Title: Housing Love

Author: K. Ly

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon does not belong to me or any other person except Naoko Takeuchi.

Plot Summary: Darien and Serena are getting a divorce. When Darien offers to move out of their huge house, he discovers a problem. There are no available apartments in the city. When Serena learns he's been living in his office for a week, she insists that he stays at the house considering its amount of bedrooms and she's all by herself. Just as roommates. With this arrangement come humorous events and a possible rekindled romance.



"So are we finished?" Serena asked, sitting with her hands clasped together. Serena was weary having sitting inside her divorce attorney's office for nearly an hour and half. Wearing a cream pants suit, Serena stared at her soon-to-be ex-husband. Wearing a charcoal business suit, Serena thought he looked more handsome than he's ever been. She decided she was going to miss his ebony bangs that seemed to hide his cobalt blue eyes and his smile, which he wasn't showing at the moment. His face showed a solemn look and he looked tired.

"There's just one more thing we have to take care of," Mrs. Anderson, or known to Serena as Amy, replied.

"What's that?" questioned Mr. Urawa, informally known as Greg.

"The settlement of the house," Ami said.

"Have you two discussed this?" Greg turned to the person next to him who was staring at Serena. "Darien?"

"Huh? Oh yeah. Um, we haven't really discussed it." Darien was tired. He had been up all night dreading this day. It was a mutual decision that they get a divorce. Things had been rocky lately between them, with both work and their feelings. They tried to work it out but both realized that wasn't going to work. Getting a divorce seemed like the right thing to do.

"It's alright, Darien. I can move in with one of my girlfriends." Serena replied. She couldn't stay by herself in that house of theirs. The place was huge. With three master bedrooms and four guest rooms, the place they once called 'home' was going to be more like a museum.

"No, no. I can find an apartment. Serena can have the house." Darien replied conclusively. There was no way he could stay alone in that house where there were constant reminders of her. He wanted to forget that they were married and he wanted to forget her. Even thought he doesn't realize it, he wanted her back so much.

"All right then. Then that settles it," Amy replied. "You two should have the papers by the end of the week."

"Thanks again, Amy," Serena smiled. She rose from her chair and hugged her. "It was good to see you, Greg."

"You too, Serena."

Serena walked out of the conference room and headed to 'her' home without a goodbye for Darien.

Darien coughed and got up from his seat along with Amy and Greg. "Greg, thanks I'll keep in touch." Darien shook his hand and turned to Amy. "Amy, it was a pleasure to see you again."

"Goodbye Darien," Amy replied sympathetically. Darien walked out of the room and was on his way back to, not 'their' house, but now Serena's house.

"Where did things go wrong, Greg?" Amy asked as she sat back down in the leather chair.

"I honestly don't know, sweetheart." Greg sat down in Serena's seat next to his wife.

"Remember their wedding? They looked like they were so much in love," Amy added.

"That was three years ago. Maybe they felt that they just weren't right for each other." Greg consoled. "But I'll tell you one thing. *I* honestly feel that Darien and Serena are still in love with each other. They just don't realize that they still do."

"You're right."

"Of course I am," Greg boasted. Amy smiled back at him. She and Greg were married shortly after Serena and Darien. Amy kept her maiden name when her father died before their blessed event. Greg was supportive of her decision and said he would love her no matter what name she took on.

"Come on let's go home." Ami smiled wickedly.

*** Author's final notes: That does it for the prologue. This popped up in my head and before I knew it I was at the computer typing it all out. I have not decided if I should continue it, but if you guys out there enjoyed it, I would be happy to try and finish it. Please let me know your thoughts and if you have and ideas for our favorite couple. PLEASE REVIEW! And no flames would be appreciated.

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