A definition according to Webster's Dictionary:

Pronunciation: -'klA-m&r
Function: noun
1 a : a denial or disavowal of legal claim : relinquishment of or formal refusal to accept an interest or estate b : a writing that embodies a legal disclaimer

Hit It!

PG-13 for implied sexuality... naughty, naughty...


"Shh, not so bloody loud!"

"I. Can't. Help. It... Ahhh!"

"Buffy, quiet! I'm almost there, baby, I've almost got it..."

"Oh, God, Spike, hurry, hurry! Hit it! Hit it hard, hit it now!"

"Almost there... almost... got it... shift off me a bit, luv, let me have a little give... Yes! Got it!"

Buffy shrieked.

Spike looked at her, rolled up newspaper in his hand, smirking with a scarred eyebrow raised in amusement. "Buffy-luv, calm down. Awful lot of fuss over a bloody spider, innit?"

Buffy glanced down at the squashy remains of the spider at the end of the newspaper and shuddered. She folded her arms and, pouting, looked down. "It was an evil spider," she insisted.

Spike gazed at her adoringly, chuckling. He pulled her into his arms without a second thought, and kissed her lovingly. "My sweet, brave, beautiful Slayer..."

Buffy's eyes softened and she reached up to touch his face. "Aww, baby... " She angled herself onto her toes and lightly kissed him. "My brave, strong handsome Vampire... my Spike."


Aww.... so lovey-dovey and mushy...