When Shooting Stars Fall- A Gundam Wing fanfic

When Shooting Stars Fall- A Gundam Wing fanfic

Prologue- LOSS

/…/ = Internal thoughts

*…* =Emphasis


/No way. Not yet. It can't end like this, I won't allow it /

"Put the gun down *now* you motherfucker!" A voice screamed down the dark hallway.

Sounds of footfall echoed down the blackened corridor. Sweat, blood and decadence filled the air with their aroma. A gun was cocked, and then another. More footsteps, more OZ soldiers.

"Can't lay there for much longer!" the hard voice repeated. "We got all of your little friends you know that?" The words stung like hornets. Each syllable as their own little bullet. There was a pause, somebody coughed. Then the leering voice came again; "Well there still is that braided kid. We *would* give him medical aid but unfortunately he's too close to *you* for us to do much about."


More footsteps, the voice, "What's it going to be kid?"

Trowa's mind raced furiously. He was down to one last clip, and that was half-empty. He stayed motionless, crouched behind an overturned metal table. Sweat dripped down his forehead, falling to the floor. A small stream of blood trickled down, underneath the table and directly to the spot Trowa was crouching. Duo's blood.

/ All of us are captured? No way! Maybe he's bluffing or something. Can't trust these OZ bastards. My head hurts. Quatre…Is Quatre captured too? He *has* to be alright! I have to protect him. He shouldn't have come. I told him that this mission would be dangerous. Now…/

"You friend isn't going to last much longer you know," the OZ soldier called again. "Give up, you're the last one left. Don't you care about your friends?"

Trowa's lips were parched. To hell with the mission he needed to make sure the others would be Ok. He blinked. Then through cracked throat he responded, "First tell me if Quatre is alright."

/ They don't know who Quatre is / He realized.

"I mean, t…the blond kid," Trowa shouted again. "Is…is he alright?"

Silence. Muffled whispers, the trickle of Duo's blood. Then, "We have him. He's hurt quite badly but he's still *alive*. For the time being."

/ The mission! Got to destroy the new mobile doll prototype! / Trowa furiously thought.

/ Quatre! Quatre is more important! I must realize that *he* is the most important thing right now! Fuck the mission, I promised to protect Quatre /

A gun clattered to the floor. Trowa stood up slowly, and raised his arms in the air.


/…/ = Internal thoughts

Italics = flashback

*…* =Emphasis on words inside

Duo awoke with a start. He gasped for air as he inhaled water. A hand grabbed at him and smacked him on the back, causing him to spit up. His vision was blurry, he felt as though Peacemillion was bouncing around in his head. Blurry gray walls and dim lights met his awakening. He jumped to his feet, knocking away the hands that had thrown water on his face. With a curse he spun around, ready to attack his assailant.

/Trowa? Quatre? Wh…what the hell? Where am I? /

His knees buckled as Shinigami fell to the concrete floor. Images raced through his mind. They had infiltrated the Murond Laboratory in the South Pacific. Too many OZ soldiers though. The group had gotten separated. There weren't any new mobile suits. It had just been false information leaked so they could come and be trapped. He had split up with Trowa and…Wufei.



The image of the noble Chinese dragon crumpling under gunfire spun through Duo's head again and again. Machine gun fire ripped through the flesh. Blood splattered the walls and the floor under Wufei's body. His automatic fell to the floor. Once again Duo saw the look of surprise in the Chinese boy's eyes. Wufei fell to the floor with a sickening thud. Duo shouted. OZ soldiers came running towards his direction.

/ No way! Wufei! He can't be dead. /

Finally Duo looked up from the cell floor. Trowa and Quatre were staring at him, Quatre with a concerned look on his face. Tears stung at Duo's eyes. Quatre put his hand out and took Duo's in his.

/ Boys don't cry. Boys don't cry. / Shinigami repeated in his mind over and over again.

"Shh," Quatre whispered to the braided pilot. "It'll be Ok, we'll figure something out. It'll be Ok Duo."

/ Lies. Why is he lying to me? / Duo asked himself. / It *won't* be alright. It won't be Ok. Wufei's dead and there isn't anything I can do. Wufei…Heero. Where's Heero? Wh…/

Quatre reached out and caught Duo as the American slipped back into unconscious.


"I'm not too sure its such a good idea to let them stay in the same cell," the OZ soldier cried as he pounded his fist on the security monitor. He turned to his superior who had been watching the interaction take place on a video screen. "We killed that Chinese kid but I don't think they're going to take us seriously unless…"

"First and foremost you *need* to catch 01," the ranking officer cut him off. "His Excellency Treize does not want any slip ups. We've successfully lured them here and now 3 of the 4-surviving pilots are under our watch. But don't you realize Nichol that unless we catch 01 that all of this will be fruitless?"

Nichol bowed his head. "Yes ma'am," he muttered. He looked up again, "But Colonel Po don't you think that you're overestimating the ability of this 1 kid?"

Sally Po turned and faced the ever-inquisitive Nichol. She sighed and placed her hands on her hips, slightly wrinkling her OZ uniform. "Nichol I have seen this *one kid* in action many times. I tricked the Gundams into trusting me and now we have the potential to finish them off. I don't want Heero Yuy to fuck up our plans Nichol."

"Of course ma'am," Nichol replied. Then he muttered almost to himself, "But in the mean time we should try to get as much information from those 3 pilots as possible. We've set up interrogation and will be interrogating 03, Trowa Barton, in a few minutes."

Sally Po shook her head; "Barton won't talk. None of them will until we make them *fully* realize that we are in control of this war now."

"What shall we do then?" Nichol inquired.

"Go ahead and interrogate Barton. If he tells you nothing then I'll show them that we mean business. In the mean time we need to find Heero Yuy!"


The cell door shut, quieted footsteps penetrated the door for a moment before leaving it in silence, save Duo's loud snoring. Quatre lay back down on his cot and looked up into the cracked ceiling.

/ They said that Heero and Wufei are dead. / He thought to himself. / Duo confirmed that Wufei truly was gone, but Heero? I split up with him shortly before I was caught. I don't think OZ could have caught him. /

He rolled over and coughed. He had been feeling very sick since they had locked him in the prison cell. He felt incredibly weak at times and knew that he would need medical attention soon. Shinigami chortled in his sleep and Quatre sighed.

/ Trowa…I hope Trowa will be alright. / It was the only good thing that had happened since they had infiltrated the base. At least he had Trowa with him. He coughed again as he remembered when he had awakened to find himself in Trowa's slender arms.

"Am I dreaming?" he had asked. "Or is this heaven?"

Trowa had smiled and replied, "It must be heaven because you're here."

They had embraced and kissed then. Soon they were making love on the cold hard floor of the prison cell. Both aware that they were most likely being watched by an OZ camera. But it had not mattered to Quatre as he had thrust himself into his lover's body. Tongues intertwining they had given each other warmth despite the cold concrete. Feeling Trowa arch up underneath him Quatre had realized that he loved the silent assassin with all of his heart.

"What's wrong little one?" Trowa had asked. Quatre had stopped his proverbial thrusting and lay still on top of Trowa. "Don't think," Trowa had whispered into Quatre's ear. "Don't think about what might happen after this. Just please make love to me now!"

That had been all he had needed to continue his lovemaking. Duo had been unconscious on the cell floor not far away. But the two lovers heeded him no attention what so ever. As Quatre felt himself near the point of climax he noticed that Trowa's erection had gone very rigid as well. Groping his lover with a hand he continued to plunge his own member in and out of Trowa's slim figure.

Then Trowa had cried out," Ai Shiteiru" at that moment when Quatre had emptied himself into the recesses of Trowa's body. The young Arabian felt the stickiness of Trowa's own semen on his stomach and chest. Gently he had kissed Trowa and they had remained in a gentle embrace for a long while afterwards.

Staring up into the cell ceiling Quatre's thoughts once again drifted towards the predicament that he and his lover were in.

With a groan Heero pushed the door open to the cafeteria. The room was dark and deserted. Hobbling across the floor he made his way over to one of the refrigerators. As he opened it cold air and light seeped out making him blink. In hunger he grabbed a wrapped sandwich and began to devour it. Looking up into the light he saw his reflection on the refrigerator door.

/ I look like shit. Here I am eating like an animal while the others are captured, or worse./

He threw the last bit of the sandwich back into the refrigerator. He groaned as he stood up, putting pressure on his already injured right leg. He let out a sharp cry as he felt the pain shoot through his body.

"I have to finish this mission. I have to destroy this base, even if it kills me," he said to himself.

/ But what about Duo? / He asked himself / He might still be alive. I have to protect him /

/ He's just going to get in the way! Heero no baka! I must complete this mission, even if it means killing him. It's probably the best way /

He staggered towards the door, his right leg sharply hurting him as he walked. Finally he reached the door and stopped to catch his breath. He leaned up against the wall and thought for a moment. Weighing his options, trying to figure out the best next move.

/ Duo never even gave any sign that he cared for me. / He thought sharply to himself / Even if I did rescue him what would it matter? I could never tell him how I felt. I can only imagine what he'd say. "Whoa! Mr. Perfect Soldier is a queer? I would never have expected it from you!" something like that would be the response from that beautiful braided American /

Opening the exit door he quickly checked to make sure no OZ soldiers were nearby. Slowly he began to trudge down the dimly lit corridor, and then he stopped.

/ There were *no* lights on in this hallway before / he suddenly realized.

Whipping around he saw an OZ officer aim a submachine gun at him. He turned and tried to run the opposite way. His right leg gave a sharp snap as he did so and he fell to the ground.

The clamber of footsteps, the buzz of lights being turned on, a cough and Heero Yuy was then in handcuffs.