Chapter 4 (FINALLY!)

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Kurt was plagued by these nightmares, the eyes, watching him, never ending. He was in such a feverish state that he thought he could still hear the voice, the voice that sounded like a knife being scratched against his back, making his fur stand on end. It wouldn't stop. He tried to escape the pain, the pain that made his body shake and tremble like a leaf in the wind. He wanted to cry out in pain, then grab a knife and finish the job himself.

The very worst was that he wasn't allowed any real strong painkillers. When he was stabbed in the stomach, it (obviously) tore the liner around it, and using powerful painkillers would burn the liner, trying to disinfect anything, making the pain increase.

He kept thinking how easy it would be, to just give up this battle for life (which was very problematic anyway) and die. No one would really care, he would be mourned for a while, then he would be forgotten as the people he knew would be gone from this earth as well... But the thought of Kitty, poor innocent Kitty, who doesn't deserve to be tangled up in all of this, what was happening to her? Where was she? He would never forgive himself if Kitty was found dead, or even worse, not found at all. It was his fault, he woke up, he got out of bed, and he was the one who was so completely rapped up in the night that he just had to go get his very secretive sketchbook. If he didn't even get up, if he , for Christ sake, had more control over himself to not go outside, he wouldn't be in this condition, and Kitty wouldn't be hurt. Everything would be all right and back to normal.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

Kitty tried to move her head, but she couldn't move at all. She felt weak, dazed and confused. Her head hurt a lot, her sense of vertigo was completely off and she found concentrating was hard. She felt as if her eyelids were so heavy, so very heavy that she couldn't open them. That was all right, she wanted to sleep anyway. She tried snuggling into her comforter, then noticing that she wasn't in her bed. Hysteria set in and she tried to calm herself down.

"Breath in, breath out... Ok, try to remember everything that happened." She thought. She could remember that she was outside, that a voice was calling her, Kurt. Kurt, lying there in his own cold blood, abused and half naked, with only his shorts on. She wanted to help him, she wanted to be there, by his side, to tell him everything was all right. She couldn't. She wasn't with him, and everything wasn't all right. Her eyes stung as she tried to cry, thinking the worst, but her eyes were closed. Kitty whimpered.

Someone shuffled, a chair backed up, and she could hear a group of boots coming towards her.

"Is she awake?" said a rough male voice to her left.

"She probably is, but I'm not sure..." said a surprisingly smooth and soft voice to her right.

"Well, why don't you two check? Are you that incompetent that you can't check to see if she's awake?!" said that sneering, vicious, develish voice in front of her. Kitty knew who it was . It was the woman who was talking to her, in her head that is. She was the one who hurt Kurt. She was the one who made Kitty's world turn upside down, and do a back flip. Kitty felt so enraged at this point, she wanted to just dig her well-manicured nails into that demon's skin and peel it off, rip out her beating heart, and leave her to die just like she did to Kurt. Kitty wanted to phase through all of devil lady's electrical appliances and rip up her paper work. She wanted to kill.

"Don't bother you two. She's already awake, and definitively conscience. She wants to peel off my skin, eh? Well, then that's good, very good. She'll be ready for interrogation then; but first, any thing she would like to say or think rather?" said the woman.

Kitty, already catching that the woman was a telepath, sent a mental picture to her, of her ( Kitty) with both of her middle fingers up. Kitty also sent a message, which was most appropriately:

"You bitch. You should like die for what you did to Kurt. He didn't do anything to you, nor did I."

She tried to open her eyes. The woman probably knew, she sighed, and snapped her fingers. Kitty opened her eyes.

She was in an old industrial warehouse, which was the puke green, and was filled full of robotic and mechanical things. There were three doors that she could see at that moment, and one of them had bars on the window. She was lying down vertically on a giant metal slab with a mechanical arm attached to the wall. In front of her were the three voices.

The individual to her left was large built, wearing brown pants and a red T- shirt had a repulsive blonde mullet and smelled like sweat and cigars. The man to her right had brown short hair, average height, average built, wearing jeans and a grey tank top, had an aroma of expensive cologne. The woman, that vicious woman, was wearing a dark purple cat suit, with purple high heel boots, had long wavy raven black hair, and violet eyes to match her suite. She had this smirk on her face, an "I know something you don't know" kind of smirk. She was raw evil.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~

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