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The silver ankh


From Mythology to the past

The sound of sandals hitting the floor could be heard through out the palace. Unworthy servants bowed to the power this creature possessed. It wasn't an emperor. It wasn't a king It wasn't even the all powerful pharaoh !

It was the all mighty Rah. And he wasn't all too happy. "Argh! This time he went too far!" he roared. "When I passed through the underworld yesterday I almost left a piece of myself!"

Thoth sighed, why did those things seemed to always happen to him? It really seemed like he was the one every one used as a shoulder to either cry on or, in this case, to rant on. "Rah, are you sure Anubis is trying to kill you? I mean he never shown signs of any hostility to either you or Nephthys." Thoth quickly dodged the upcoming fire ball Rah threw at him out of anger. "Sure? SURE!? The minute I stepped in the underworld I was 'accidentally' attacked by shadow power! That ungrateful brat wants to kill me!" Rah was now fuming, let's just say it was not a pretty sight. Thoth thought a minute.(that a tongue twister ^-^) "I guess he heard the news that you were going to give charge of the underworld to Osiris after Osiris' death. Why would you do such a thing anyway?" Rah stopped pacing to stare at Thoth.

"Anubis is getting out of control. His shadow powers are formidable and getting stronger; he might surpass me soon enough!" He growled and as an afterthought he added, "Plus do you know how annoying teenagers are? He is reaching 17 human years old and talking to him is like talking to a brick wall. How frustrating!"

Thoth sweatdropped. "Right. So what are you going to do about it?" His question was answered by a smirk. "The best thing to do; War!" Thoth cringed, this was not going to be pretty.


The battle had been glorious. Blood sputtered everywhere, skin and bones were ripped, shredded littering the ground like a tapestry. Of all the servants of either light or darkness none were standing having killed each other for their sires . Two lonely figures were facing off in a final battle: only one was going to emerge victorious and alive.

"This is going to end 'father'!" hissed Anubis.

The young teen god was quite a looker. So what if he was all bloody and that most of the blood didn't belong to him. He was a bishounen! As an added bonus his clothes were ripped in numerous places. ^-^ He had long black hair with bleached ends. His lean yet muscular tanned body gave him everything a bishounen should have. (*drool* Well he IS a god! ^-^) But sadly, this bishi had a down side: he had a wicked spirit. Behind those unnatural gold eyes held the insanity and bloodlust of a demon. (Well enough characterization for now)

"For once I agree son! I will defeat you with your own shadow magic." With that, Rah unleashed his final weapon: a gigantic wave of shadow energy. Anubis was knocked out of his feet by to tremendous force. It had taken him by surprised, his father never used shadow magic before. Grabbing his shadow blade he decided that he didn't care and ran strait to his father, intending to finish him off in one quick slash.

"Fool!" Rah quickly made a ball out of shadow power and threw it at Anubis. The teen god never had time to dodge it and found himself trapped in a bubble. "What the fuck! Get me out of this shit!" (-_- Yes even gods swear)

Rah limped over to Anubis, using this spell really drained him. "Since your mother loves you so much I guess I won't kill you. And since you're way too big for a spanking, I guess I'll have to lock you in your room for eternity. Or better yet in this ankh." With those words he whipped out a silver ankh out of his battle armor. (don't ask -_-) The future-artifact sucked in the bubble with a screaming god inside itself and that was all we heard of Anubis.

The almighty Rah stood alone on the battlefield looking at the ankh. 'Now what am I going to do with you?' he thought. The silver ankh just gleamed ominously. 'Oh well I might as well dump you on earth there no god is going to find you and release Anubis and it's not like I care if you cause damage to the humans.' With a shrug the sun god made himself a mental note to give the ankh to Thoth so the moon god could dump it for him.


Later, Thoth did as he was told and dumped the silver ankh on earth. Little did he or the sun god know that this little action would cause the death of many and the suffering of many more, generations after generations...

End of Prologue

Authors Notes: Okay I admit it! I don't know a lot about Egypt deities. But sheesh it's just a fic! I mean who cares if I don't know that much. (even though I did do SOME research)

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