One Stormy Night....

A/N: I got inspired to write this when I took a Kurama quiz and one of the questions was kind of funny. The quiz is on and the creator of the quiz is ElvenWindmaster12. But I forgot exactly what the quiz was called. I think it was called: Date with Kurama.

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Summary: Struggling with being in a public school, having an overprotective grandpa and having a fire demon crashing through her window doesn't help her a bit. Hiei x OC

Mizuki Aoi groaned as she set down her school bag on her bed and changed out of her school uniform. Today was the worst day ever because some girls tackled her when they thought she was trying to take Shuiichi Minamino away from them. She had to admit he was cute but she wasn't interested in him like that and never will. He was just too....perfect. She was perfect too but only in her grandpa's eyes. Nobody else thought that.

"Stupid bitches." she muttered, touching her eye where it had been punched. "Ow" She sighed and went into the bathroom where the first aid kit was.

Luckily, she had gotten away before the rabid fangirls could do anymore damage to her. She applied some medicine on her eye and some powder so her grandpa wouldn't be able to tell. She knew how he tends to overreact and didn't want to worry him.

Walking back into her bedroom, she yawned, got into bed and fell asleep. When she woke up, she saw outside the window that it was raining really hard.

Hiei Jaganshi jumped from tree to tree and upon feeling some raindrops on his head, decided to find shelter on some tree branch. He settled down on a tree branch with enough leaves to cover him from the pouring rain. He then put his arms behind his head and fell asleep.

Mizuki got out of bed and listened to the silence.

'Nobody's home yet.' she thought. 'Typical'

She glanced at the digital clock and saw that it was 8:00. She took out a towel and walked into the bathroom to take a long bath.

She turned on the hot water with a little bit of cold, waited until it was a few inches from the rim then turned off the water off. She dumped some bubble bath foam into the water. She took off her clothes and sighed contendly as she settled herself into the soothing hot water. It was so relaxing and quiet just the way she liked it. That didn't last long though when thunder crashed and now the bathroom was pitchblack.

"Damn!" she cursed, getting out of the tub and groping around for her towel.

Her hand felt the soft material of her towel, she grabbed it and wrapped it around her soapy body. Then she heard it. The sound of a window breaking and it was right outside her bathroom which means that whoever it is was in her room. Her heart pounded against her chest and her breath halted.

She grabbed the nearest thing which was a plunger and held it threateningly in front of her. Her towel started to slip but she clutched the front of it with one hand before it could slip any further. She slowly opened the bathroom door and tried to adjust her eyes to the darkness.

"He-hello?" she said, fear evident in her voice. But nobody answered and the only sound was the thunder crashing. She could see the broken window from the light emitted from the thunder. The window had a huge hole and the rain was blowing from the outside. The only thing left of the window was a few shards still on the frame. She walked towards the window but tripped on something.

Something solid and it was breathing!!! She landed on the opposite side of whatever it was and glass was cutting into her bare skin. She squeaked in pain and covered her mouth to keep from screaming. The winds blew furiously from the outside. For someone in just a towel and glass cutting into her, this wasn't such a great day for her. The thunder crashed again and the lights were back on.

Mizuki glanced at the intruder and saw that it was a man drenched in rain, his wet clothes stuck close to his body and that he was sleeping? She put a hand on his arm and realized that he was burning up. She hurriedly carried him to her bed, despite the glass cutting into her barefoot. She had trouble carrying him because he was heavy.

'For such a short guy, he's sure heavy.'

'Okay, now I just need to change him out of those clothes.' The mere thought of it made her blush but in order to help him, she had to.

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