Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Dusk of Hope

Written By: Lady Lunar Phoenix

A/N: Notes about the restart at the bottom of the story.

The room was rather well lit, the soft hint of incense flittered through the air and there was a soft hum as a computer ran. The room wasn't anything special; it was almost severe in appearance, sturdy oak wood floors, stonewalls and a thick strong ceiling. There was a pair of paintings on the wall to the left, an ornate sword hanging from the wall on the right along with a family crested shield. There wasn't much going on in the room; one would even say that it looked almost typical compared to any other office. If you ignored the man sitting at the desk then perhaps the room would look completely normal. Yet though the man looked normal himself, with his dark brown hair with faint traces of lighter brown, and his dark business suit, it was what sat on his shoulder that would stop a person. Perched on his shoulder like it was nothing at all, was a blonde haired faere. Dressed in a light blue gown she was sleeping soundly as her master worked away on his computer with an inhumane speed.

But for all that speed, the rapid sound of keys being pressed, it didn't drown out the sounds from outside, the dragging of footsteps or the hard uneven breathing. The door clicked open, a steady series of clicks that countered the unsteady heartbeat of the white haired person who stumbled into his office. The hair was a bit longer, brushing fully past his shoulders, blue eyes so shadowed by over grown bangs that they showed a flicker of worrisome gold. What had at one time been a clean white coat with blue trim was now a dirty cloak of rags, with dirt, blood and sweat fit for only beggars to wear. The black turtleneck and blue jeans didn't fare any better then the coat. The person looked so very out of place in the orderly office, he could have been someone just off the streets that had stumbled drunk into the room. He stumbled into the first chair that he could reach, and without a permission or word, slumping into it like it had taken all the strength in him to do it.

Behind the desk the typing had come to an end at the sight of the young man, as he sat there patiently his hands folded on his lap, while across his desk the young man seemed to struggle just to stay awake. For the normal person there was a silence as deep as the ocean between the pair, for the normal person there was a tension that couldn't be explained. For those with the senses that went beyond the normal person though there was a whole new depth to the room. Dueling heartbeats, one that was calm to the one that was double-timed yet it wasn't safe. It had been just over a week since Soma had been brought to Arikado's private residence and even now his heart had not returned to a normal beat. It was as though two hearts rested inside Soma's chest, but it was a single heart doing the work of two.

"Soma," Arikado sat back in his chair, his eyes smoothly going over the young teen, taking note of everything, not a hair betraying his concern. "Soma," he repeated the name when said youth didn't respond, only to watch as Soma yanked his head up and look at the dhampire. As though he suddenly realized that he was being spoken too. "You should still be in bed."

Yet Soma answered with a question of his own, as though he did not hear the Dhampire's advice. "I… I messed up didn't I? I failed everyone, so how am I still alive?"

"That can wait until you have recovered," Arikado replied calmly, his familiars were arousing themselves from their slumber, ready to guide the great master only to be stopped and waved away by a gesture from Soma.

"No, I have to know… What did you do to save me?" Soma insisted as he sat there, breathing more like he ran a race then if he had just been sitting down or sleeping like the dead for over a week.

"In time you will remember, until then it is for the best that you rest and heal yourself." Arikado informed Soma, not a hair betraying a thought in his head, or a feeling in his heart, if he had one.

"How can I rest when I don't know how I'm still here," Soma asked resolutely refusing to leave the room his gaze far too serious for one as young as himself.

Arikado didn't answer in this chamber that time truly seemed to forget existed, but he felt Soma's power rise up like a dragon looming over himself. Soma wished to strike, his first instinct seemed to grab and force Arikado under his control through his own power. Even though in this state Soma didn't know that Arikado was a dhampire, he was aware that Arikado had magics within himself, thus he sought to bring that magic under his control. Force the dhampire to explain what had happened that had allowed Soma to survive the battle. Yet at that last moment before any blow could come between them; Soma himself seemed to realize what he was trying to do and stopped himself.

"I'm sorry."

They spoke at the same time, apologizing for different reasons, but apologizing all the same. For Soma, it was his failure to suppress his dark side, for Arikado it was for not revealing the method of Soma's salvation. Arikado finally stood up from behind his desk; tall, lithe and still imposing he walked around it to Soma's side, offering an arm for Soma to use. For a moment the teen seemed confused by the gesture, but then pushed himself out of the chair and surrendered to Arikado's wish to return to his rest. Leaning against the time displaced black suited aristocrat he walked into an uncertain future.


A/N: In case you didn't notice, this takes place after Dawn of Sorrow if you get the bad Ending and Soma is turned. I guess I should explain my long LONG absence from Second Wave. As you probably are aware I put myself under a schedule with SW, trying to put up a chapter every week, which I now realize, was the wrong thing to do. Among other things I didn't wish to answer questions through author notes and instead of letting the questions be answered in time like they were supposed to… I shoved the answers were they didn't belong. Needless to say when I stood at the last chapter and began writing it I realized I seriously screwed up. It didn't fit something over the course of my writing this fan fiction died and I couldn't fix it. So! Don't expect weekly updates, what I learned from writing this and currently writing A Past and Future Pharaoh will be used for this restart. So let's see if I can weave a better, stronger tale for Castlevania.