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A great battle was going on in a field of the Makai. The spirit Detectives and the two remain Shinobi, Jin and Touya, were fighting and evil demon who was threaten the Ningenkai, human world.

The demon has jet-black skin with bright acid green eyes and he wore all black attire. The demon lord was stronger than they had originally thought, so now they were caught off guard and he had the upper hand. The fact that he had many minions did not help the group either because now they had to fight their way through them to get to their intended target.

Punches, kicks and spirit energy flew through the air with immense speed and power. As the minions of the demon lord fell and the team got closer to him, problems began to arise. The demon lord formed a ball in-between his hands, which was vertical to the ground. He laughed hideously before throwing the ball of energy to the group of fighters. As the energy ball hit the ground the Shinobi and the Spirit Detectives jumped out of the way so that the attack only killed the demon lord's minions, which only made him laugh harder.

"That freak!" Yusuke yelled. Yusuke Urameshi is a boy of fifteen year. He has jet-black hair, which is sleeked back, and brown eyes. His attire consisted of dark blue pants, a red short sleeve T-shirt and black slipper like shoes.

The demon lord laughed even more hideously than before. "Now it is time for one of you to go," the demon, in his awful voice, said. He formed another ball of energy in his hands, but this time he through it at his feet where it exploded and a white gas spread rapidly.

"Run!" Kurama cried as he recognized the gas as the one that could change you into a younger state if breathed in; he had encountered the gas for an item called the Idun box. Kurama, Youko, or Shuuichi are his names. He is a sixteen-year-old with bright red hair that goes to about middle of his back and green eyes. He was clothed in white pants and a, light gray, long sleeve shirt. He looked like a human teenage boy, named Shuuichi but in reality he was really a kitsune, fox demon, of a millennia old, named Youko Kurama or Kurama as his friends call him but when in his demon for people generally call him Youko.

"Jin can't you blow it away with your wind powers," Yusuke asked hurriedly.

The wind master, Jin, shook his head, "No Urameshi, if I try it will come over us anyway," he said with his Irish accent. Jin is a wind demon whose age is unknown, but one can guess that he is around a millennia old because he is a master of his element,by looking at him one would properly guess that he is around sixteen years old though. He has bright red hair, which is cut so it comes in on an angle to the base of his neck, pointy ears (like an elf's but longer) and deep blue eyes. A small whit horn is on his head, positioned a bit down from the top of his head and a small white fang that lies in front of his bottom lip. Jin's attire contained white pants, white straps that make and 'x' over his chest and back, tape like material on his arms going from his elbows to his wrists and ninja type foot wear (material that covers most on the foot except for the sides and the toes).

The moment Jin stopped talking a vine came out of nowhere and was heading strait for Yusuke. Touya was the only one to notice this and called out a warning, but to no avail. He quickly, and with out thinking, stepped into the vines path, making it wrap itself relentlessly around him and pulled him in the air.

Touya is around Jin's age and looked to be about sixteen as well. He has light blue hair with green spike like bangs that jut off to the left and partly cover his left eye. He wore semi baggy light bluish-gray pants, a blue scarf like belt with a light purple stone in the center, a dark blue short sleeve shirt, which can almost be classified as a tank top, and black slipper like shoes.

Yusuke whipped around and saw Touya dangling helplessly in the air with the vine completely wrapped around him, "Touya!"

Jin turned and looked on in horror as his friend struggled to escape his captor, he was at the mercy of the vines now. Jin blasted a shield of wind in front of himself and Yusuke as the white gas was about to come on top of them, but as predicted he was having a hard time holding it back.

Yusuke aided Jin with the use of his spirit energy to form a shield behind the wind master's one, adding defense.

The vines were soon discovered to be controlled by one of the dark lords minions, whom was hiding in a tree away from the gas. Touya lay over above the thick fog of the white gas and was he struggled against the vines tight grasp, for it was starting to choke him. What happened next he would have rather not occurred, the vines let go and he fell into the thick foggy gas below.

A moment after Touya's plunge into the substance it started to disappear. Jin and Touya let their shield's diminish when the gas was gone.

Jin took one look at Touya and blanched, a few yards away sat a four-year- old Touya. He looked like he had before he had fallen except for the fact that he was now much younger.

The demon lord laughed again and a moment later the childish Touya, who was looking around curiously, disappeared.

"Touya!" Jin cried as this happened before his eyes. "What did you do with him!" he yelled angrily, which was a rare feat for him because he is usually always happy. The demon lord smirked, "Even I do not know." With that said he disappeared leaving a very angry Jin and the rest of the group wondering where the child version of Touya had gone.

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