Stuck in an Elevator



NoV: Good evening, everyone! My name is NoV and I'm going to write a JSM ficcie!!

Maya: What's a ficcie?

NoV: Erm.....kinda like a story.....but one that makes no money.

Nina: (drinks a swallow of her martini) Sounds like something Maya would write.

Maya: (gasp) That hurts!

Finch: So, what exactly is this non-money-making story about?

NoV: Well, look at the title!!

Everyone: (looks up)

Various "Oh"s.

Jack: I hope I don't get stuck in the elevator.....the company would cave without me....

NoV: Nope! You're one of the lucky few not stuck! Which reminds me: where's Elliot?

Jack: I sent him to get donuts.

NoV: (eyes Finch) I thought that was Finch's job.

Jack: He's off today.

Finch: Yep, and I don't know what they're gonna do without me.

Nina: Probably have a party.

Kevin: (walks in with the mail cart) A party? Will you dance with me, Nina?

Nina: 0.0 I mean, we'll probably just sit around at our desks, doing nothing whatsoever!!

Kevin: Oh. I must've heard you wrong. (walks away)

Nina: Phew!

NoV: .....anyway, on with the fic! Hope it's enjoyable!! ^_^


"Let's take the elevator, you said. It's so much faster than the stairs, you said. We don't want to pull a muscle, you said. Sure, I said. Let's take the elevator, I said. What could possibly go WRONG, I said," Dennis was grumbling to Maya.

Dennis, Maya, Nina, Elliot and Kevin were sitting against the wall of an elevator. The floor indicator light was flickering between seven and eight.

They were stuck.

In an elevator.

Oh, the horror.

"Oh, come on!" Maya exclaimed in her defense. "It's not like I got us stuck on purpose!"

"I think I remember you saying 'Oh, if only I had more time to work on this column!'" Nina said, raising an eyebrow. "That's wishful thinking that we'd get stuck in this thing if I ever heard it."

"Yeah, but I meant it as in getting a day's extension!" Maya protested.

Elliot banged his head against the wall, quite frustrated. "We're going to starve in here." He looked around, paranoid. "I'm eating whoever dies first!!"

Kevin stared at Nina. "Nina? Now that we're practically alone what do you say we cuddle?" Nina raised an eyebrow. "You know you can't resist me," he added.

Nina said, flatly, "You're going to move away to the very corner of this infernal metal casing. And you're going to stay there."

Kevin blinked at her.



NoV: Woo! That was kinda short....anywho, what would everyone like to see in upcoming chapters?

Finch: getting out of the elevator?

NoV: I wasn't asking you, Finch! I was talking to the reviewers. SO, review and let me know what should happen to our elevator-stranded people!! ^_^