A Little Potion

Disclaimer: JKR owns all characters apart from Sparkle, Adam Atwood and Sara Winter (Mine) and Serenity and Kitiara Winter (Ankha's). I receive no monitory compensation for this story.

AN: The story is set in the Marauders 6th year.

Chapter 1-Don't Be Too Hasty

The halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry rang with the voices of happy students. They had finished their exams and were preparing to enjoy the last couple of weeks before the end of the school year. The weather was warm and sunny and children could be seen playing Quidditch or simply relaxing on the school grounds.

"Ow! Padfoot you stepped on my toe!" exclaimed James Potter.

"Well it's not my fault you have such big feet." Sirius Black snapped.

"Shhh! Keep your voice down or we'll be caught." muttered James.

Sirius and James were walking very slowly towards the great hall where dinner was due to start in ten minutes. The reason for this was that they were under James's invisibility cloak. Every now and then they spoke when they were certain there was no one around.

"This should be great," James whispered excitedly, "I worked really hard on this potion and you know how I feel about putting too much work into potions."

"Well I hope you got it right," Sirius whispered back, "Five drops you said? One for every year?"

"Yes but we'll have to be quick. Dinner will be starting soon." James answered as they quickened their pace a little.

"I can't wait to see the look on that slimy Slytherin's face when he finds himself eleven years old again. Get him back for that hair growing curse he put on me." He continued.

"I didn't think your hair could get any worse until I saw that James." Sirius laughed, "Anyway what about that hex he put on me last week? I had spaghetti coming out of my ears for two days. I could have fed Italy for a week!"

"Let's see how the greasy git likes being a first year again." said James as they reached the great hall. They entered very slowly and looked around. Not seeing anyone they approached the Slytherin table where the plates and goblets were sitting ready for dinner. "Snape usually sits here beside that rotten Malfoy." whispered Sirius as he reached for the goblet sitting at that place. James pulled out a small bottle from his robes and was about to add the five drops when he heard a familiar cackling. Peeves the poltergeist was chasing several frightened looking first years with water balloons.

"Quick just add the potion and let's get out of here!" hissed Sirius.

At that point the bell rang for dinner. James, in his haste poured about half the bottle of potion into the goblet. Sirius grabbed it from him and set it in its place. He dragged James out of the way just in time as Professor McGonegall came running past them in pursuit of Peeves.

They sneaked out into the entrance hall and hid in a nearby broom cupboard while James removed the cloak. They emerged just as a big crowd of Gryffindors were passing and followed them to their table. No one noticed anything.

Sitting at the Gryffindor table James nudged Sirius.

"I think I might have put in a bit more than five drops. Lets hope Snape doesn't turn out too young."

"Well done James," Sirius said sarcastically, "We'll be in serious trouble if anyone finds out."

"Finds out what?" came a girl's voice behind them. Serenity Winter sat down beside Sirius.

"Oh nothing Seri. Don't worry about it." Sirius tried his best not to look guilty. Seri was not convinced but decided she was too hungry to worry about it for the moment. Exams take it out of you!

Towards the end of dinner James glanced over at the Slytherin table. "At least Snape was sitting at the right place", he thought. A de-aged Malfoy didn't bear thinking about. He was just in time to watch Severus Snape drink the entire contents of his goblet.

At first nothing happened and James wondered if the potion had failed. He got his answer as the whole hall jumped at the high-pitched scream that filled the air. Severus went deathly pale and fell off his chair. Lucius Malfoy reached for him but only caught a handful of robes.

"I think he's disappeared!" he gasped. By this time a large crowd had gathered around the Slytherin table.

"Everyone move back please." came a calm but commanding voice. Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, came striding through the crowd.

"What is going on here boys?" he asked looking at Malfoy, Avery, Crabbe and Goyle.

"Well he just drank from his goblet and then he fell and disappeared." Malfoy started. Suddenly a little cry was heard from under the Slytherin table. Dumbledore peered underneath and found himself staring into a pair of large, dark and innocent eyes. The students gaped.

"He's been turned into a baby." said Crabbe, always one to state the obvious.

Baby Severus didn't seem to like all the people staring at him. He started to back away.

Professor Dumbledore stood up and indicated to the students to do the same.

"I presume someone put a de-ageing potion into Mr Snape's drink. I want whoever is responsible to come here immediately. If the culprits don't own up I will be forced to cancel the last Hogsmeade visit of the year." Everyone groaned.

"We did it." James and Sirius decided it was best to confess, "But we didn't mean to make him so young. Only about eleven or something." James explained.

"That was very irresponsible and thoughtless of you," said Dumbledore sternly, "It will be up to Professor McGonegall to decide on your punishment. Now if you have any of the potion left please give it to me." James handed him the bottle.

"Did you make this potion yourselves or did you buy it in Hogsmeade?" asked Dumbledore eyeing the pale yellow liquid.

"We made it sir." said James trying his best to keep a hint of pride out of his voice.

"I see." Dumbledore did not looked pleased as he turned to the other students.

"You will all please leave the great hall immediately," he beckoned to Professor Atwood, current potions master and head of Slytherin, "Professor please meet me in my office in ten minutes."

McGonegall and Flitwick started to shoo the still gaping students out of the hall. Once they had all gone Dumbledore knelt down beside the Slytherin table. He could see a pile of black robes with a little dark head just visible among them.

"Severus?" he called gently and the child looked up at him in confusion. This wasn't his Daddy's voice, he always shouted. It was a kind voice.

Dumbledore looked at the little boy for a minute. He was very small and his face was round. His straight dark hair came to just below his ear where it curled a little at the ends (AN Aww isn't he cute!). It was his eyes however that stood out. They were dark and almost too big for his little face. Dumbledore could see a little fear in them and decided to tread very carefully.

"Hello little one," he said softly, "I don't know if you remember me. My name is Albus. Would you like to come with me and we'll get you some nice warm clothes? You must be cold."

Severus looked at the man in front of him with the twinkling blue eyes and gentle voice. Something in his mind told him that he could trust Albus and he crept slowly towards him, almost tripping over the now too large uniform. Albus caught him carefully and wrapped the school robe around him.

"That's a good boy," he smiled softly as he picked Severus up, "Now lets see what we can get you to wear hmm?"

With that he turned and left the great hall heading for his office.