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The silver ankh chapter 3

On the road to Domino city!


-Somewhere in Egypt-

Isis Ishtar walked in the halls of her underground home. After the events in battle city, she and her little brother Malik along with Rishid went back into their underground house. They still had their duties as guardians and Isis was now guarding the three Egyptian god cards and the millennium rod. Things did change though: they had the right to go outside and see the daylight anytime they wanted as long as at least one of them was guarding the tomb. Of course Malik used all of his time outside and sometimes even dragged Rishid with him. Today though, her brother was quiet and stayed underground with her. As a matter of fact, she could see him looking at her every move; like he was doing right now. Without even turning Isis could see her brother looking at her back, and he wasn't pleased.

"What do you want Malik?" She said without turning to look at him but acknowledging his presence.

"You left a while ago." Was all her little brother said.

Isis sighed. No doubt her brother also knew what was wrong. After all, he too had been a wielder of a millennium item, and unlike the other item holders from Japan, he knew about the silver ankh. Seeing that her brother was still waiting (albeit a little impatiently) for an answer she stated. " I left to talk to Shadi for a little while. Nothing serious." She knew it was the wrong thing to say when her brother yelled. "Don't take me for a fool sister! I know that you are planning to leave for Japan. Were you going to tell me or were you just going to walk off without a word." Massaging her temples, Isis sighed again. "I knew you would react badly if I told you I was going to Japan. I need to go there and deliver things." Before her brother could protest again she continued. "You need to stay here and do research. You will be safe from Anubis' wrath for now. Now I must go make preparations for my trip." With that, she resumed he walk toward her room.

Malik stormed to his room and angrily laid on his bed. He stretched and turned on his newly bought small battery operated T.V, the news were on.

"In today's news. The archaeologist, Kato Hideki ,had been mysteriously murdered in his apartment this morning. Authorities believes Kato's death might be related to the murders of his fellow comrades who recently uncovered Anubis's tomb.

In another news, the lead archaeologist, Kashiwagi Akinari, is leaving Egypt and heading back to Domino city…"


Malik sighed. Everything was already in motion and by the looks of it; it won't take long for Anubis to reach Domino city and find his "soul anchor". And now his sister was soon going to depart for Domino too: it would probably be the last time he will be able to talk to her.


Anubis was pleased.

Taking over Kashiwagi's mind had been easier than taking candy from a human offspring. Even in his weaken state, he had been able to control the old man without any trouble. If every human in this era was as weak spirited as him, taking over will be a cinch.

It was quite ironic that the source of power of a god, a superior entity, was human belief. Indeed, the less human believe in a certain god, the less power he have. Eventually, after a millennia,  the god is forgotten and fades away.

Anubis suspected that his father Rah and the others had faded away long ago but he had survived because part of his soul always reincarnated itself in the form of a human: his anchor, his soul.(1)  He had lost a lot of power over the years though, and now he couldn't even achieve the simple task of tracking the human who possess his soul nor could he use the shadows to teleport.

In order to gain back his power all he needed to do was sacrifice lives and absorb the spiritual energy of his victims, then he would gain full access to his powers and enslave the entire world. (2) He already used the power he had in order to disposed of the other people who were involved in the search. He had blessed them: he had given their meaningless lives a purpose, by absorbing their spirit and making them part of the powerful entity that he was.

But now he had some searching to do. He stood inside Kashiwagi's soul room. The room was littered with different artefacts; each representing a memory, the absence of family photos led to think that the man wasn't engaged to any one and had no children.

'It seemed this man only lived for his archaeological findings, how fitting that he perished because of his love with ancient artefacts.'  He thought snickering softly. Then something caught his eye, it was a picture.  'How odd, maybe he does have a family…' He inspected the photograph: on it there were three men, one of them was Kashiwagi.

'They must be  fellow archaeologists, I wonder who?'

Turning the photograph he noticed two names behind it and read them out loud.

"Professor Yoshimori (3) and Mutou Sugoroku  mhh… Interesting. That old man reminds me a little of someone…Maybe this temporary host will be useful to me and help me trace my soul."


-Domino city-

"By guys!" Waving his goodbyes to his departing friends, Jounouchi Katsuya headed to his apartment complex. It had been two days since the weird nightmare/dream he had had during his math class but for Jou, it was as if it never happened; he had forgotten all about it. Instead, there was another event that was plaguing his mind.

'Grr… I can't believe Kaiba is coming to town!' he thought angrily, kicking a pebble that had dared cross his path. Annoyed that the pebble had the galls to return in front of him, Jou kicked it again and felt a wave of satisfaction when the small rock rolled out of his way. After dealing with the small mineral, he turned back to his musings.

'Stupid rich boy, why couldn't he stay in America. I bet as soon as he comes back, trouble will follow. I mean things started to go from bad to worse ever since that jerk challenged Yugi in the Death T match. And then in every bad adventure, he was involved in it somehow.'

It is said that when one really hates a person, they start to blame the hated person for every mishaps they come across. At his state, Jou would probably hold Kaiba responsible for his sister's bad eyesight and have tangible evidences too. His mental tirade was interrupted though by a petite form with long black hair.

Jounouchi blinked dumbly for a second, watching the petite form, dressed in a school girl uniform, picking flowers on the sidewalk, and then hurried off to join the female figure.

"Oi! Nadesico! What are you doing?" he asked as he stopped at the girl's side.

The ten year old just smiled at the blond teen and gave him a small bouquet of dandelions. "Ka-chan! Here, Katsu-chan and me were only picking up flowers on our way back from school." Jounouchi sweat dropped but smiled and accepted the flowers and petted the stuffed puppy dog that had inherit his name.

Nadesico was the daughter of a new family that had moved in shortly after battle city in Jounouchi's apartment complex. She was sweet, but a little retarded for a ten year old. (or maybe seeing Mokuba act so grown up for his twelve years of age led him to believe all kids were supposed to be mature at this stage of life.)  But aside from the small annoyance he felt about seeing the stuffed dog named Katsu-chan, after him, she was okay in his book.

"Come on Little lady, let's get you home. Ms. Yuhara must be worried sick." Nodding, the girl followed the blond teen closely, clutching her stuffed pet in her arms. "Ka-chan…" she said timidly. At Jounouchi's nod she continued,

"I had a really bad nightmare last night. I was in my house and there was fire all around me. I was hot and I called for mommy, daddy and you but no one was there. I was a little scared but Katsu-chan was scaredier." (4)

She held the stuffed toy closer and shivered a little.

"I tried not to cry and I didn't know what to do. That was when a man appeared in front of me, I asked him if he could bring me to mommy but he said things that I didn't understand. He also had a sword in his hand. I know it's a sword because Kenta has a lot of drawing with sword in a book and he showed it to me at school. I was scared and ran away, but I was tired and Katsu-chan was lost and then… the bad man came… and then…I was hurting …."  By now the child was in tears and, much to Jounouchi's chagrin, she hugged his waist. It wasn't that he didn't like hugs, but what made him uncomfortable was that the girl's face was in his crotch giving him the perfect 'crotch hug'.(5)

"Now, now, It's okay. It was just a dream, there was no fire last night and you are fine." He reassured the girl who, thankfully, took a step away from his privates. She sniffed and looked up at him, emerald green eyes liquid with tears. "What about you Ka-chan? Do you have nightmares too? With bad men and with swords like me?" Jounouchi froze. The innocent question made him remember his dream with the weird Egyptian dude, the bodies and the Egyptian God cards. Shaking off the bad feeling this dream gave him, he smiled at Nadesico and resumed their walk toward the apartment complex.

"Oh yeah. Once I had this crazy nightmare, you see I was the flame swordsman and….."


End of chapter 3

1- Well I was tired to say "soul anchor" all the time so let's call it his "soul".

2- Obligatory evil plan for big evil man. (well Malik wanted to take over the world)

3- Okay. This guy is a friend of Grandpa Mouto. He appeared in Volume 2 of the manga. For anyone who only listen to the show : he is NOT Rebecca's dad. He was seen in Yu-gi-oh series 1. (the serie with the death T project)

4- I know that scaredier is not a word but come on, the girl is 10 and she is scared. I can't give her perfect English.

5- ^-^ the attack of the crotch hug! If anyone has ever seen Digimon season 1 please notice the way Takeru cries and hug his brother or Tai (once I believe). I swear the little guy is going to bury his nose there! 

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