Who would have known that only fourteen standard years after the Battle of Endor, the New Republic would be a fairly stable society and that I'd be a successful entrepreneur with five peculiar employees? -Jess Jess's Journal

It was his best place to go to be alone to think. Sure, there were other places he could go to relax, but it was always too loud or too distracting in the lounge, and that was about the only other out of the way place on the ship. There was almost always a hoot-provoking board game or holodrama on. Here, it was usually quiet and inviting. It was the guys' cabin and it was now painted hot pink. There was nothing he could do about it for the time being. For the next few days on the way to Coruscant, he may just be sleeping in the lounge; the paint wasn't dry yet and it smelled terrible.

Dantien Pindar turned on his heels and went around the circular hallway to the rec. room, hoping to speak to his friend and employer, as well as the owner of the ship, Jess Jess Cadyue. She was tall and had strange, red lines covering her arms, legs, and head. Her eyes were set atop eyestalks that seemed to float above her bare head and showed great emotion. Her long, floppy ears were usually tied behind her neck and slapped against her back with each step. He himself had short, gray-blonde hair. He wasn't nearly as tall as his employer, but still of considerable height.

He should have just stayed where he had been. She was leading Prat Pekyuz, his roommate, down the hall toward their source of frustration. Prat, like Dantien, was human. He had light brown hair and was well rounded around his midriff. Though usually jolly, he was at the moment infuriated.

"You saw it, didn't you, Dan," Prat drearily said as Dantien fell into step beside him. At his friend's solemn nod, he continued. "How could he do such a thing? And why pink, of all colors?" He was speaking of their other roommate, Baka Ma'lik, the newest member of Cadyue Shuttling and Shipping. The young, black Bothan had always believed it to be too dark in their room ever since he moved in a month ago, but the two other occupants of the room had liked it with the darker tones, so that was the way it was supposed to stay. He had painted it while they were on Naboo, delivering cargo. They'd stayed there longer than they usually would have so Jess Jess could visit her hometown.

Now that their cabin was no longer as comfortable, Prat and Dantien were getting very upset with Baka. "I vote to have Baka move into the storage closet!" the usually calm Prat suggested with barely restrained anger in his voice as the three came to a halt inside the cabin.

Jess Jess's large eyes widened as she saw the pink walls that were more suited to a teenage girl's bedroom than the shared cabin of three adult men.

Dantien spoke in the same tone of voice as his friend. "I second that vote! He can start packing right now!" It was indeed fortunate for his coworker that he was already on station.

Jess Jess recovered from her stunned silence. "If the two of you can avoid Baka until we reach the capital, I'll get him to repaint these walls and give each of you a small bonus for having to put up with this. Meanwhile, you should sleep in the lounge."

As she was talking, a large, black four-legged creature curiously entered the room to find out what every one was up to. Immediately, he gave a little yip as the paint smell assaulted his sensitive nose and ran out of the room.

"Poor Clipper!" Jess Jess said. "He's so traumatized, he may never come in your room again."