over.

She got out of the car and headed towards the entrance.  Just as a girl taped a Prom poster to the wall, Buffy

walked over, looking at the paper in disgust, then promptly tore it off.  Then she headed to her first class.

Conner James walked down the hall towards the Principal's office.  Son of a Navy officer, this was the

third town in a year and his second school.

'Maybe this one will be different.' he thought, his mind going back to the past few months at the last school. 

He was branded a loser, constantly tormented by the jocks.  His loser status was so low, he had no friends at all.

          He entered the office, Principal Hallie Addams.  He knocked on the door.

"I'll be right with you," she told him never looking up from her computer screen.  She was busily typing the new

chapter of her romance novel, which she was sure would get published this time.  She closed the laptop and

picked up Conner's folder.

"So, Conner, is it?  Here you go."  She handed him his schedule.

"Nine schools in ten years.  My, my.  Army brat?"

"Um yeah.  My dad is a…"

"That's enough.  I'm sure you won't find Sunnydale any different than your old schools.  Same old brats with

shit for brains everywhere!"  She laughed.

Conner looked at her in shock.

"What?  Am I in the right office?"

"Not anymore. Now go.  I've got deviants to see and a novel to finish.  Now go.  Go!"

Conner stood up so fast he tipped the chair.  He picked the chair up and turned to leave.

"Uh right. Thanks."

As he turned to go out the door, he ran into a boy with bleached hair and a leather coat.  Conner

immediately tensed up, expecting a fist in his face,

and when nothing happened, he left quickly.

          William Develin, known as Spike, looked at the boy curiously and went into the office.

"William Develin.  I see that you're going to make these visits a weekly ritual."

Spike looked at Ms. Addams and gave her one of his trademark smirks.

"Only so we can spend these moments together.  Should I hit the lights?"

"Ooh, very clever, bleach boy."

          She looked at the file in her hand.

"It says here you exposed yourself in the cafeteria."

          Spike rolled his eyes.

"I was joking with the lunch lady.  It was a bratwurst."

Ms. Addams stood up and looked at Spike.

"Bratwurst?  Is that what they call it these days?"

          She looked at his crotch and smiled.

"Aren't we the optimist!  Next time, keep it in your pouch.  Ok!"

          Spike looked at the woman wide-eyed.


          Spike slowly turned and left, still in shock that the Principal just referred to his goods as a bratwurst.

'Bloody bitch.' he thought as he headed to his next class.

          Back at the computer, Ms. Addams quickly revised her last sentence, replacing 'member' with


She smiled at the thought and continued typing.

Conner walked out of the Ms. Addams' office and was greeted by a boy wearing khakis and a necktie.

'Oh no.  He's one of those geeks with the slides.', Conner thought.

          The boy looked at Conner and smiled.

"Hi, I'm Jesse Crawford.  I'm supposed to show you around."

          Conner smiled and shook his hand.

"Thank God.  I thought they were going to send one of those audiovisual nerds."

          Jesse laughed nervously.

"I-I do, I know what you mean."

          Jesse grabbed Conner's arm and began to lead him away as a boy with a cart of slides came up

beside them.

"Hey, Jesse.  Where should I put the slides?"

          Jesse looked at the boy and laughed.


          He laughed nervously again and quickly led Conner down the busy hall.

"So, Conner.  Here's the breakdown.  Over there we've got your basic beautiful people.  Now listen, unless

they talk to you first, don't bother them."

          Conner looked at Jesse.

"Wait, is that your rule or theirs?"

"Just watch."

          As they walked down the hall, they passed Angel O'Connor and his group of friends, Riley, Parker, and


Jesse looked straight ahead as they passed, "Hey there!"

          Angel glared at Jesse, "Eat me!"

          Jesse looked over at Conner, "You see that?"

          They continued down the hall until they exited the building onto the quad.  Jesse pointed to a group of

 People with coffee cups.

"They are the Coffee Kids.  Very edgy.  Don't make any sudden movements around them."

          They walked a little further until they got to a group with dreadlocks and tie-dye shirts.

"These delusionals are big Marley fans, semipolitical, but mostly…"

"Just smoke a lot of weed?", Conner finished for him.

"Yeah.  These guys," he pointed to a group of guys with cowboy hats trying to lasso a trash can.

"Wait, wait, wait.  Let me guess.  Cowboys?"  Conner chuckled.

"Yeah, but the closest they have ever come to a cow is a hamburger at McDonald's!"  Jesse laughed, but

stopped when he realized Conner was looking at him strangely.  They passed by a group at a table dressed

 in suits busily typing on laptops.

"Anyway, these are your future MBA's, all ivy-league accepted."

          They continued walking, and Jesse spoke again.

"Now over there…"

          Conner stopped.  "Oh my God."

Dawn Summers walked out of the building chatting with her two best friends, Harmony Kendall and

Cordelia Chase.  Just as they walked by Conner began to follow.

"What group is she in?", he asked Jesse.

Jesse looked at Conner shaking his head.

"The 'don't-even-think-about-it' group.  Dawn Summers, a sophomore…"

          Conner kept staring at Dawn, "I burn, I pine, I perish."

Jesse laughed.  "Of course you do.  You know, she is beautiful and deep, for sure."

They continued following the girls, listening to their conversation.

Dawn looked at Cordelia.

"Yeah, but see, there is a difference between like and love.  Because, I like my Skechers, but I love my

Prada backpack."

          Harmony looked at Dawn.

"But I love my Skechers."

          Dawn and Cordelia looked at each other and sighed.

"That's because you don't have a Prada backpack.", Dawn told her.

          "Ohhh."  Harmony smiled thoughtfully.

          The girls walked away, leaving Conner and Jesse staring after them.  Jesse noticed Conner still

staring intently at Dawn.

"Listen, forget her.  She has an incredibly uptight father and it's a widely known fact that the Summers

sisters aren't allowed to date."

          Conner was too busy staring at Dawn to listen to what Jesse was saying.

"Yeah, uh huh, whatever."

          The bell rang and the students begin to walk back to the building to go to class.  As Conner was

walking, he was busy thinking of ways to ask Dawn out.