Love you too, Joon

ellina HOPE

Dedicated to every girl who needs a Sam.

Disclaimer: I want Sam, and maybe Benny... but all I have is a couple of gel pens with fun colors. (MEANS: I don't own Benny and Joon) This is set in the movie, between Sam and Joon's official hook-up and Benny's official finding out of said hook-up.


The only thing Sam truly understood when he woke up was that it was late. He realized, as a very close second, that Joon was kneeling in front of him and his couch, on the floor. She held one of his hands between her smaller ones and she stared up at him, unblinking. After over-coming the shock of seeing his girlfriend, Sam went back to the first issue.

It was late. Very late, as in nearly morning late. Had someone asked him for the exact time at that moment, he would've only smiled nervously and shrugged. Though, that would bring another question into consideration: where would that someone come from? Perhaps they would've dropped out of the ceiling. Or, maybe they could've broken a window and climbed in.

Had Sam been thinking about someone being dedicated enough to find out the time, he might've been more helpful in that respect. More than likely, if he was faced with a random person asking for the time late at night, he would've acted very confused and very shy and very unhelpful. What else could one do?

Sam didn't own a watch or clock, and he hadn't really had the courage or felt the need to ask Benny for one. Sam didn't hold much money of his own, either. So, that ruled out the prospect of buying a clock. Not to mention, being faced with a complete stranger late at night (in your own(borrowed?) room) didn't leave the brain very functional.

The poor boy, having just been pulled out a sleepy happiness, blinked. He squinted his eyes in an attempt to adjust more to the darkness occupying his room. Sam started when he realized Joon's stare was slightly glazed and reflective with stars shining in from the outside.

Tears, Sam rationalized. Dull fear and panic followed this mental statement. Joon had seemed happy at the park! She had laughed and even participated a little in the show. He watched her carefully, trying to solve the puzzle that was his ladylove. She sniffled quietly, wiping her eyes on the back of her hand, and offered a small smile. Sam sat up on his elbows, looking at his newly found sweetheart curiously.

He wasn't used to women or their odd behavioral habits that he seemed to be encountering as of late. They confused him almost as much as trying to figure out why someone would ask him what time it was, when any normal someone would be asleep and uncaring to such trivial matters. For sleep is far more important than time! While Sam was debating with his mind (a pastime that often took up more time than it was worth) Joon had made her move. Without a word, she climbed onto the couch, and he (having broken out of his day(night?)dreams) hastily moved his legs to make room for her.

Joon, however, had no intention of just curling up like a cat or some other animal at its master's feet. And, Joon had no master. She laid down, her head pillowed on Sam's chest. At first, he froze, not used to this type of thing, but eventually relaxed as he got comfortable. Instinctively, one arm hugged her waist, his hand resting innocently on her hip. Everything Sam did held an innocent intent. Perhaps that was why she had ventured into his (borrowed) room, so late at night. Joon smiled up at him, eyes still shining. She nuzzled into him, and he pulled her closer.

"I love you, Sam." He leaned down, kissing her lightly on the mouth. Her lips smiled against his.

"Love you too, Joon."