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"Cheese!" Five extremely giggly girls screeched as they latched on to each other and beamed up into the camera.

The camera flashed and they girls hurriedly rearranged themselves so they could be shot from each possible angle, using every possible pose.

Once the film had ran out, the girls (well more like mature, independent women) huddled together, emotions running on an all time high.

"Can you believe it? It's Graduation Day." Mina sniffled.

"Oh Mina don't! You'll give me the sniffles," Raye complained good naturally as she hugged the teary blonde close.

"Time to venture out into the brutal, harsh world, eh Raye?" Lita teased as she joined in on the hug.

Mina giggled nervously, "I thoughts that what they said to us when we were leaving high school going into university,"

"I bet that's what they said when we were in pre-school and going into primary school,"

Serena laughed and drew Amy into her arms before throwing themselves both in the group hug.

A lot had happened over the months, so much had changed but as Serena looked around at her best friends, many things had stayed the same.

Mina and her had resolved their differences and made up and in her own personal opinion, they had emerged even stronger and closer as best friends.

Amy had been accepted into their group with open arms and warm hugs, even though she wasn't graduating with the rest of them as she was studying to be a doctor, she still had still a good several years ahead of her – they still made her feel like she wasn't left out in all the hubbub.

"I can see I'm really appreciated," The faithful, dedicated photographer teased.

"Oh, don't worry about it Greg, they'll eventually get sick of each other," Ken teased as he whisked Lita out of the tight group knit circle and began pampering her in kisses.

Lita and Ken proved that you can be long time best friends, fall in love and keep up the relationship. They had been going strong for months and after graduating they were going to find their own quaint apartment together.

Lita squealed and squirmed in his grasps as the other 4 girls sighed in envy expect for maybe Raye who intruded on their 'couple time' and bluntly told them to get a room.

Amy moved indiscreetly closer to her husband; he thankfully wrapped an arm around her waist and planted a quick kiss on top of her head. Greg was still a bit squeamish on the huge displays of public affection but could manage a quick hug and kiss now and then.

Serena sighed in contentment as she surveyed her friends. They were doing okay, they were going to be alright and no matter what happened on the way they would always be friends.


Serena opened the lecture door quietly, not wishing to disturb the class or the professor. She wasn't wearing her graduation robes yet, hoping to blend in without drawing to much attention to herself.

There were times were she would sneak into his lecture hall and listen in but today it was for an entire different reason.

She always loved watching him teach, even back when she knew nothing about him. The way he moved and talked so animatedly, the way he got the reluctant students pumped for the next lesson and enthusiastic about English was achievement enough.

Professor Shields caught Serena's eye and gave her a quick wink before turning back to his students.

The blonde haired had to admit that her relationship with Darien did a full 180 degree turn – for the better.

Once they declared their feelings for each other, there was no going back but of course the trust and faith in each other had to be built up again. After being in an open relationship for so long together, they had to know that they could disregard any other temptations from the opposite sex.

Serena and Darien mutually agreed that Serena would transfer from all his classes. It was ultimately better that way and of course less distracting. Of course if they were caught they would still be chucked out of the university. Any relationship with a teacher and student was prohibited.

Darien persuaded Serena to live and sleep back in her own dorm room as he 'courted' her, meaning he took her on actual dates, held her hand in public, and whispered in her ear the three most powerful words known to man, over and over to her.

Of course that didn't last long; they had barely gone out as a proper couple for 2 months when Serena moved in with Darien – permanently. It was easier that way too- that way Serena wasn't sneaking out at 1 am and sneaking back in at 5.

After graduation it was going to become official that Serena lived with Darien in his apartment and as soon as Serena got a stable job they would move into a proper house together.

Serena slipped into the nearest available seat and listened to Darien in rapt fascination.

What was traveling through the grapevine was that Ann was happily settled down with her lover who was rumored to be her step brother and was going to pop out her baby any day now.

Mina and Lita sweared, that a couple of months ago they saw Seiya, get very close to another guy while waiting to go into the cinema's. Apparently Seiya had always been a bi-sexual but had leaned more towards girls in the past but now seemed fully content with the queerness in him.

Serena wasn't disgusted with him, maybe a little ticked off that she had to hear it through the rumor mill to find the truth out about her ex boyfriend.

Serena also hadn't heard from Michael since her rejection of meeting up with him in Darien's apartment months ago.

"Okay you hooligans, go and have a safe and relaxing summer break," Professor Shields announced, dismissing his students.

Serena sat patiently on her seat while, all the other energetic ready, willing and eager, to start the holidays students filed out of the hall. A few giggly girls stayed behind and wished Professor Shields a safe break too before scampering off as well.

As soon as Professor Shield's hypnotizing eyes captured hers, she was gravitated to him, she blinked once and in the next instance she was standing directly in front of him.

"Ms Starr,"


"What time is graduation?" Darien asked slyly as he brushed his hand over her cheek, making her shudder.

"What are you implying Professor!"

"Follow me Serena, to my office and I'll show you exactly what I'm implying," Darien purred in Serena's ear.

Darien turned away from her to lead her back into his office when she impulsively jumped on his back and leaned down to whisper seductively in his ear, "I'd rather you show me right now,"

"You know me never one to say no to a lady,"

"Oh yeah?"

"Uh huh," Darien said as he turned so he was carrying Serena in his arms.

Darien gazed tenderly at Serena's up turned face; her face erupted into a slow, knowing smile. "I love you, so much,"

"I love you too," Serena replied as she kissed his jaw line.

Then Darien proceeded to show Serena just how much he loved her and Serena how much she loved him back.

And they all lived happily ever after.



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