Prologue: Where the end is just the beginning

Author: Lady Blue

Disclaimers: All characters are copyright of Capcom. I don't own any of them and I sure don't make any profit out of them. All I do is write story about it and hope that people enjoy it.


"It's over... it's all over... Sigma's dead.... Zero's gone...." The thought runs through X mind. He could feel his internal system slowly shutting down one by one. Though he can't see how bad he was damage, but deep in him, he knows that it was the worse damage he had ever sustained so far. He try to move his leg but, he can't even feel it, if its still there.

"How can I be so stupid... to fall into.... one of Sigma trap.... and turn my back on my friend..... Forgive me Zero.... good bye" X shut his eyes as the last of his internal system slowly die down and the only thing remain is his internal battery that kept his memory system going.

"......... ...Not yet... Actually, I want you to rest and relax for now... Hold on, X...... Just for a few more moments" Dr. Light hologram hover beside X dying body. He always wanted X to live in a better world, a world without war, famine and suffering, but that is just a dream, a dream that will never come true.

Light shut his eyes for a moment, sighing as if he was still breathing real air.

"X..... rest now and forget about the past."


Author Notes: It had been a year since my last story and to think I wrote this in May, but never did get the idea on how to start. Actually I got this idea from futurama ™ "the what if situation"

All I have to say is that the from now on the story is going to change a lot. There will still be elements from MM Zero 1 and 2. Characters from Zero stories will make their respective appearance. Just that they will act differently and hopefully more lively. Remember this story kicks off after X5 and not X6 where X died. So there will be some sort of chain reaction here.

Don't worry Zero fans I am not going to bash Zero reputation here. He is a very cool guy with the lightsaber and he will play an important role in this story.