Logan was angry...well, not angry as much as sulky. Sulking and kind of angry and sort of maybe hiding. Just a little, though... not that he would admit that to anyone other than himself. No..if anyone asked, he ate in the kitchen an hour after everyone else and was virtually impossible to find the rest of the time because he was busy working on a new training exercise, or his vintage Harley or... was it fixing the air conditioner? Not that many bothered to ask. Most tended to stay far away from a less than happy Wolverine. Not that he ever really showed he was happy - unless Marie was around - which meant most people at the mansion gave him a rather wide berth anyway.

Why was he kind of angry and sort of sulking and alright, he admitted, definitely hiding? Well, frankly, he wasn't really sure. Truth was, he should have been happy. He'd finally discovered that Marie wanted him. Smelt that she wanted him... fuck... he'd practically had her legs wrapped around his waist... could have been inside her hot, wet tight little body a moment later - but he'd pushed her away. he'd pushed Marie away. What the hell was he thinking?

He banged his head against the headboard hard enough that he winced a little and then winced a little more at his cowardess, because that was the crux of it. He, badass of badasses- Wolverine who had faced almost certain death with a smile - was a goddamn chicken-shit coward when it came to Marie.

What if they took that step -jumped over the precipice from friends to lovers- and it didn't work out? Not only would he lose what he thought could very well turn out to be the love of his life, but he would also lose his best friend..only real friend if truth were told.He didn't think he could go back to the abyss that was his life before Marie... But the more he thought about it, the more he realised that if he didn't do anything, he might as well lose her anyway.

He had, in actuality, made this realisation after a day of avoidance...but being the chicken-shit badass that he was, meant that he still couldn't quite get up the nerve to seek her out.The fact that they lived in the same mansion and after three days, she still hadn't made any effort to seek him out, quite frankly had him a little miffed too.

It was then that he heard a knock at the door...and it wasn't Marie.

"What do you want, Scooter. I'm busy." He growled as he opened the door.

"Un-huh" he said sounding unimpressed. Logan could have sworn there was an eye-roll happening underneath the crimson tinted shades, which just made him all the more growly.

"Look, Logan" he paused, "when are you going to stop this whole pity-party-for-one thing that you've got going on?"

"Bwah? Wha?" he sputtered. Pity party? was he really that pathetic that people were starting to take notice?

"People are starting to talk. Really! Have a little pride for goodness sake!" Well, he guessed that answered his question.

" Uh..what do you mean people are starting to talk?" he asked cautiously.

" What the hell do you think I mean, Logan? It's pretty sad, you know. You look like your puppy just died or something. Just get over what ever the hell it is you have to get over and make up with Rogue. I swear, with the two of you moping around the mansion,there's enough angst going on to make me want to jump of the roof to my ever impending doom!"

"So do it already."

"Back to your ever so chipper, perky self, I see. My job here is obviously done. Just talk to her already! I swear if you don't, I'll lock the two of you in a room together 'til you work things out - and trust me I'll do it! Jean's practically having nightmares about it and don't get me started on Rogue's friends..Ugh..." with that he left. As Scott proceeded down the corridor, he could here him mumbling "If that Katherine phases through me one more time, I swear..." He didn't really think he needed to hear any more.

Frankly, he was embarrassed beyond all means at the moment. If Scooter knew, Scooter who was practically oblivious to anything that didn't involve work, that must have meant that everyone else at the mansion was talking too. That didn't really sit too well with him. Logan was a private man - not to mention he had a reputation to uphold.

That was it. He was going to stop acting like a lily livered sissy mamma's boy and start acting like the man he was..sort of. He was a predator by nature, right? Dominant, alpha male and all that shit, right? He could do this. He could. really...

He just had to make his bed first - and was that a smudge on the window? He never really realised how dirty they were. He'd clean them first and then go see her... of course there was always tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow was better...or maybe he'd wait until the weekend was over and talk to her on Monday. Yeah...Monday sounded good...

Marie couldn't believe after three days that he was still avoiding her. She'd decided to give him a little time to reflect on things but this was a little ridiculous. She knew he needed time to adjust, but his avoidance on the issue was hurtful. It was time someone be the 'man' so to speak and clearly, it wasn't going to be Logan.

She worked up her resolve and made her way to find Logan as Scott was passing by her muttering something to himself.

"Hey Scott, have you by chance seen Logan? I need to talk to him." He raised his hands skyward " By God! Thank the lord one of you has some sense! He's in his room. Quick! Before he escapes!"

He sounded a little manic...which was kind of weird and scary for their fearless leader, but she had more important things to worry about, like getting Logan to talk to her.

"Um...Thanks, Scott. I'll try and catch him before he leaves."

"See that you do. Please!"

He sounded a little desperate therefore she thought it best to placate him."Sure, Scott. Of course. I'm on my way now."

"Thank you! Oh god, thank you!" he sounded so relieved. He was actually hugging her. Weird. " Now maybe I can finally start having sex with my wife again. Logan's been killing it for me with all his post teenage angst."

huh? oh. oh! oh! ew. okay, she thought. That was awkward.

"Oh god, I said that out loud didn't I?"

"Yes. Yes you did."

" So I'm going to go talk to Logan now, alright?"

"Um, yeah..yeah..good luck with that, okay?"

"Yeah, thanks..good luck with um.." she did quite know what to say. "See you later, huh?" He sped away from her his face on fire. With that, she made her way to Logan's door, took a deep breath...

And knocked.

Fuck! She was at his door, he could smell her and god it was intoxicating.

He whimpered.

What was he going to do? What was he going to do? What was he going to do! He wasn't ready to face her yet. Maybe if he stayed really quiet, and didn't move or breathe, she'd go away.

She knocked again, louder and this time she spoke, "I know you're in there Logan, I heard you whimpering and moving around. Stop being a baby and let me in. We need to talk."

Gah! The jig was up, and hey! Nobody called the Wolverine a baby! Except for the fact that this time it was kind of sort of true. Maybe.

He took in a shaky breathe, trying to appear as calm and collected as possible and opened the door.

"Uh..Hey Marie. Didn't hear you knocking. Come in." There. that sounded okay.

He could tell she was a little incensed, to put it lightly. "Look Logan, I know you heard me the first time. You've got superhuman senses, for Christ's sake!"

"Wha-" He didn't have time to finish whatever the hell was going to come out of his mouth before she continued. She pointed a finger to his chest.

"And I also know that you're avoiding me. I'm sick of this - I'm sick of playing games and I'm sick of just all this crap, Logan. It's too much. I just can't deal with it anymore." She backed him towards the bed until his knees touched the end and he was forced to sit.

"Ma-" he tried to tell her that he was too but she put her finger to his lips and god, just that simple contact was enough to weaken his resolve.

"I'm not done." and she was climbing onto his lap and she was so close all he could do was breathe her in. She moved her mouth towards his ear and her breasts, god, her breasts were pressed against his chest and he could feel her nipples hardening against him and she was so close and he couldn't concentrate on anything but breathing her in and even that was hard because he was having trouble breathing.

"You see, Logan, I love you" Her lips were moist and good against his ear and it..god..she loved him...and she was making it so easy for him to..."I'm in love with you." She ground herself against his erection and he moaned. it was too much he had to -" and I know you love me too and you want me and " she moaned and bit down on his neck, Jesus, too much "I..fuck..Logan..ungh" one hand was on her breast, thumbing her nipple while the other roamed her back. He couldn't stop himself from grinding against her. it was so good and because he couldn't think with her mouth on his neck and her breast in his hand and she Loved him and because he couldn't think, all he could think of was good. "I..ungh...I think you could fall in..ungh.. in love with me."

And he knew. He was. He was already in love with her and he had to tell her but all he could do was moan and growl because she was on his lap grinding down on him and he was three seconds away from coming in his pants and he could smell that she wasn't that far off either and it was so good.

"Baby, god I do, I already do. So..Jesus... so much" and his mouth was on hers and it was so much better because it was wet and hot and slippery and she tasted so good and -" Logan! I'm...ungh..so close..fuck" and she was grinding harder and he could smell her and he didn't think there was anything in the world that smelled that good and then she was convulsing, pulsing, living heat in his arms and thinking about what that would feel like around his fingers, in his mouth around his cock.

"Fuck, baby" he growled "ungh! ungh! Jesus, Marie!"

They held each other as they both came down from their respective highs lying back on the bed, her on top of him. He couldn't stop touching her. Anywhere he could reach... He could feel the wet spot in his jeans and all he wanted was to be naked with her, but he needed to do something first.

"I'm sorry."He said and she stiffened.

"For what?" she asked cautiously.

"For everything I put you through...god, if i knew this was going to happen, I would never have left you standing in the training room." he laughed. " I'm in love with you too, darlin. I just...I was so scared to take the next step forward, you know? What if it doesn't work out? I don't think I'd be able to bear it..you know, losing you once I've had you."

she relaxed her body."God! you had me worried! I thought you were apologising for this!I feel the same way, Logan.I love you with everything inside of me but I think it would have been worse if I hadn't done anything at all. I just couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't just be your friend Logan. I needed more."

"Well now that you've got me, what are you going to do about it?"

"I think I'll show you instead."

And she did.