Only Him

Chapter 4


By: Desert-Rose6

The squeak of the garage door opening almost killed her as she hid in the shadows and waited for it to finish rising.

Logically, she knew that it always made this sound, that it only seemed louder in the still quiet of the night.

She knew what made it even worse was that she wasn't supposed to be out there this late.

She quietly rolled out Rogue's dark green motorcycle, debating the benefits of leaving the garage door open so she wouldn't have to deal with the noise again, and quietly slipped away from the grounds.

When she felt she was far enough away she started it up and drove off.

She tried to clear her mind of everything that had happened.

It had been a bad idea.

She knew it had been a bad idea. But she hadn't been thinking, she'd been feeling, and she'd done it anyway.

It had all been a bad idea.

And now she would have to live with the consequences of knowing she had killed someone she cared so deeply about.

She would live with the memories of his death, at least.

But she wasn't about to stick around for the aftermath of what had happened.


I know, I know – You hate me, you really hate me. There's more coming soon. I just felt that this part should be its own chapter. It didn't fit with the last one and it doesn't flow with the next one. Which will be up soon. I promise.

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