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Chapter 2

"Where the hell is she. If something happened I'm in deep trouble." Ralph exclaimed.

"Calm down Ralph I just went to get us some coffee. It has been a long day if you haven't noticed." Rei said stopping a few feet from him.

He turned around ready to clobber her for scaring him and making him worry. He saw her smiling and had to smile when she handed him his coffee. Just then Ralph saw Kiddy at the door beckoning to him. He excused himself and went over. They talked for a good 10 minutes before Ralph went back to them.

"Rei, how are you able to defeat a Lucifer Hawk?" Ralph asked a very strange look on his face.

"She defeated a Lucifer Hawk." Thomas almost shouted.

"Yes, I did, and I have the power of the elements; you know, earth, air. Water, and fire." Rei explained. "Also I have the sword of light, which is supposed to be used to protect innocent people."

"We need to tell Miss. Cheyenne about this, she might be able to help you like you might be able to help her." Ralph said grabbing his cell phone and dialing a number on it.

"Yea, sure. Don't forget to ask me if I wanted to this." Rei said sarcastically.

At the AMP

"Rally, you have a phone call from Ralph, says it about that Rei girl that came buy with the files." Mana said after answering the phone.

"Fine patch it through to me." Rally replied picking up the phone. "Hello."

"Rally, its Ralph, I just found out that Rei has the power of the elements so that's how she defeated the Lucifer Hawk."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, as good as I can tell, she's never lied to me before or anyone else I know. I mean she does work for me along with Thomas who's known her since they where both 10."

"Well then bring her over here, so we can all talk."

Where Ralph is

"Well where going to the AMP, so you can talk to Rally and everyone else." Ralph said closing his cell phone.

"Great just great, I'm going to the one place I don't want to go to again." Rei said pouting, "I really hate my life."

"Come on Rei, it won't be that bad." Thomas said as we walked out of the police headquarters with us.

"You, just get back to work on that murder case of ours, I want at least three pages of all the clues and suspects and all the leads we have on my desk by the time I get back, I'll call you about when I'm getting there." Rei said getting onto her mike (no people not the kind u pedal the kind with the engine.)


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