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A/N: Ok this might be kinda OOC but I'm not sure. I had a dream about this story and I thought it might be a good idea. This is my first attempt at a Joey main character story! Be truthful! Enjoy

Joey Wheeler woke up screaming. As usual there was no one there to comfort him. Sweat dripped down his pale face and his entire body was trembling hard, "Oh man what a nightmare." He glanced at his alarm clock and groaned. It was only three o clock in the morning. The blonde lied in bed for a good half hour before his stomach started begging for nourishment. He tried to ignore it but finally gave in. Joey got out of bed and headed towards his door. He stopped when he heard a crash just outside his window. Joey walked over and looked down Whatever color was left in his cheeks disappeared in a flash.

"No, please I told you I'll get the money tomorrow!" a young woman screamed. Tears were streaming down her face and a bruise was forming on her right cheek.

"Shut up you piece of trash!" A man yelled back at the girl slapping her across the face and causing her to lose her balance.

Joey choked back a gasp. He stepped back and felt his legs lose their strength. He fell to the ground in shock. That voice belonged to his dad! A few seconds later Joey heard the sound of two gun shots. He leapt up into his bed and faced the wall. A few minutes later Joey heard his door creak open. His father's shadow was visable in the dim moonlight that shined through his bedroom window. Joey held his breath till the door was closed. Once he knew the coast was clear, Joey sat up. He couldn't believe it. His nightmare had just come to life. A few hours later, Joey's deafening alarm clock went off. He quickly hit the snooze button and got up. He went through his regular morning routine. He got dressed, brushed his teeth, attempted to make his bed, and fix his messy blonde hair. With one shake, Joey corrected his hair to it's usual style. Then he walked over to his side table and pulled open the little draw. Inside was the silver chain Serenity had given him just before Battle City. He slipped it on and slipped downstairs. He practically tip-toed past his passed out dad. Joey knew that if he woke his dad in the morning he would get the beating of a lifetime. He managed to sneak past his dad without any trouble. Joey grabbed an apple, swung his book bag over his shoulder and headed out the door. As soon as Joey entered the school he found himself on the floor.

"Stay mutt."

Joey hoisted himself onto his knees after a few seconds. He couldn't stop trembling. He was used to Kaiba tripping him every morning but this particular time scared Joey out of his wits. The impact of hitting the floor brought back the events of what had just happened merely a few hours ago. Joey could still hear the gunshots echoing in his ears.

Kaiba noticed Joey trembling and felt a little concerned, "Hey, Wheeler, you ok?" Sure he practically hated Joey's guts and he enjoyed putting the puppy down. But he never intended to seriously injure him.

Joey managed to nod his head, "I'm fine, why would you care?"

Kaiba just looked at Joey, "Look, I'll tell Sensei that you're in the bathroom and that you're not feeling well. I'm feeling rather generous today." With that Kaiba entered the class room. Joey could hear his teacher taking attendance. When she stopped at his name he waited for the 'D' word, "Sensei, I saw Joey in the bathroom a few minutes ago. He wasn't looking very well." Kaiba said.

"Thank you"

Joey couldn't believe it. Kaiba actually covered for him. He silently thanked him. Joey was in enough trouble already and if any more damage appeared he would surely get another beating. Joey hoisted himself up and walked into the classroom, "Sorry I'm late Sensei, I wasn't feeling to hot." He walked to his seat. As he passed Kaiba he mouthed, "Thanks." Joey sat down and forced himself to concentrate on the lesson. He managed to understand half of it which was more than he usually did. The first half of school went by quickly and lunch finally came. Joey headed towards the cafeteria. He looked at the food and suddenly lost his appetite. After a few minutes of searching Joey found his gang. He walked over and sat down.

"I can't believe it. It's happened! It's really happened!" Tea said


"We've finally filled the bottomless pit!"

Joey glared at her, "I'm not feeling to good ok." He got up and headed out to the court yard. There was one tree in the middle of the courtyard that Joey headed for. He climbed up the strong limbs. After making sure no one was around, Joey pulled out a small black book and a pencil. He placed the eraser against his chin for a few seconds then began to write. Before he knew it Joey had written almost three pages in twenty minutes. The warning bell rang and he jumped down placing his book under his jacket. The second half of school dragged along and Joey was thankful when he heard the last bell echo in the hallways. He made sure he had all his homework and headed home. Joey didn't know what to expect when he walked in the front door but knew he would have to face it sooner or later.

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