Under the Covers

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Serena sighed softly in her half awoke state. Strong, secure arms kept her from moving around her naked waist. She sighed again and relaxed into the familiar embrace. She let her groggy eyes slowly drift open letting them adjust to the morning light streaming in through the windows. The blonde settled down into the warm bed that was more familiar to her then her own. Warm fingers started stroking her bare waist causing shivers to run and down her spine. In seconds she was wide awake and turned to face the man who awakened so many more feelings from her. His ocean blue eyes danced as a small smile graced his lips causing Serena's heart to tug.

"Morin' Darien," Serena whispered into his ear her hands roaming his body beneath the sheets.

"Serena," His husky voice reached her ears before hips lips swooped down to her neck. Gently sucking and biting leaving what would be a hickey.

Serena gasped, "Darien!" she squealed as she scrambled away from his tight hold and his tantalizing mouth.

Darien groaned as she blonde stayed just out o his reach. He finally gave up and stood up in all of his naked glory. Serena admired his well built body and barely retrained herself from jumping his bones.

Morning breath was such a stinker.

The dark man studied his beauty as she watched him stretch and finally pull on a pair of sweat pants. Serena knowing that her morning show was over flopped back onto the bed into the comfortable pillows.

"Breakfast?" Darien enquired after a moment of gazing at the beautiful blonde sprayed out on his bed.

"Yes, please," Serena's muffle came.

Darien chuckled as he made his way out of the room. Serena lay in the bed until she caught the first whiffs of freshly cooking bacon and she made a mad scramble to the kitchen.

Darien admired as his beauty appeared out of there room. Fully naked with a hunger burning in her eyes.

She quickly tucked into her breakfast unaware what she was doing to the man sitting just a few feet away from her.

"Serena, I have to get to Uni early today," Darien's voice broke through her contentment as she gobbled up the last of the bacon.

The petite girl smiled. "Yeah, I have to make an appearance at my dorm any ways. People are starting to wonder why I'm never there,"

He couldn't wait another minute as soon as she dropped her fork onto the plate he scooped her up and carried her to the bathroom.

Serena giggled as Darien lavished her in shower before returning to the task at hand and washing themselves.


Was that a bit much for the first chapter? Any way at least now you have an idea what's going to be happing in chapters to follow. ;)