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Chapter 11:

As Jack heard the small trampling of footsteps grow louder and clearer, he continued focusing his view on the one soldier pacing grimly back and forth on the grounds. He was clearly guarding one of the lesser-used entrances, a small passageway sealed off with an iron door.

Jack rotated the telescope to look at the man's surrounding's, he curled his lips up in a sly grin, pleased to find that he was the only one blocking the entrance on that side of the fortress.

It would make things much easier and efficient then.

Just as he was finished with his fill of sights, the heavy trampling came to a halt and a domineering voice of a woman spoke.

"Aye, Capt'n. We're all on deck. What is it you want with us?"

"You see 'ere me crew, I have found a friend on the little island. He guards an entrance. I saved him once on me onsie. So he owes me 'ere a debt. And the best part is, he hasn't paid in full yet. So tonight's the lucky night!"

After a long silence, which much amused staring took place, Ana tugged at her shirt and asked, with a tone of annoyance. She had put up with the Captain's ridiculous ways more than often.

"'Eh see here Capt'n.We get what you mean. You say you get paid in full tonight, and.?"

"Ah.Good to see that you've finally learnt to wait for my orders. Was just a little test, that. Now on to business, Ana you'll take three of yer men on a rowboat and make berth just a little way of the corner there, you see?"

Jack drawled, pointing a crooked finger at the darkened area a little way off the entrance, with much plant growth looming over everything.

"I, meself, will take a boat alone and deal with me ole partner there. I shall have to boost his memory for a while.. By the prim looks of it, he is not going to be very pleased now..Aye?"


Deep in the shadows of the night, the slick black surface of the sea broke out into ripples as the pirates rowed their way to the fortress island, cutting through the waters silently.

Reaching the island within minutes, the two boats left for their own and Jack rowed his off to a cove-like area, docking his boat with some rope.

He stepped off the boat, his boots crunching ominously on the sand and gravel.

If John wasn't going to help him and keep to his deal after he had taken that gunshot for him and rescued him from the pirate ship, he had a good mind to blow him, as well as their friendship to pieces.

The entrance was illuminated brightly and clearly by the moonlight and there was just one straight path ahead.

Jack made his way as stealthily as possible, but it wasn't before long till the solitary guard turned around and aimed his gun at the unwelcome intruder.

Jack however, seemed oblivious to the fact there was the great possibility that his head might get blown off at any moment, risking his ship and crew and continued walking towards the man in the most leisurely manner imaginable.

The soldier was shocked at such behavior and in fact, slightly disturbed for that walk was eking something out of his memory that was buried deep inside.

And that memory was beginning to get annoyingly familiar.

With each step Jack took, the distance between the two men grew closer till they could see each detail on their faces clearly.

At that precise moment, the soldier gained recognition and opened his mouth in greater shock.

His lips began to form words, and at the very last second, Jack realized that he was going to shout.

Rushing up to the ignorant man, he slapped his hand onto his mouth and clapped them shut.

There was absolutely no way that he was going to allow a disloyal friend cause the deaths of his crewmates.

If necessary, by all means he could very well enter by force. There was no need to go in nicely, with all the pretty manners.

With his hand firmly on his mouth, Jack spoke.

"You remember me now, don't you? You do eh? And you were still going to shoot the head off ole' Jack 'ere. You owe me a life, just as I gave you yours.I just need at little medicine from in the fort. Nothing more, nothin' less. I can promise you no stealing or raiding. And you can promise me no words, no alarms. You will keep your mouth shut and lead us to it. So how about it 'eh? You savvy?"

The man's expression seemed to soften but it was still firm and resolute.

"I gave you what you have right now.You seem to forget fast 'eh.And I could just take it all away as I please. That sound better for ya?"

Jack made a swooping action with his free hand and pulled slightly the trigger on his own gun.

The man glanced down frantically and looked back up at Jack, before nodding his head in defeat.

"Ah, victory. No trickery, mate. Savvy?"

With Jack's hand finally off his mouth, he gulped and croaked.


With matters settled, Jack called out for the rest of his crew on the island and the made their way through the fort passages.

As the sneaked and creeped past the many guards and rooms, Jack told John of the medicine they needed.

It was a mixture of premium herbs and other medicines. One of the rare herbs was a plant of great medicinal value from China, ginseng.

Being extremely expensive, it took months for it to be imported from China back to England, then from England to the Caribbean Islands.

After a few close encounters and heart-stopping moments, they arrived at the safe room. The safe room was where they stored the most valuable things and documents.

After claiming the ginseng, they would move on to the doctors' workplace. There they would gain the rest of the necessities.

Opening the door was a problem. It required four different keys for the four different locks. They waited in nervous silence as even the small noise of the key clinking against the iron lock sounded like an echo in the suffocating stillness.

With an eerie creak, they pushed ajar the iron door and stepped into a room filled with luxuries and riches. Many would have loved to get their hands on any item laid in here.

Jack couldn't help but finger the slabs of gold, the richly ornate chests, the thick documents and stacks of lavish objects.

The gleam in his eye grew and twinkled, much to the disparagement and worry of the soldier.

"You see here Sparrow. We, we made a deal. No going back on it. Keep your hands away from what's not yours. I'll get the plant for you. Get your crew out. You stay."

When the crew had left and were keeping watch outside, he made his way over to the chests.

Peering over the mounds for some minutes, he then reached over and dislodged a slim wooden box covered with velvet and silk, with intricately carved polished wooden edges.

He flipped open the golden hatch and lifted open the heavy cover.

Laid deep inside the red silk, were ten thick strips of a dried beige and brown colored plant. It was oddly shaped with what seemed to be a few crooked roots and a oval flat top.

A musty, rather unpleasant bitter smell rose up from the plant and Jack took one look at it, sniffed the air and wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"I daresay I will just need to wave this around Gibbs and he'll wake up properly. Ugly old thing doesn't look worth a gold coin and a second look. God knows how it's ever going to revive the old seadog.Oh well, best be off with it."

Jack snapped shut the lid and promptly took it under his arm, walking out of the door jauntily.

The soldier stood stock still for a moment, rather indignant at Jack's little speech.

That "ugly old thing which didn't look worth a gold coin and a second look" could cause him his life and his reputation. He didn't very much appreciate a word of no thanks after all he had done for them just so he could repay a debt.

Jack popped his head back though the opening and raised an eyebrow.

"Are you planning on standing there the whole night? I've a good mind to leave now and shut the door. Shall I leave you in it? Another one of them precious treasures?"

"You dare slam that door and I can assure you Jack Sparrow, you and your crew will never live to see the light of day!"

He stalked out, and glared at Jack and his crew. With a small thud and a tiny echo, they managed to shut the door and lock it tight.

Spending the next long minutes sneaking into the doctors' room was made easy for the security in the area was low.

The doctors' room was not one with much importance and value to the navy.

After getting to the ginseng, getting the rest of what they needed was in comparison, simple.

The doctors' room was empty and spacious and the moonlight shone directly in it. They could move around and search without being hindered by the lack of light and free movement.

Finally, they got everything they needed to treat Gibbs and the odd group traced back their route and found themselves back at the lonely entrance.

For the soldier, it was a great relief to him that there had been no trouble along the illegal journey and he had not been missed from his post.

For once he felt it lucky that his station was at a remote corner and not given much regard to.

Jack was in a fit of happiness and excitement. He couldn't wait to get to Gibbs and treat him. Also he was curious to the fact on how effective that scrawny plant would be. It would be most interesting to see.

With a word of goodbye and thanks, one, which the soldier hoped sincerely, would be the last; the pirates set off to their boats and rowed to their destination.

Unknown to them, the hidden ship that loomed mysteriously on the neighboring island had great need for the medicine that moment.

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