Title: Strings of Pearls

Author: Me (let's use Keira for a name)

Rating: I wasn't sure if it should be a G or PG, but just incase, I gave it a PG rating. But it's between G and PG.

Pairing: obviously Will and Elizabeth!!! No jack Sparrow pairing whatsoever, sorry, all u Jack fans. He just doesn't go with the romance thing. :) if you don't like it, nobody is asking you to read it.

Disclaimer: ok, ok, I don't own any of the characters of PotC..though I would LOVE too..so I am just going to dream about the concept of it!

Anyway, this is my first ever fanfic, hope u guys will review it after u read it. I think I may have gotten some parts mixed up or wrong, so if u spot any, be sure to tell me and I'll correct them. Give me reviews!!! Try to be kind!! But feedbacks are welcome!! Hope u like it.ok, so read on.

Oh yes, and I'm not sure what colour Elizabeth's eyes are, I put them as a brownish colour. Correct me if wrong! Sorry!

Chapter 1: The sky was a mixture of bronze, rose, gold and creamy yellow hues. They painted a lovely picture against the never-ending sparkling blue sea, and met at the horizon. No visible movement had been spotted amongst the quiet streets of Port Royal. No one was up yet, save for one person.

The light sea breeze swept across Will Turner's face as stared out wistfully through the open window. He had woken up with a heavy feeling of dread. His deep chocolate-coloured eyes searched for any sign of movement coming from within the Swann residence. It was still in the same state as it had been when he had checked less than five minutes ago. He sighed and got up from the small cramped window seat. It was no use just waiting. He had to get himself ready.

Today, Elizabeth was going to leave for a month long trip to some British island. The journey itself was two weeks, which meant that she would be gone for two whole months! Two whole months without her by his side, knowing that there would be no more daily visits from her for now. Elizabeth, his childhood friend, his joy and happiness, his everything.

She was going away, with the Governor, along with Commodore Norrington. He knew that she had never and would never love the Commodore but he still felt uneasy at the thought of Elizabeth and the Commodore together. He knew that the Commodore still harbored feelings for Elizabeth inside, though he was too gentlemanly to go after her now.

She belonged to Will and he to her. Everyone in Port Royal could see that. The way that they looked into each other's eyes, watching out for each other's steps, the way they held each other. It was all true and sincere. The Governor and even the Commodore could see that too. Then why had the Governor been so insistent that Elizabeth come along on this official trip?

Will turned around and picked up his clothes from the small cupboard. He began to change out of his nightclothes. The sun was rising soon; there wasn't much time left.

At the Swann estate, Elizabeth Swann slowly opened her eyes from beneath the covers. She peeked over to the other side of her room where the changing screen stood. Good, Estelle was not here yet, with her things for the day. She wanted some time alone to think. She didn't want to leave Port Royal. She didn't want to leave Will here all alone. She would miss him terribly, she knew.

Drat her old father. He had been so firm on his decision for her to come along with him on his trip that she had no choice but to give in. She still couldn't figure out the real reason why. She could sense that it had something to do with her relationship with Will, but for the past one month or so, when she and Will had been courting, her father had displayed no signs of discomfort, except for a few awkward moments.

Her father was fond of Will; he had often invited him over to have dinner and sometimes even bought him clothing and presents. He had even paid for Will's education in Port Royal, after they had rescued him from that sea.

Elizabeth smiled, as she remembered the day she first met Will. It was about ten years back, when she had been nine and he ten. He had changed quite a bit in his looks, comparing the young Will with the Will she knew and loved now. He had dark brown, curly hair, held back with a tie. His soulful and understanding eyes had melted into a richer, chocolate swirl. His face had a look of trustworthiness and compassion. She knew that she could always rely on Will to be there for her.

"Oh, drat, drat, drat, my father!", she thought," He always had weird ideas! First, marrying the Commodore, now this stupid trip!"

Just then, her angry thoughts were interrupted with a loud "Bang!". Estelle and two other maids had come in, their arms full of layers and layers of clothing. Her bodice, her corsets, her dress, her underskirts.She let out a loud groan.

Estelle, who had promptly set down the clothes, and opened the wide windows, heard her and remarked, " Well, missy, we'd best get you outta' that bed now. It's a getting' late and the Gov'nur whants' you dressed soon. Can't miss 'em ship, can we?"

While the maids helped Elizabeth out of her clothes, she washed her face and teeth in the washbasin. When she was done, she gritted her teeth and sucked in her breath, waiting for the corset to be tied. Estelle and the maids pulled at the strings; Elizabeth's waist was not yet of suitable size. She let out a loud, unearthly shriek as Estelle finally managed to tie the ends together. She gasped as the let go her breath. Trying to breathe in her corsets was no different than having no air to breathe.

"These, ghas..ghastly things! I woul..wouldn't be surprised if I died wearing them!" she choked out, tugging on the hard material of the corset.

After nearly two hours of fussing and dressing up, a very flushed and panting Elizabeth joined her father downstairs and made their way to the carriage outside. Then, slowly, the horses trotted off towards the dock.