Tyran the Sharptooth

I do not own the land before time but Tyran is my character. Most of my stories well be in a character's POV.

Tyran is about 5 years older then Littlefoot his arms are level with Littlefoot's head. He has some scars one on his nose, across his chest, and on his left leg. More about them and how he got them in flashbacks later in the story. His past is full of trouble and fights both his parents were killed a year after he hatched only told how to hunt and act though he acts by himself. He then lived on his own learning to fight of were the scars come from fighting other sharpteeth for food.

Tyran's pov

I was walking though some woods when I come across several other sharpteeth about my size. "What are you doing here," the leader askes when they spot me.

"I'm just passing through I ain't going to attack you unless you attack me.," I answer. He apparelently took it as offensive as he lunged at me. I sidestep and use my tail to trip him making him fall to the ground.

The others move to help until I place my foot on his back and bend down to place my teeth around his neck. Making sure I don't bite him I demand, "now either tell you clan to run away and I'll let you join them or I'll kill you then send them to join you there. Whats your choice hmm?"

"I'll (gulp) g go with my clan … just let me go please," he barely manages to get out.

I move my head and foot allowing him to get up and run to his clan who when he said okay turned and ran away. I look at the food they left behind walk over and begin eating it not wanting good food to go to scavengers like the smallest sharpteeth that are very annoying when you try to fight them.

When I'm done I hear a bellowing coming from ahead. I go over to the bushes and look out to see and hear some longnecks talking to another who apparently did something they wasn't supposed to. "Ali, what were you thinking disappearing like that," asked one of the longnecks asked worried.

"But, mom I figured out I love him that's why I left and to decide to stay there when we pass this time through the Great Valley. I'm old enough to decide so you can't stop me I stay with his grandparents they'd protect me."

Ali says. Her mother gets a knowing and caring look and says,

"I know I'll be staying as well but still you need to be more careful the great valley is only a few stops away it'll be better now I think then still wandering around."

I leave smiling thinking 'I may as well help this herd get there I love helping young love though I know with my past I will not have any.'

I stop nearby and follow when they leave. they stop near night fall by a lake

They all get snuggled up to sleep I get ready to sleep as well when I spot Ali leaving the herd again. Grumpling I head her off not to far into the woods.

"why are you leaving the herd again longneck" I ask not showing myself knowing full well she'd give alarm to the others.

She stops, looks around and asks, "what, who are you? Where are you?"

"I am called tyran you need to go back to the herd. Why'd you leave anyway," I answer?

She looks in my direction "I just wanted to think about what I was going to do once we got to the great valley," she responds

"yeah but, the last time you did you got in trouble and could have been attacked by sharpteeth."

"but I didn't see any sharpteeth."

"I know that but I fought some before hearing your mom and you talk this morning." I then get further back as she gets closer to try to see.

"why are you hiding? Why are you trying to help? What are you" she asks noticing my movement.

"I'm helping cause when I was a year old my parents were killed and I just want to help love along since I won't let myself get emontionall over a death of a loved one." I answer, " to answer the second and third question you must promise not to be scared."

"okay I promise"

"okay go back after I show you and don't tell the others cause I'll help protect you guys"

"okay I promise that too"

"good" I then step out showing myself. Ali gasps nodds her head then goes back to her herd.

I walk back to where I wanted to go to sleep then go to sleep.


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Tyran: So Tommy what do you have planned for me next.

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