This is it! The final part! I never meant for this thing to get so long. But now it's almost finished with! Hope you've enjoyed it, I thank you for reading. Now read on…

Heero ran down the halls of B Block trying to locate the exact place the sudden explosion had come from. It had been quite easy so far, mostly due to the OZ uniform that he was wearing.

/ Here's the place / Heero thought grimly as he saw a section of hallway with bloody walls and recently killed OZ soldiers. Slowly he walked into the room, bearing his pistol as he did so.

/ Sally Po…/ Heero stepped over the still warm body of the traitor as he advanced slowly into the room. Suddenly something caught his eye, human legs stuck out from behind a couch. Gray prison uniform pants…

/ No God no /Heero thought furiously, completely disregarding his soldier training as emotions filled him. / Was it Duo? Are they both dead? Maybe it's not him, maybe its Trowa. It could be just a janitor /

These thoughts and many more flashed through his mind during the short walk from the door to the couch. The body moved as it heard Heero's soft footfall no the carpet. Heero's breath was ragged; he stopped at the couch, only seeing the gray pants. He wasn't sure if he really wanted to see who it was.

/ Damn it Yuy control yourself! / The Perfect Soldier part of him cried. / Stay calm, it could be an enemy. And even if it is one of the other pilots they'd just get in your way now. You'd have to kill them to successfully complete the mission. /

/ No. The mission doesn't matter anymore. The mission was lost long ago; I just care about my friends now. /

/Friends? / The sneering hard voice that only he heard, that was his own, startled Heero. /You truly believe that these people are your friends? They work with you to fulfill their mission; they use you to fulfill their ideals and you are only for their use. You are just another tool to them. /

/ No that's not true! / Heero, the real human Heero Yuy replied to himself. / They aren't like that! They're real human people, not heartless animals like I. /

/Exactly. Then why would they ever want to be your friend? Why would they even put up with you if not for your piloting abilities? That is all you are, and that all they see you as. /

/ Maybe that's all that I show them, but it's not all there is to it. And besides you'll never know, you have no emotions. /

/ You and I are one, baka. /

/ Perhaps. But we are also separate. How else can you explain the fact that I'm standing here fighting with myself? /

A soft groan from behind the couch cut short the inner struggle between Heero and his Perfect Soldier Id. Taking a breath he stepped around the couch and felt suddenly the urge to cry as he looked down.

/ Trowa… /

The uni-banged pilot of Heavyarms lay on the floor; eyes closed and shallow breathing. Heero knelt by his friend's side and brushed away the stubborn hair that hid Trowa's face. Emerald eyes fluttered open and Trowa made a move to stand but quickly gave up on that. His mouth formed a rare smile.

"Shimatta, so finally you make an escape attempt. I was wondering when you'd try to join us," Trowa said as Heero took a piece of cloth and attempted to stop the bleeding. Of all the times to find a sense of humor it had to be now while facing the end.

"So how has it been for you Heero?" Trowa asked.

/ He's unnaturally talkative now. I wonder why that is? /

"Don't talk, save your strength. I'm getting you out of here once I get this wound under control," Heero sternly said.

"Heero. Heero stop please," Trowa begged softly. "I'm not going to last much longer. But, but before I go I just wanted to tell you something."

"Trowa no baka! You'll be alright!"

"Shuttup and listen to me Heero," Trowa said with a small hint of desperation in his voice. "The best thing you can do for me now is to listen to what I have to say."

Heero stopped trying to dress Trowa's wound and brought his blood stained hands away from the Heavyarms pilot.

"Heero," Trowa began, grasping madly for words. "Heero…Duo's dead, Heero. I'm sorry, we made a break to escape, he didn't make it."

A sharp pain ran through Heero. It was worse than self-detonation because it was an explosion from within him, tearing his heart into shreds.

Duo, gone. His one love. The love he'd never acknowledged. The love he always told to "keep quiet" and "stop talking". He'd never hear that voice again.

/ What a fool I was to never tell him. Even if he would have laughed at me, even that would have been better than this. Duo…ai shiteiru. God I wish I could have been there for him, of all the people why him? Death can't die, right? Why couldn't I at least tell him that I loved him? /

Heero was suddenly startled as Trowa sat up and gently brushed tears from Heero's eyes. He hadn't even realized that he'd begun to cry. For a minute he continued to weep and then gained his composure as he looked up into Trowa's face. The placid green eyes seemed to calm him a bit. Neither spoke for another minute.

"Heero," Trowa broke the silence. "I know how you feel, it was the same for me when I lost Quatre." His emerald eyes flickered showing only for a second a strong emotion. "Heero, I know what it's like to lose the person you love. I'm just sorry you had to find out what it's like as well."

"You knew?" Heero asked, surprised at how his emotions could have ever been deciphered by anyone.

"Yeah," Trowa replied simply. He coughed, then steadied himself and continued, "Heero, Duo loved you too. He told me so once, he really did love you."

Heero's look of awe was all that Trowa need to see before he coughed again and quietly said, "I'm sorry Heero but I don't have much time left. Please, please go and try to get out of here. Try to go on with your life. Perhaps we'll meet again someday."

"Trowa no. I'm not going to leave you."

"Shimatta Yuy! Go! Please, leave me and go."

"Lt. Nichol we haven't been able to get in contact with Col. Po for awhile now. Do you suppose that 03 got her?"

Nichol turned and faced the OZ soldier that was trying to contact Sally Po. So far nobody had been able to locate Trowa or Heero. He was pretty sure that Po was dead, although she might have been just not answering.

"Let's go check on her," Nichol ordered the four soldiers with him. "Serim and Wiegraf will search from the East Side and meet us in the middle. We'll start at the West Side of B Block. Move out!"


"It's getting blurry Trowa," Quatre whispered. Sadness and fear filled his crystalline eyes. Trowa bent over and held his lover to him, warm blood flowing onto his hands.

"Quatre, no Quatre please don't leave me!" Pain. Anguish. Suffering. Things Trowa had been fighting his whole life filled him then.

Surprisingly Quatre smiled at him. Trowa's eyes teared over as he felt his one love begin to slip away from him. There was nothing else but himself and Quatre now, together, one last moment. Leave it to God to make things so.

"Ai shiteiru Trowa," Quatre whispered into the Latin boy's ear. "I'll never leave you Trowa, I'll always love you. Be strong Trowa, in the end I'll be waiting for you."

"Quatre," Trowa sobbed. "I'm sorry Quatre. I want to be with you, always."

Quatre coughed fiercely, Nichol shouted something in the background. Emerald and crystal cried together. Quatre tried to brush away Trowa's tears but was too weak to do so. To Quatre the whole world went from blurry to black. A lien seemed to run through the blackness, dividing it into a warm black, Quatre could feel the deeper darkness surround him.

"One day we'll be together forever Trowa," Quatre managed to whisper. "I'll be waiting. Trowa…"

/ Quatre, it's getting blurry / Trowa thought lying on the floor. / I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long, but soon I'll be with you /

Trowa groaned as the pain began to subside, or perhaps he just couldn't feel it anymore. His vision became suddenly consisted only of black, but two different kinds of black. He stood at the border of the warm black, the warmth of life slowly fading into the deeper mysterious blackness beyond him. Trowa looked into the black; he could see the outline of a figure standing there. The figure was slightly lighter than the surrounding dark that surrounded Trowa suddenly. An angel in the darkness, waiting, making him feel warm and somehow happy as he crossed into the deep blackness.

Heero walked down the dimly lit hallway as nonchalantly as possible. The OZ uniform he was wearing was slightly stained with Trowa's blood but Heero didn't care very much at that point. He was truly alone now. Quatre, Wufei, now Trowa, and even Duo had left him. With a sigh he decided to stop feeling sorry for himself and escape. He cursed himself for not having recovered any ammunition from the bodies of the dead OZ soldiers near the R&R room. He was down to six bullets.

"K'so," he mumbled as two OZ soldiers turned the corner and nearly ran into him.

"What did you say?" one of the soldiers yelled.

The other one hit him and said, "Calm down Serim. Hey do you know where Colonel Po is?" the OZ soldier asked, turning his attention to Heero.

"I spoke with her through the radio just a minute ago," Heero lied, pointing to his radio. "I think she was heading over to A Block."

The soldier took out his own radio and punched in a frequency. Heero froze as he realized what a mistake he could have made.

/ Baka! / He thought to himself. / Po is dead! If they know that then they'll think I'm suspicious for saying I spoke to her! /

"That's 01!"

Heero immediately pulled out his pistol and shot the two soldiers dead, then whirled around to see three more OZ soldiers running down the hall towards him, one of who was Lt. Nichol.

/ Fuck /


Heero ran towards an open door as he returned fire at the OZ ensigns. One crumpled to the floor, the other managed to hit Heero in the shoulder. Heero's shot went astray but his second nailed the OZ soldier in the head.


/ One bullet / He noted to himself as he dashed into the dark room and closed the door behind him. Nichol fired wildly as he did until he too was out of bullets.

Inside Heero suddenly realized that he was in a bedroom, no windows, one door, no way out. Moving to the door he heard Nichol swear and then reload his pistol and then try to open the door. The small wound in his shoulder hurt him but only ever so slightly. He looked around the room for any possible exits, ventilation shafts, anything.

"Can you hear me 01?!?" Nichol shouted through the thick metal door. "I've called for backup and you'll be in our custody soon. Please, do us both a favor and come along with us quietly."

/ So I can be raped and then decay in a cell? Never! This mission is lost but… /

"Damnit 01 listen to me!" Nichol yelled again. "If you don't come out and surrender then you'll be killed and dragged away to the fuckin' morgue! You don't want that do you?"

"Actually I don't think I'd mind very much," was Heero's stolid response. "I've failed me mission, lost my friends, lost everything. The war is over, and that means I no longer have any place in this world."

Silence, the kind that spoke louder than anything else ever could.

"I respect you 01," Nichol replied, more softly this time. "But you still are a human being and you have a soul. You could start over again. Try to live a normal life."

/ I can't restart my life like nothing ever happened. / Heero thought. / I've killed countless people, caused so much destruction, lost my friends and lost Duo. Those memories will forever stick with me…there is a way out of this room. /

"01 please come out with your hands up and surrender!" more soldiers, reinforcements have arrived.

"Give me a minute," Heero yelled.

/ T, this way I can see Duo again. My sweet Death, this is the way to you. This is the way out, the way to fulfill the mission. /

The cold barrel of the gun tasted cold and strange on his tongue. Heero heard voices outside the door talking. But they didn't matter anymore.

/ This is the only way. Death! I'm coming! /