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Chapter 16

Jessica sat up and looked around, "Where's Kevin? Where's Joey and Serenity?"

"Kevin's been arrested, Serenity's on her way the hospital and Joey is with her. Jessica, I hate to tell you this but, Serenity's been shot." Kaiba waited for a response and got one, "I'm going to the hospital right now. I'll give you a ride. Mokuba, come on let's go."

Jessica nodded and followed the two Kaiba brother's out to the limo. In a matter of ten minutes the three of them were walking through the hospital entrance doors, "Has there been any news on Serenity Wheeler?" she asked the lady at the front desk.

"Are you a relative, miss?" the lady answered with a bored tone.

"I'm her mother!" Jessica screamed.

"Mrs. Wheeler?" It was Dr. Hewlard.

"Dr. how is she?" Jessica asked.

Dr. Hewlard sighed deeply, "This isn't easy for me to say but..." He looked down at his clipboard, "I'm afraid that Serenity is going to be just fine." he looked back up at them with a happy expression.

Everyone looked at him as if he were crazy, "What are you talking about? I saw the bullet hit her!" Kaiba exclaimed. Serenity couldn't be fine after something like that, could she? He knew that she was a strong fighter but...

"I know this sounds crazy, but the wound wasn't as deep as we thought. Somehow Serenity managed to avoid letting the bullet puncture her muscle. However, the pressure of the wound that was made caused the bleeding," Dr. Hewlard calmly explained, "She's in her room with Joey right now, if you would like to go see her. It's room 272."

Jessica nodded, "Yes." she turned to the Kaiba brothers, "would you like to join me?" she asked.

"If you don't mind, Jessica." Kaiba replied. He looked at Mokuba, "We'd both like to see her."

"Of course." Jessica led the two towards the room and gently knocked on the door. After receiving an answer the three of them walked in. She immediately ran to her daughter, "Oh, Serenity, I thought I'd lost you!" She hugged her tightly but loosened her embrace when Serenity let out a weak cry of pain, "Oh, honey, I'm sorry! Do you want anything? I'll get you anything you want, just name it."

Serenity smiled, "It's ok, Mom. I'm just glad that you're ok!" she returned her mother's hug and reached out and pulled Joey into the embrace, "I just want to be a family again." She looked towards the door to find Seto and Mokuba standing there, "Thank you, so much, Seto." she said quietly.

Kaiba walked over and sat down in the chair next to the bed, "For what?" he asked just as quietly, taking her hand into his own.

Serenity squeezed his hand tightly and gently kissed it, "Thank you for saving my life and our family." she pulled him into a tight embrace and held on tightly, "Thank you for loving me for me." she whispered into his ear.

Kaiba let go of the embrace and pressed his lips to hers in a sweet kiss. After a good solid minute in a half the two broke apart, "Like I've told you before, no thanks needed." he chuckled and kissed her cheek, "So, Joey what now?"

Joey looked at Kaiba confused, "What do you mean?"

"What are we going to do about us? I mean are we friends, what?" Kaiba explained.

Serenity touched his arm, "Please, stay friends. You two work very well together. I know you could still be good friends!" she gave him a pleading look and smiled when he nodded in response. She looked at Joey and got the same answer. She looked over at Mokuba and held out her arms, "Come here."

Mokuba obeyed and found himself in an embrace with Serenity, "I'm so glad you're feeling better, Serenity. When I saw all that blood, I got scared!"

"Thank you Mokuba. And thanks for putting up with me the past weekend. I had a lot of fun with you and Seto." Serenity gently kissed his cheek, "Let's do it again sometime, ok?"

Mokuba yawned loudly startling everyone in the room, "Oh, sorry!" he blushed deeply and walked over to his brother, "Let's go home. I'm getting tired." he yawned again.

Kaiba chuckled, "I can see that." he kneeled down, "Get on my back, bro." Once Mokuba was on he turned around, "Well, we better head home. I'll probably stop by tomorrow." with that he left the room with a sleeping Mokuba riding on his back.

"Well, I guess we better head home too." Jessica said looking a the clock, "It's way late and I have to work in the morning, come on, Joey." she was walking towards the door, "Joey?"

"Mom, can Joey stay with me tonight?" Serenity asked, "I don't want to be alone." she grabbed her brother's arm and squeezed it.

Jessica looked at Serenity and Joey, "Oh, all right. But just one night. I'll call the school tomorrow before I go to work and excuse you for the day."

Joey and Serenity smiled, "Thanks, Mom!" they said in unison. Once Jessica left, Joey took the blanket from a cupboard and sat down in the recliner, "Good night sis." he whispered.

Serenity didn't answer she was already asleep. Joey just chuckled, "Sweet dreams, Kitkat." he whispered lightly before falling into a peaceful slumber.

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