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Chapter 14

The Ice Maidens

Everyone in the room went silent as they saw Tara's true form; Jin and Touya were quiet just for the sake of being so. The only noise came from Luke and Daren as they came in from outside. As they walked into the living room they gazed at them for a moment before they started playing with their toys.

"So," Kurama began, "You know Jin and Touya?"

"Yes she does," Kara said, "And so do I." She also dropped her illusion and was now seen as a fair skinned young woman that looked about Tara's age with very light blue hair and eyes.

"You're both apparitions?!" Yusuke cried.

Tara laughed lightly, "Yes we are."

"But if you're both apparitions why are you in the Ningenkai?" Kuwabara asked.

"About that," Tara said with a nervous laugh.

Touya sighed, "To make a long story short they got a bit over their heads with some of the Black Market's members, who later sent assassins after them."

The group looked at the two females in surprise. Kara coughed. "We were just trying to take out one of the members of an organization for something that he did."

"But it turned out to be a set up," Tara finished.

"Eh?" Jin said in confusion, "I never heard about this."

Touya shook his head, "Of course not. You haven't seen them since it happened. I ran into them a while after it had, but I promised to not speak of it."

"But you two are strong. You could 'ave beaten 'em," Jin said.

Tara sighed, "Yes we could and did beat them, but they just kept coming and beating them over and over got annoying very fast."

"Are the two boys apparitions as well?" Kurama asked.

Kara nodded her head, "Their illusion is taken from my spirit energy. I would rather not take it down now." "How did you know how to take care of the kid if you don't have children of your own?" Hiei asked, earning a glare from Touya for calling him 'kid.'

Tara chuckled at this question, "Simple really. I practically razed him from a child once before." This statement confused the group, even Jin, for he had never heard about this before. Tara continued, "Our parents were killed when Touya was a child, a bit older than he was a while ago. I was what you would call a pre-teen, in human years of course. In demon years I was much older however.... I think I was twelve in human years, I don't really remember."

"Sorry to hear about your parents," Kuwabara said remorsefully.

Tara waved it off, "It happened a long time ago, it doesn't bother me anymore."

"She also helps to raze my two," Kara said, "She's their god-mother I guess you can say."

"I was about to say that," Tara said with a mock pout.

"After I became the apprentice to the old Shinobi ice master, the two of them went wandering around the Makai," Touya told the group. "We ended up running into each other every couple of years and sometimes more than that."

"'At's 'ow I met 'em," Jin piped up happily.

"Yep," Tara said happily, "That's how we met this perky little wind demon." She put Jin in a friendly headlock.

Jin laughed and got his head free from his friends grasp. Tara sat in- between her brother and Jin, placing and arm around Touya's shoulder. "It's good to have you back Touy."

"It's good to be back," Touya said with a sigh. He was glad to see his sister again after several years, due to the fact that he could not come to the Ningenkai until about the time of the Makai reconstruction (The second dark tournament).

"If I may ask Kara, where's your mate?" Kurama asked.

Kara smiled, "He's in the Makai, as he should be."

Tara huffed, "Please, that man comes here every now and again. If he doesn't you go see him." Kara said nothing, just continued to smile.

Luke walked up to Touya and gave a big smile, "Hello big Touya."

Touya looked at him curiously before chuckling, "I guess they knew about me."

"Of course babe," Tara said with a teasing poke to his ribs, Touya shook his head and picked Luke up, "Well kiddo I guess I should thank you for being a friend in my child state." When Daren came over he added, "And you too Daren."

"No problem uncle Touya," the two boys said in unison.

Touya gave a small smile before putting Luke on his feet. As they ran off to play he said, "They've grown a lot over the years. Particularly Luke, last I saw him he couldn't even crawl."

Kara nodded, "My babies are growing up." She looked over a Tara with a smirk, "And Tara's going to have kids soon."

Tara looked at her friend, "Really, I didn't know I was pregnant much less lost my innocence Kara."

With a laugh Kara said, "Who know how long that will last."

Tara looked at her friend in shock, "Excuse me Mrs. I'm going to have kids now, I don't want to hear it."

Everyone laughed at this comment. When thing had calmed down Hiei asked, "Has everyone forgotten the demon who had caused Touya's dilemma?"

"No way Hiei, has the sun gotten to your brain?" Yusuke said jokingly, earning a glare from the fire demon.

"Tara an' Kara 'an 'elp us search for 'em," Jin said with a smile.

Kara razed a brow, "Have you forgotten that the black market participants want us dead. Plus I two kids to look after Jin."

Jin's ears drooped as those facts came back to him. Tara smiled wearily, "Well I'd love to go back to the Makai guys. The only problem is that the assassins would be after me again and if Kara came they'd be after her too."

Yusuke laughed, "We have no problem with fighting off assassins and the demon lord guy. We now know what to expect of him now."

Tara looked to her friend, "Sounds like a plan to me. The black market doesn't know of your kid at this age so they'd be safe with your mate."

"He does have a name you know," Kara said with a laugh. "I suppose you're right. It would be nice to travel the Makai and fight demons again.

With the plan in place the group decided to wait a week before leaving so that the children got used to the idea of going back to a home they scarcely remembered. It also gave the group time to send word to Kara's mate to inform him of the plan; Botan brought a letter that Kara had written to him.

A new adventure was forming and the trail now fell at their feet.

How successful they would be is a secret that only time knows.


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