Peppermint Tea

By: Thought

Disclaimer: Hmmm, guess what? I don't own the X-Men, wow!

Summary: Ororo makes tea. Remy watches. Symbolism, people!

A/N: Ok, yes, this is very short. I wrote it at 1:00 in the morning, so if no one likes it I will take it down, but I liked it! Lol, and, *shrugs*, Sky Queen liked it.


There's a lot Ororo knows about Remy. There's also a lot that Rogue doesn't know about Remy. They sit together in silence. Ororo never really liked Rogue, but if Remy was happy, so was she. Outside, there is a violent Storm, the power has gone out. Ororo refuses to do anything about it, saying that she must let Mother Nature do as she wills. She will not do anything about the weather, just as she will not do anything about Remy's relationship with Rogue. And although she knows that she can do something, the fact that she will not leaves her feeling weak and helpless. She is making tea, holding the teabag above the boiling water and watching as each individual drop of liquid falls into the cup. Kind of like her. All emotions slowly dripping away until she is left, an empty shell, a discarded teabag. He sits and watches her, his eyes taking in every detail and storing it away like a sacred gem, to be treasured forever. He watches as the limp teabag falls from slender fingers into the trash, her life thrown away. There's a lot Remy knows about Ororo. There's also a lot that Logan doesn't know about Ororo. But for now, the fact that he is the only one who knows that Ororo puts honey in peppermint tea is enough for him.