(After Théoden's decision, Gandalf rides off and Éowyn is in the hall. She takes a sword out of a chest there and starts practicing. She swings it around and finds it blocked by Triss's blade. She twists it and points it at Triss, and she blocks it. They begin to swordfight.)

Éowyn: Where did you learn to swordfight like this?                             

Triss: Picked it up, I guess. I never have anyone to practice with though.

Éowyn: I'm not allowed to go into battle. *Eomer* always gets all the fun.

(Aragorn and Martin walk inside and see them swordfighting. They pull out their swords and engage in a mock battle which ends in Triss and Éowyn pinning them against the wall.)

Triss: *sheathing her sword* So, when are we leaving for Helms Deep?

Martin: Tomorrow, I think. I don't think it's such a good idea but Brocktree's really excited about it.

Triss: Go figure. Helm's Deep sounds like the Middle-Earth Salamandastron.

(Matthias runs in.)

Matthias: Grath and Legolas are having an archery match in the courtyard. Just thought you'd like to know.

Aragorn: If I know Legolas, this should be interesting.

Éowyn: Lets go watch…


  Later that night…

The Fellowship get ready to leave in the morning. Grath runs a paw through her arrow and looks at Legolas

Grath: That was a good match.

Legolas: We're even, mellon nin. That's the first time anyone's come close to beating me for ages

Grath: Legolas…how old are you?

Legolas grins mysteriously but does not answer.

Martin sheaths his sword and hangs it on his horse saddle. Aragorn walks over.

Aragorn: Martin, do you think Frodo, Sam, Mariel and Dandin are all right?

Martin: Mariel and Dandin are totally experienced in questing. They'll be fine.

****************** ************************************************************

At the camp. Dandin and Sam work on the stew while Mariel and Frodo scout ahead.

Mariel: I am so sure I heard the whistles here. *Both of the crawl through the bushes*

Frodo: Mariel! Look at this.

They look over the edge and see the army out on the fields in front of them. Dandin and Sam come over.

Dandin: *whispered* who are they!?!

Frodo: We should go.

Mariel: Good idea. Come on!

Dandin and Sam stand up to leave. The whistle sounds again and Gollum sneaks off.

Mariel: Where did he go?

Archers start firing at the army.

Frodo: Okay! We've really got to get moving. *runs and is caught by a hooded archer. Sam runs forward and is caught by another.*

Dandin: *holding Mariel back* Wait till they turn their backs.

Mariel: *nods* Don't hurt them. Somehow I don't think they're evil. (The archers tie up Frodo and Sam and turn to leave.) Now!

Mariel+Dandin: (running out with weapons raised) REDWALL!!! EULALIAAAAAA!!!

(Mariel knocks people out of the way with her gullwacker. Dandin hits with the flat of his blade and frees Frodo and Sam, who grab their weapons.)

Mariel: Okay! Fighting square, just like in the mines!

Farimer: Get them!!!

Frodo: Where did you learn that?

Mariel: Well, we have been on tons of quests.

(The four of them hold back the army until reinforcements arrive. When they get overpowered, they allow Farimer to tie them up.)

Farimer: You fight well. *walks off*

Mariel: Dandin. Who does he remind you of?

Dandin: He looks like Borimer!!!

(They are blindfolded and led away)