Thank You Lord Voldemort

The Epilogue

"Harry? I thought you had a detention to oversee this evening?" Severus didn't look up as he continued labeling and shelving vials of the pepper up potion he had just finished brewing. The weather had turned cold, and the Infirmary was going through his stores quicker than usual.

An unfamiliar clearing of the throat grabbed his attention. His wand dropped into his hand as he turned around.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?"

The man stared at him, and Severus narrowed his eyes. It was a man roughly 20 years old. His auburn hair was pulled back tightly, and a jagged scar ran from his ear to his chin. His eyes were nearly black and had circles under them.

"Answer me before I must force matters." Severus really didn't want to have to duel this man that was only a quarter his age. He wasn't on his death bead, but time had not been kind to his reflexes or joints. His wit was quick and repertoire unmatched, but a 20 something man would still take a lot out of him.

The young man held one hand palm out, in a pacifying way, while he took the wand from his holster and placed it on the ground. "You are Severus Snape, yes?"

"Close enough, and you are?"

The man gave a half smirk, half smile. "I am a descendant. Maybe we should wait for your husband before I go into too many details. If I am when I think I am, he should be here momentarily."

Severus' eyes widened a bit, before narrowing. He summoned the wand on the floor and pocketed it. "Certainly, but I'm sure you understand that I'll be holding on to your wand in the meantime."

"Of course sir. I would expect no less."

He motioned for them both to sit. There was a small sitting area to the side of his personal lab. Severus used the following silence to try and reason out the situation. It was entirely possible that this man was telling the truth, only someone with his or Harry's blood should be able to walk in to their rooms.

Shortly after the Dark Lord's demise, he and Harry had decided to bond in marriage.

While Harry was against ever being with anyone other than Severus, Severus could tell that Harry was regretting that he would never have the large family he had once dreamed of. There were even some of his close friends that had offered themselves up as surrogates. But, Harry couldn't bring himself to take them up on their offer.

A solution came to Severus a few years after their marriage when he became deputy headmaster, a position he held to this day. It has always been the responsibility of the deputy headmaster to monitor the book of names for potential students. Once a child performed their first accidental magic, their name appeared in the book. If the child was living in the muggle world, then he would keep an eye on them. Accidental magic was rarely harmful, so it was very rare that a reversal would need to be done. However, you never know how muggles are going to react to a gifted child.

It was his second year as deputy when a new name appeared in the book. Ethan Grimes. According to the book, Ethan Grimes, age 18 months, had just performed magic of some sort. That was rather young, but not unheard of. Unfortunately, accidental magic that young was mostly the case in homes where a child was not being properly cared for.

Most muggle-borns and presumed muggle-borns are left in the care of muggles. Even if they have no proper guardian and are sent to an orphanage they are left to be raised there. Hogwarts is not supposed to interfere with muggle-borns unless their life is in jeopardy or until it is time for them to receive their letter.

Upon Apparating outside the muggle house, Severus concealed himself with a charm and looked through the window. It was at that moment that Ethan performed his second bit of accidental magic by burning the hands of the muggle that was shaking him in the air in anger.

Ethan was the first of four children blood adopted by Harry and Severus. Then there was Laura. Her father, a wizard, had thought her a squib and abandoned her in the muggle world. The muggle orphanage she was in was being run by the worst sort of muggle pervert. Luckily she had been saved by her accidental magic.

It was about a decade later when Harry insisted that they take in a set of twins. Only one of them had shown magic at the time, but both were in a dangerous situation. Andrew and Edward were 3 years old at the time. Edward never did show magic, but with the proper tools became quite good at herbology and potions.

With all 4 children being blood adopted they truly became Potter-Snapes, including taking on some of each of Harry and Severus' characteristics and the Potter-Snape name.

Severus looked back to the young man in front of him. This man could very well be telling the truth.

Severus cast a patronus, sending it to Harry to explain the situation. Harry still had quite a few Gryffindor tendencies, and Severus didn't want hexes flying as soon as Harry entered.

He watched as the other man showed signs of being a little nervous, but was overall relaxed in his presence. Currently, the young man was retying one of his boots.

"Hey Sev!"

Ah yes, even at 60 years old, Harry can act like an 18 year old. Severus found that he didn't mind much. He liked to think it was Harry's way of mentally disarming his opponents before the battle was even waged.

"Harry, glad you could join us. This young man has stated that he is a descendant of ours."

Severus watched as his bonded sat down in the only remaining chair and looked over the young man critically.

"Well, Sev, he does have the Prince eyes. Go ahead and tell us why you're here then young man."

"I'll be frank sirs. This shouldn't cause much of a paradox since news of my visit to you is in diaries that were left in our family vault. I have been sent here to be trained by the two of you. You see, there is this prophecy…"

A/N: I have decided to write a sequel and this Epilogue will be the Prologue of the new story when it starts.