This is a disclaimer. It's used to warn people and stuff. Unfortunately, since this story is only PG-13, there's nothing naughty or juicy in here to disclaim. Unless you find their conversation slightly perverted. ::innocent look:: I wouldn't know why...

Blow, Buffy, Blow


slight language and implied sexuality

The wind started rushing past them, sending her hair into absolute disarray -- not that it mattered much, given her fixed intent on the task before her.

"Blow it harder."

"I'm trying! My mouth can only go so long before the numbness settles, Spike!"

"Well keep going at the most! Pleeeease?"

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Well how on earth can I resist that command?" She began blowing harder anyway.

"Yes! That's it, Buffy! Go harder! Harder!" He grinned when she glared up at him. "Sorry."

Buffy snorted. "I'm so sure." She kept going, though, despite the obvious annoyance her boyfriend seemed keen on being tonight. She loved Spike. Really, she did. Just not when he made it a point every other night to piss her the hell off to the point of wishing he was alive so she could throttle him.

"You're getting closer, babe. Go faster. Faster! Oh -- Fuck! Yes! Yes, that's it! Oh, hell, baby... oh, that's lovely... Bloody amazing, luv..."

Buffy sat up straight, giving Spike a weird look. "God, Spike, what the hell is your problem? All I did was light a bonfire, and you're acting like I'm giving you a blow job!"

Spike grinned wickedly then and grabbed her 'round the waist, eliciting a shriek of laughter from her when he began to tickle her. He tugged her down to the ground next to him and rolled on top of her, pressing his pelvis against her own, a mischievous glint lighting his blue eyes.

"Doesn't hurt to get ready, luv."