New AN (2016-11-13): This story was originally written in 2003-2005. Due to the many plot and writing problems throughout this fic, I will be rewriting it in the near future. The sequel, Forgotten Promise, will also be revised, and updates will be on-hold until that is completed. Please enter at your own risk!

Background: Keitaro Urashima, a 21 years old guy, failed the Tokyo University Entrance Exam for the fourth time. His "girlfriend" Naru Narusegawa, on the other hand, finally passed the Entrance Exam and was busily preparing for her first year at Toudai!



It was another sunny Sunday afternoon at Hinatasou, and everyone was happy to watch the pinkish-white petals of the cherry blossom trees fly freely in the air before they went out of sight. Sake, sashimi, and all sorts of delicacies lay on the table as the Hinata girls partied for a very good cause: their friend Naru finally made it to Toudai!

" Party, party, party," Haruka, Keitaro's aunt, sighed as she took a sip on her bottle of sake, " we will soon run out of money again."

" Let it be, Haruka-san," Motoko said soothingly. She was a stern 17 years old girl whose only interest was kendo.

" Well, at least you seem to be enjoying the sake," Kitsune (her real name is Mitsune Konno), a 21 years old alcoholic, added merrily as she gulped down her own bottle of sake, " besides, this party is for a good cause!"

" Yea! Naru got into Toudai! That is a really good reason for a party! Plus, the food is REALLY delicious!" Kaolla Su, the always hungry 15 years old, yelled as she gobbled down yet another bowl of extra-spicy curry rice.

" More food coming!" Shinobu Maehara, 14 years old resident cook at Hinatasou, said as she came out with another plate of delicacies.

" This is great!" Kaolla leaped in Shinobu's direction and landed right in front of her. As all would have guessed, she started to attack the plate of frozen bananas.

" By the way, did anyone see Naru-sempai and Urashima?" Motoko asked as she noticed that they were not present. Everyone shook her heads in confusion.

" Let's go find them then," Haruka said. Motoko, Shinobu and a slightly drunk Kitsune followed her.

" Hey! Wait for me!" Kaolla screamed as she put down Tama-chan, the resident turtle at Hinatasou. Kaolla was about to cook the poor turtle, but was forced to give up when everybody left to find their kanrinrin and Naru. Meanwhile, on the roof.

" Sorry Naru," Keitaro said as he bowed deeply, " I have decided that I won't chase after this unrealistic dream anymore."

" Keitaro? What are you talking about?" Naru asked in awe.

" I've tried my hardest, but I just can't do it. If I keep on trying, I will be wasting my time. I have a new dream now, a more realistic one, and it is to be a good kanrinrin at Hinatasou. I will take good care of everybody and make sure that everyone is happy. In the future, when I find my own talents, I will find a new goal to go towards. At the end, I will succeed," Keitaro dreamily said as he raised his head in the direction of the sky.

" I, I'm so disappointed in you! Didn't you promise me to get into Toudai together? Now, you are telling me that you are going to give up?"

" Sorry," Keitaro bowed again. Naru was so mad at him that she ran all the way down the stairs without looking back at him once.

" Naru?" everyone said as Naru rushed past. No one knew what had happened.

" What did you do to Naru-sempai?" Motoko asked in a grim voice as she glared at Keitaro.

" I, I didn't do anything," Keitaro stuttered.

" So you are lying again, Urashima. You'll be punished! Hiken Zankuusen!" Motoko yelled as she produced a strong blast of ki from her katana that sent Keitaro in flight for the 99th time.

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