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Author: Meggy Potter


Title: The Great Kidnap

Summary: Prince Harold of Griffindor will follow in the footsteps of his father as King. But what happens when Masked Dragon, the most evil thief of the 5 Kingdoms, kidnaps him. Will Griffindor ever see the future King again? What happens when Masked Dragon and the prince falls in love? There's a problem, Prince Harold's parents has offered his hand in marriage to the prince of Alderan, Prince Oliver. The kidnap will be known throughout history as "the Great Kidnap"

Pairing/s: Draco/Harry, Hermione/Ron. A bit of Oliver/Harry.

Warning: There will be graphic male sex and slash, which means boy/boy.


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Chapter 1: Arranged Marriage

"Father, Mother" the young prince of Griffindor bowed with respect. His father, King James and his mother, Queen Lily smiled at their beloved son, before motioning their son to sit in a chair. Prince Harold followed their orders; he sat down on a red couch. This was the second time Harold had been in his father's office, he was only needed in here when his parents and him had to talk about something important.

The room had not changed much since the last time he was here. He was still blinded by red. The red was everywhere; the colours on the walls were a royal red with pieces of orange on things like the windowsills. The curtain was also a royal red, but it had a yellow design of a lion with a crown on its head. This was of course the symbol of Griffindor royals. His father had once told him why it was a lion with a crown; he could still remember that day when he was only 7 years old.


Little 7 year old Prince Harold walked to his father's office, quietly he knocked, waiting for his father's deep voice to grant permission.

"Enter" Harold slowly walked in and looked at the surroundings. This was the first time he had ever been in his father's office. He really did like it, it was red, and that was Harold's favourite colour. His father turned and smiled at him. "Sit my son" Harold sat down on a red couch, this couch at a familiar symbol on it. It was a lion standing on its hind feet, with a crown on its head. Harold was very interested in this symbol, it was everywhere in the palace.

"Father, may I have permission to speak?" Harold questioned, sitting in the huge couch, hands in lap and small legs swinging over the edge.

"You may" his father granted, sitting and watching his son with interest, Harold was usually a shy boy and he hardly ever asked questions.

"Well…in the palace there is this sign everywhere" he pointed at the lion "what does it mean" he asked, afraid of the answer. He knew his father would never hurt him, but Harold could still remember his father's anger last time he had asked a question. His mother had told him it was a bad time, which was all. James smiled proudly at his son, he had waited so long for Harold to ask that.

"Well, you see as you know there are 5 Kingdoms. Griffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Alderan and Slytherin" at the name Slytherin, King James scowled. "Well, for each kingdom there is a symbol, this symbol is used for many reasons, from signs of peace to recognizing who sent a letter. This symbol you see is the symbol of Griffindor. Now lets talk about something ver important, son. Slytherin, the 4th kingdom of the world, is a dangerous place; people there are cruel vicious savages that have no mercy or feelings. Stay away from them" Harold looked at his father for a moment before nodding his head obediently.


"Harold, dear. As you know Slytherin and Ravenclaw are beginning a war that we can not prevent" Harry nodded at his mother's words. They were true; Ravenclaw apparently saw a Slytherin come over their side of the border and were not happy. They argued with Slytherin until they announced a war. "Well, Griffindor has no choice but to get involved as we are Ravenclaw's allies. Hufflepuff does not want to get involved. So we asked Alderan to help. They agreed to help on one condition"

Harold looked at his mother and saw a worried look on her face, that was strange to him as his mother was never worried, she was usually a strong person.

"What's the condition?" Harold asked his mother. She sighed and looked Harold straight in the eyes.

"That Prince Oliver, Prince of Alderan marries you" the queen whispered, looking at her son in sympathy. Harold was stunned, he didn't expect to get married until he found the person he truly loved.

"But mother, you told me that you would never arrange my marriage" Harold pointed out, hoping that this was a joke. He realized that it wasn't.

"I'm sorry son" James says. Before Harold can say anything, the door knocks. "Come in" Harry turned around to see Sirius Black, his godfather and commander of Griffindor officers come in. Sirius walked up to James and bowed. "Sirius, you know not to bow to me, god!" Sirius chuckled before turning serious (no not turn into himself, lol).

"a Villager has informed us that she has seen Masked Dragon in the area" Sirius informed, as he sat himself next to Harold. James walked over to Sirius, staring him in the eyes.

"Why would Masked Dragon, the biggest thief of the 5 kingdoms be here?" James questioned. Harold sat for a moment remembering what he was told about Masked Dragon. Apparently he was the best thief and kidnapper around, he had also kidnapped Princess Lavender, Princess of Hufflepuff and Harold's best friend. Lav was kidnapped when they were 14.

"Apparently he has come for the Lianson (A/N: you will find out in later chapters what it is)" Lily gasped and immediately stood up.

"We must hide it from him" she stated. The rest of the adults nodded.

"What is the Lianson?" Harold asked. The adults ignored him and rushed out of the room.


Somewhere else in Griffindor a boy aged 18 years old stood on a rock in front of many other people. "My fellow friends, the plan 'the Great Kidnap' has began" he laughed. Everyone laughed with him.


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