It's surprising Emaz isn't a Jedi; he always gives only the information you
need, no more, no less. -Jess Jess's Journal

She looked out the cockpit viewport while the systems shut down. Another planet, another spaceport, but there could be a job opportunity here. Where to find it was another question. Emaz had seemed unconcerned with it, but then again, maybe he'd just forgotten that aspect. Either way, she wasn't too enthusiastic about stepping out on the polluted world.

Jess Jess stood and, with one last glance at the darkened panels, left. Gentle words from a friendly conversation drifted down the hall from the rec. room. Deciding that her presence might be welcomed, she stopped in the kitchen for some snacks on the way over. Unfortunately, just as she reached the doorway, she heard a knock on the boarding ramp. Immediately, she rushed over and slapped it down. At the bottom stood a short, cloaked figure that had a power to her that Jess Jess had only noticed in Wesba and Branlo.

"Hello, come on up," the captain invited.

"Tanken yousa," replied a feminine voice in Gunganese.

The captain was extremely surprised by this. Most people she met didn't know what species she was, let alone how to speak her language which she almost never used. As soon as the other was completely up the ramp, she closed it and showed the visitor to her office.

"What can I do for you?" the captain questioned.

"I was hoping you could take me to Coruscant."

"If I may ask for your name?"

The visitor pushed back her hood, which had sheltered her from the light rain that had picked up outside. She had long hair that was currently pulled back into a ponytail and in two braids and the expression on her face conveyed no emotion. "I would ask also if I'd just been through what you have. I'm Esough Dalvreth."

Jess Jess took the hand she extended and they shook. She decided that, as long as they were going somewhere she'd heard of, it really didn't matter whether this Esough was Imperial. Then again, how could she not be with the New Republic? After all, she knew Gunganese and what kind of Imperial would take the time to learn it? Also, she seemed to be very kind and benevolent. Jess Jess could not place what made this lady seem so interesting to her nor what she wanted to ask until she heard pawing on the door. When it slid open, Clipper bounded in, seeming more vicious than he had with the Imperials. "Clipper! Sit!" She was not sure whether he'd heard her commands until he stopped barely a meter away from the new client, growling.

Esough seemed shocked about this outcome. "What kind of creature is he?"

"A vornskr. Pardon me for asking, but are you a Jedi?"

She nodded her head distractedly. "I'm usually pretty good with animals, but I've heard of vornskrs." A shiver ran down her back.

"You can sleep in the guest quarters and I guess we'll be leaving soon." *This must be the person Emaz was referring to. No wonder he didn't tell us how we'd find her,* she thought.

After leading Esough to the guest room and trying to quickly explain how to lock the door, she found herself back in the cockpit with Janua and Dantien.

"He's been pacing that door since she got here. He wouldn't even eat his dinner." The others could tell by the tone of his voice that Dantien was quite disappointed about that.

"She's a Jedi; what'd you expect? He does that when Wesba's in there too if you didn't notice," Janua reminded him as they gradually lifted higher and higher.

"Well, I thought that it might just be him. But no, he has to do it to all the poor Jedi. I bet Clipper's the one thing in the universe that scares them."

Jess Jess looked back at him like he was crazy. "No, if he starts advancing, they can just use the Force to hold him back."

"Oh, yeah." By that time, they were almost ready to go into hyperspace. Janua was setting a course into the navicomputer and soon enough, the stars elongated and they were traveling faster than light. Again, Jess Jess was last to leave the cockpit, but before she could, Clipper trotted in with a long white cylinder in his mouth.

"Clipper, what'cha got there?" she asked the mute creature as she gently persuaded him to release it. When she saw what he was about to chew on, she could have fainted. "It's a lightsaber! You were about to chew up a lightsaber! Clipper, you could have killed yourself!"

All the vornskr did in response was to sit down and lower his head while looking up at his master. He knew she'd soften up. After all, she could not resist his most pitiful stare.


So tell me what you think, but be gentle; this was my first fanfiction and it means a lot to me. And, for those of you expecting stuff from me, I DID NOT write it overnight. I know it looks like that, but I worked on this for five months last year. Because it was my first long and completed story, I wasn't planning to put it on, but something changed my mind. Tell me if anything seems out of order, because it probably is. Great thanks to all of you regular reviewers, Selori and Mara Jade, Jedi.