An Author's Nightmare 3: Enter Knothole

By LittleTiger

A/N: Hi again! Now you might have seen two other stories on entitled An Author's Nightmare by Joanie Rich and An Author's Nightmare 2: Going Underground by Ryan Perreault. These stories were written by two of my best friends so I have permission to write a 3rd Author's Nightmare. Since Joanie met Sonic and Tails when she was sucked into Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Ryan met the triplets of Sonic Underground, I am going to meet the Freedom Fighters of Knothole village! Also I'd like to note that at some points in this story the point of view will change from 1st Person (my POV) to 3rd person omniscient (narrator POV). I'll be letting you know what scenes will be in what POV through out the story. This is why my story is a tad bit different from Joanie's or Ryan's ^^

Disclaimer: you know it and I know it. I don't own Sonic the Hedgehog and all related characters, they belong to DiC Entertainment and blah, blah, blah. I belong to me... well at least I did the last time I checked.

I had just finished scanning my latest sketch into my computer. I yawned and looked up at the clock hanging on my living room wall: it was already midnight. I leaned back in my computer chair and stretched my stiff muscles. I stayed quiet because the rest of the house was asleep. I could hear my father snoring from the next room and I giggled.

My mother had told me to get off the computer earlier, but she and I weren't exactly being friendly towards each other again, so I ignored her request. My mother and I had a tendency to argue from time to time. This was one of those times. I thought I was right and she thought she was right.

My younger sister was away at a sleep over with her friends. Unlike me, my sister has a social life. While she was out with her friends, I stayed home - doing nothing. My older brother was away at college and even though I missed him, I didn't mind the fact that while he was away I got his room.

An instant message blinked in the corner of my computer screen and I clicked on it. The message popped up and I read what my buddy had sent me.

"Sorry April, but I really should be getting off now, I have a ton of homework I didn't finish -_-!" my friend typed.

I sighed but quickly responded, "Awww, well I guess homework comes first. And I know you and homework, Joanie! ;p Talk to ya tomorrow?" I entered my text.

"You can count on it! ^_^" Joanie answered.

"G'Night! Sleep well!" I replied.

"You too! See ya!" With that, my best friend logged off. I scrolled down my buddy list. No one worth talking to was on. My friend Ryan had went to bed hours ago so there were no hopes of him signing back on soon, and I hadn't seen my other good friend, Cari, online at all that day. With my three best buds off line what was there to do? Just as I was about to log off myself, another IM popped up.

"SexyDevil251: Hey April! This is Jay from Spanish class! I got your s/n from Alex! What do you say I take you to the movie tomorrow night? Right before Hala's party? We could...get to know each other a little better."

I rolled my eyes at the message and gagged. My mouse "accidentally" clicked the "Block Buddy" button. Jay was a real jerk: one who thought he could ask any girl out and get a yes. Even though that was probably true - knowing most of the girls that I go to school with have a crush on him - I wasn't one of them. I wasn't even planning on going to Hala's party; she never liked me any way. But most of all, I was sick of guys asking me out just because they thought I was easy. To tell you the truth, I have never been on a date that I've enjoyed!

Not finding any reason to stay on, I finally logged out of AIM. I wasn't tired, so I moved my mouse over to 'My Favorites' list and clicked on the link.

A small whimper emitted from the canine lying at my feet. I glanced down at the yellow Labrador retriever looking up at me. My dog, Buddy, obviously sensed I was planning to stay on the computer a while longer. Buddy looked as if he wanted to go to bed and he never went to sleep unless I already was. Whether he was being a protective pooch or a fraidy cat, I'll never know. I patted him on the head and closed the link. "Ok Buddy, we'll go downstairs," I gave in and turned off the computer.

Before I could head downstairs, I had to feed my other pets. I walked into another room of my house - which was supposed to be an office, but instead I had turned it into a pet room. The long shelf lining the wall had six fish tanks resting on it. But instead of fish, the tanks were filled with soft pine bedding and various rodent toys belonging to five hamsters and a gerbil.

On another desk in the room rested a large metallic hutch and a fish tank (there was a fish in this one). In the hutch was my pet hedgehog. Since rodents are nocturnal creatures all of my pets were up and about, some running on their exercise wheels, others just staring at me as I entered the room. While I fed my zoo, Buddy was busy sniffing the hedgehog through the wire mesh of it's hutch. "Buddy! Leave Lil' Sonic alone," I scolded my dog. Buddy backed off when Lil' Sonic squeaked at him.

With my chore finished, I closed the door to the 'Pet Room' and made my way to the kitchen, Buddy followed close behind. The darkened house was hard to move around in and, as expected, my foot came in contact with a heavy object blocking my path. "Ow! What the...?" I looked down at the object that had caused my foot pain. I sighed when I realized it was only my trusty backpack. I decided it might be best if I brought it downstairs with me; so I slung the brown leather strap over my shoulder and continued my trek through the silent house.

When I finally made it through the kitchen and past the hall, I quietly started to walk down the basement stairs. Though it really didn't make a difference how quiet I was, because Buddy made enough noise for the both of us.

My basement doubles as an entertainment area and my bedroom. To the right of the staircase is a small laundry room. On one side of the main room are a small bar, a futon, and a long table. Whenever we had a party, this was usually the place everyone would come to sit and chat. On the other side was a carpeted area that included my brother's old queen size waterbed, a nightstand, a dresser, and a large shelving unit. On the shelves were my brother's flat-screen TV and CD player. Since he didn't bring them to his dorm, they were mine for the taking! It's nice to have an older brother who has a great paying job.

Buddy leapt up onto the bed and curled up in the far top corner. I set my backpack on the bed and walked over to my dresser. I pulled out my favorite pair of pajamas - a black sports top and plaid pajama pants. I ran a brush through my short brown and damp hair. I had taken a shower that night and hadn't bothered drying it. Yes, I'm lazy. I pulled it back with my favorite blue scrunchie. After changing, I walked over to the small window and opened it up. The cool, spring breeze filtered into the room, airing it out. I turned off the main light and switched on the TV. I still wasn't tired.

Knowing what video was in it, I pressed play on the VCR. A second later the screen was filled with the bright colors of my favorite cartoon. The video picked up where it had left off.

"I don't suppose you'll tell me the location of Knothole?" questioned the menacing voice of the most evil cartoon villain in the history of cartoons. Well, at least that's what I think.

"Sure I will! When you get a life!" I mimicked Princess Sally's lines perfectly. I sat at the end of my bed and watched the scene continue, staring at the TV screen like I had never seen the episode before. Though in reality, this was one of my favorite episodes and I knew it by heart.

The Saturday morning series of Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) had always been my favorite of the Sonic cartoons. Oh sure, I loved the slap stick comedy of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and the songs in Sonic Underground were really catchy, but the drama and romance of SatAM was what really pulled me into this cartoon and made it my favorite.

While the video continued, I started to sort through my backpack. The old brown leather pack was worn and fading. I carried it practically everywhere I went, so its condition was no surprise. I unclipped the top flap and glanced inside. The containments included my sketchpad and lucky green mechanical pencil, my school folder, my Game Boy Advanced SP (complete with a copy of Sonic Advance 2) an old pocketknife my brother gave to me (he didn't want it any more and it was beginning to rust), a half eaten bag of chocolate chip cookies, a disposable camera with one picture left, my inhaler (darn asthma!), my school ID, and a small, two-tailed fox stuffed animal.

I smiled and pulled out my Tails plushie. I gave it a quick hug and carefully stuffed it back into the pack. I usually kept the plushie in there because I brought it everywhere. My Sonic plushie sat on my pillow. I reached over and picked it up and set it in my lap. I looked back in my pack and pulled out my school folder and carelessly tossed it on the floor. I didn't have homework over Spring Break, but it was like a natural reflex for me to bring home my folder. Everything else stayed in the backpack. I got up from my bed and walked over to my closet. Since tomorrow was Saturday, that meant I had work and was going to need a change of clothes. I worked at and animal shelter and my clothes tended to get a little messy.

I picked out a pair of loose fitting black jeans with purple stripes down the sides and a sky blue t-shirt. I folded the clothes and stuffed them into my pack along with my clean white and blue sneakers.

After packing for tomorrow, I climbed back into bed and snuggled under the warm comforter. I picked up the remote and set the sleep timer on my TV/VCR for 15 minutes. Buddy shifted his weight again and rested his head in my lap. I stroked his velvety soft ears as I watched another episode of SatAM.

As the sounds of Sonic blasting through the Great Forest echoed in my room, I slowly shut my eyes and started to drift off into sleep. With my eyes closed and the sounds of the TV interfering with my hearing, I never noticed the mechanical spy orb float in through the open window.