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Motoko thought she had heard someone calling her name, but she concluded that it was only an illusion. Keitaro was taking the Toudai exam so he couldn't be here, he wouldn't be here. Knowing that she could not forget no matter how hard she tried, she took out the key ring Keitaro had given to her and threw it towards the garbage can, thinking that she might be able to throw away part of her past as well.

" No, Motoko-chan!" Keitaro yelled as he ran forward and caught the key ring in mid-air before falling onto the ground with a thud.

" Keitaro..." Motoko said as she saw the man she had longed to see right in front of her eyes. She could not believe it! Why would he be here?

" Never throw this away again, Motoko-chan. Never leave me again!" Keitaro begged as he took Motoko into his arms. Motoko was surprised as she felt Keitaro's arms wrap around her in a warm embrace. She simply didn't know what to do!

" Aren't you supposed to be at the exam?" Motoko asked.

" I don't want to take it anymore. I just want you to be by my side forever," Keitaro replied.

Motoko pulled herself away from Keitaro's embrace and took a step back from him.

" Please don't lie to me anymore, Keitaro. I know this is just..." Motoko started, but Keitaro quickly cut her off.

" I'm not doing this because of my promise to Akiko! I admit that at first I just wanted to fulfill my responsibility as the kanrinrin, but as I became closer and closer to you, I began to feel that you made me very comfortable, and you made me very happy. From then on, I wanted to be with you because of my own will, because of my feelings for you! Please believe me, Motoko. Please believe my love towards you!" Keitaro said. Motoko didn't know how to reply as Keitaro merely silenced her with a kiss. It was the first time she felt the warm touch of Keitaro's lips on her own, and instantly all her anger and confusion vanished. She closed her eyes and returned Keitaro's affection. She didn't want to think anymore. She just wanted to be with him, always, never to let go again. Their lips parted, and Motoko found herself in Keitaro's arms once more. It felt so comfortable, so natural, as they clung onto each other. The breeze continued to blow, the sakura petals continued to rain gently on their heads. Motoko could hear Keitaro's gentle whisper in her ears.

" Motoko, I'll never leave you again. It is a yakusoku."

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