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Author: Meggy Potter


Title: The Great Kidnap

Summary: Prince Harold of Griffindor will follow in the footsteps of his father as King. But what happens when Masked Dragon, the most evil thief of the 5 Kingdoms, kidnaps him. Will Griffindor ever see the future King again? What happens when Masked Dragon and the prince falls in love? There's a problem, Prince Harold's parents has offered his hand in marriage to the prince of Alderan, Prince Oliver. The kidnap will be known throughout history as "the Great Kidnap"

Pairing/s: Draco/Harry, Hermione/Ron. A bit of Oliver/Harry.

Warning: There will be graphic male sex and slash, which means boy/boy.


Chapter 2: The Plan

Masked Dragon sighed as he looked back done at the letter that his father had sent him. He didn't understand anything of it. All it said was get Prince Harold of Gryffindor good. What was that supposed to mean? What had Gryffindor or even the royal family do to his father that made him say get him well. His father would usually tell him he was doing wrong. Masked Dragon pulled out of piece of parchment and a Quill. He wrote:

Dear Father,

I thank you for your praise, but I am confused. Every other plan I have had, you have not thought it was a good idea and yet for this one you do. Is there a special reason for this? Have the royals done something that you could not forgive? I am going to do the plan on Sunday when everyone is sleeping and relaxing. I have yet to tell my followers. Once again thank you for your praise.

Your faithful Son,


Masked Dragon laughed. He had only really written his real name to his father and mother. Other then them no one knew his real name. Or even his nickname that he got called by when he was a kid. Draco rolled up the parchment and attached it to his eagle, Fearen. Fearen flew away just as the door knocked.

"Come in" Masked Draco granted. Blaise Zabini and Ron Weasley, Masked Dragon's best friends walked in. Ron and Blaise were the next in charge of Masked Dragon's followers. Ron was known as Red Rock and Blaise was known as Bogo. No one knows why Blaise called himself Bogo, some people say that that was his brother's name, his brother had passed away. An Alderan killed him. Prince Oliver to be exact, for no reason.

Ron smiled as he looked at Masked Dragon. "So tell us what is the Great Kidnap. You say it has began, what is it?" he asked sitting down on a chair next to Dragon (short for Masked Dragon). Blaise nodded in agreement as he took the chair across from Dragon. Dragon laughed and hopped up.

"Call a meeting, I am now going to explain what it is" he ordered before sweeping out of the room, his black robes billowing behind him.


Prince Harold quickly walked to his room. He opened the door and walked in, looking for his servants. As he walked in, Hermione Granger, his servant came out of the bathroom (from cleaning it) to see who had came in. she smiled when she saw Harry, and bowed. "Is there something I can be a service of, your highness" Hermione asked as she looked at Harold. Hermione was not only Harold's servant but she was like Harold's best friend, when Harold was bored as a child, he always used to pretend to duel with sticks as wands. Of course Hermione had to always let Harold win. Harold nodded and walked in front of Hermione. "My father and mother have hid a secret from me, a secret that I have a right to know. There is a thing that apparently Masked Dragon is after, it is called the Lianson. I want you to find out what it is, ask the older servants" Harold finished.

Hermione looked him in the eye a bit before nodding her head in agreement. She quickly scampered out of the room and ran down to the kitchens.

Harold sighed as he sat on the bed. This was not his day, first his parents tell him he has to get married to the Prince of Alderan and then his parents keep something important from him. Harold groaned and put his head in his hands. "Is there a problem, your highness?" Harold looked up to see another servant, this one was new. Apparently by what he heard from the other servants, this girl was only 5 when her parents died. Her and her brothers became servants, her brothers went a different way to her. She was now 17 years old and was just sold to the royal family from a rich family who had tortured her.

Harold looked her up and down. She was very skinny; she had pale skin with red freckles and long red hair. She was quite short, Harold guessed this was because the lack of food. "There is no problem" Harold answered her question; she blushed as he looked her straight in the eyes. Harold smiled and got up from the bed. "May I ask what your name is?" The red haired girl smiled a bit and bowed "I am Gillian Wasleys, your highness" she answered with the top most respected. "That is the strange name" Harold was known throughout Gryffindor for being nice to his slaves/servants and he was also known to start conversations with them as well. "I.it is not my real name.I don't know who I am" she said quietly, she looked sadly at the ground. Harold quickly walked up to her and pushed her chin up. "Sometimes I do not know who I am," Harold said, looking into her eyes. "What do you mean, you highness?" "Some people know me as the future king, some people know me as the heir of James Potter, and some people know me as Prince Harold. Sometimes I don't even know myself," Harold explained. Gillian nodded her head in understanding; she smiled at Harold and blushed.

Harold laughed. Just then the door opened and Hermione walked in. "I have asked the servants in the kitchen and they have no idea what it is, they say that it is something important to do with the royals and they say it is powerful and expensive, 'the only one in the universe' they say". Harold nodded and took a deep breath. 'This is going to be hard to find out what it is' he thought as he said goodbye to Hermione and Gillian and walked out of the room.


Masked Dragon walked onto a huge stone and looked done at his followers. They were all looking at him expectantly. Dragon looked at Pansy (or veela beauty as her nickname goes), Pansy was his best friend. She had been by Dragon's side since it all began. "I know you, my followers is wondering what is 'the great kidnap'. What will this plan involve? What must we put ourselves through? Well let me tell you this plan. The plan is to kidnap Prince Harold. And take him hostage" Masked Dragon sneered. At an instant all the followers started to talk. "SILENCE" They all became deadly quiet. "I will answer your questions once at a time, you first Ron"

"Dragon, my humble leader, what is the meaning of this kidnap" Ron asked, he was quite curious. Dragon smirked. "Have you not heard the latest news about him?" Ron shook his head, Dragon picked up a piece of paper "Harold, prince of Gryffindor" he started to read "has admitted to his kingdom, that he is a carrier" Dragon laughed. "What's a carrier?" asked Blaise; everyone nodded in agreement with the question. "I carrier is a male who can fall pregnant." Dragon sighed, "I will use this power. I will make him carry my children and give birth to them" Everyone looked around in amazement before nodding say things like "that's a perfect plan"


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