Beautiful Pain

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Kitty woke up in pure horror. Panting, with cold sweat running down her back, she sat up in her bed. She had been plagued with these same horrible nightmares. Over and over, it was like running from her self, something deep inside her, telling her something was wrong. Memories of the dream ran threw her mind. A sword, blood, pain, and Kurt.

She looked around the room seeing that it was still dark. The patio door was wide open, the curtains blowing in the wind. Kitty noticed that along with being cold, it was thundering and lightning.

Kitty looked over to her roommate, who was sleeping gently. Kitty then got up and decided to close the patio door. She tiptoed over to the patio, and before closing it, she leaned on the railing. Even though it was extremely stormy, it was still beautiful. In all it's glory and power, in all it's destruction.

Her gaze went from the trees to the clouds. Then a little voice inside her mind woke her up from her midnight fantasy.

" It has been bothering you for quite awhile now, hasn't it? Well, then, the fun only just begun."

The voice wasn't a soft reassuring one, it was menacing evil voice. She was bewildered. Again the voice spoke, like it was reading her every thoughts.

" Ah, I can see you don't understand? Look down dear, and see what will soon come to you."

Kitty gasped. She took a deep breath. She bent her head slowly going from the clouds to the trees then to the earth.

There, was her worst fears and nightmares mixed into one bundled up fusion. What she saw was the strange shape of a teenager, swimming in a pool of dark blood.

Kitty let out a blood-curling scream that woke up Rogue from her deep slumber. Rogue dashed over to Kitty.

"What's goin' on Kit-Kat!?" she asked.

Kitty, while covering her mouth with her hand, tears streaming down her face, pointed a quivering finger down to the pitiful sight of her best friend.

"Oh. My. GOD!" Was all that escaped Rogue's lips. Then with an adrenaline rush, she tore of threw the corridors crying " PROFESSOR! PROFESSOR!!!"

Kitty couldn't believe it. Her best friend, her fuzzy blue elf, Kurt, was lying motionless in a pool of blood, and all she was doing was gawking?!

She phased threw the patio floor and phased threw the ground, but she brought her self-back up. She kneeled over Kurt, afraid to touch him. Then she quickly reminded herself that this was Kurt, not some utter stranger.

She gently lifted Kurt up to a siting position. His head hung limply on his neck, his mouth open. She checked his pulse. It was barely there but he was alive. She noticed that he had slashes all over his furry body, and to her alarm, he had a knife in his shoulder.

She started to panic. She cried and slowly her sobs became anger filled screams. Who could have possibly done this to him?! Then, she looked around when she heard the others running up.

Something on the wall caught her eye. Written in what she assumed was blood, the words read:



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