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Spoilers: Inside The Box

Author's Note: Even though this is a G/C story at heart, a lot of the fic will be dealing with Catherine's father issue. If you're wondering why, it's simple, Catherine's my favourite character. I'm interested in finding out about her past, but before the show actually tells us anymore, I'll just have her deal with it in my fics. Most of the family stuff is from my imagination and is not based on any facts from the show. Just so that's clear.



"Catherine? Is everything alright?" Grissom found Catherine sitting alone in the evidence room, staring blankly at her cell phone.

"You told me once that the evidence room was the quietest place in the lab. I wanted to see if you were right." She responded with her eyes still glued to her phone on the table.

"You left Nick alone on your case."

"He's a big boy."

"I'm not trying to pick a fight, Catherine." Grissom replied in exasperation to her sarcasm. "If you don't wanna tell me what's wrong, that's fine. But as your supervisor," He ignored the glare that prompted from her. "I deserve an explanation as to why you left in the middle of processing a crime scene without leaving any sort of reason or instructions to your fellow CSI."

"My sister called."

Grissom stayed silent, anticipating more of her explanation.

"My mother's sick."

Immediately, Grissom's heart sank and his anger dissipated. "Do you need to be with her?"

"The question is does she need me to be with her."

"Of course she needs you. You're her daughter."

"She's done fine without me all these years." She looked at him for a response. When he gave none, she inhaled deeply. "Do you think I should go?"

"I can't make the decision for you, Cath."


"But anything else, you know you can come to me." He offered with a small smile.

"Yeah...thanks." She answered with a wry smile.