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A little information on Slayers: Someone asked me to explain the crossover in this fic. The Slayers is an anime series (Japanese cartoon) which is a parody of role playing games in general. The heroine, Lina, is a powerful black sorceress with a temper to match her fiery red hair. Shes also known as the Dragon spooker, the bandit killer, the enemy of all that lives and many other unflatering titles. Her companions are Gourry, the idiotic, moronic, jellyfishes for brain Gourry, Zelgadis the chimera, half human, half rock golem and half demon and princess Amelia Wil Telsa Sailune, the defender of justice.

The spells I used in the name of ancient magic are simply the untranslated spells from the Slayers universe. The casting is simply in Japanese but for any English person this sounds like arcane casting. To say Voldemort doesn't stand a chance is an understatement. The strongest normal spell Harry can cast is called Dragu Slav, a modified version of a spell called Dragon Slayer. It simply channels the power of one of the four dark lords of the demons called Ruby-eye Shabranigdo and blasts away the opposition and anything near it. It has the same effect as a tactical nuclear nuke minus the radiation. The strongest spell castable in dire times of need only would be Giga Slav. It summons the power of the Lord of Nightmares into this world. The body of the caster becomes the one of the dark lord summoned. Many things can go wrong. The caster could be possessed, lose control of the spell and kill himself or simply destroy the world by making a mistake. During the casting of high level spells, the build up of power repulse lower levelled spells and attacks giving the caster relative protection.

Chapter 6: Passing of power

Harry woke up with the widest stupid grin on his face. He'd never smiled as widely before even when he had won the Quidditch cup. Quidditch couldn't compare and they hadn't even gone all the way yet. Harry looked at Hermione and his smile widened even more. He held in his arms the source of his joy and would be content to just hold her forever.

Harry was stuck in his position, painfully aware of their closeness and the lack of clothing. Disentangling himself from this position would rouse Hermione from her sleep and he was in no hurry to get up at the moment. He watched the rhythmic rise and fall caused by her breathing. Her bushy hair was now a mop of messy tangles from the last night's activities. He looked at her face, haloed in white forms from his blurry perception.

Their little heaven was cut short when she stirred from her slumber. Harry marvelled at the sight.

"Morning?" She grumbled half awake.

"Yeah, too bad we can't stay in bed all day." He told her. She buried her face in her pillow and muttered something about the unfairness of sunlight in the summer.

"We have to get to Grimmauld place today. Ron should have the other talisman ready and we have this little chat with Dumbledore to get over with." She deadpanned as she was already planning their day. She got up and thus gave Harry a good look at her backside before she disappeared through the door to the bathroom.

They prepared to leave and Harry called for the knight bus by raising his wand in the air.

"Lookee here Stan! It 'arry Potte'!" the driver called.

"Hey there, two place for Grimmauld place, no cocoa and no bed." Harry asked before the overbearing man could try to push him further. He gave him the required amount of money and the two teens went to sit at the back of the infernal machine.

"Are you sure we'll survive?" Hermione asked Harry.

"Worst comes to worst we'll just levitate the thing and avoid the damage." He said as he settled rather nervously in his seat, the knight bus wasn't his favourite mean of transportation, it WAS better then the floo and portkeys but He would rather have ridden the carts of Gringotts, the wizards bank, then the said bus. The ride to Grimmauld Square, was quite long with stops to gather passengers and drop some others all over Britain. Harry was acquainted with a very unsettled Hermione.

"I'll be glad when we can apparate from place to place." She complained when they got out, they walked to the numbers 11 and 15 which were actually close enough to one another that it would have been difficult to guess there could be a number 13.

Within a second of remembering what was on the letter from Dumbledore the previous year, the houses seemed to move as though they were made of Jell-o and accommodate the space to be filled by a large mansion. Harry quickly scanned around just as Hermione did and they quickly entered.

The first thing that greeted them was the sight of Mrs Black already spewing insults.

"BLOODTRAITOR! MUDBLOOD! FILTH NOT WORTHY OF ENTERING THIS HOME!" She was about to continue but Harry walked up to the mural painting which sneered at him. He then jabbed his fingers right next to her mouth and ripped the offending piece of tissue off the image. The previous screams had made the whole populace of Grimmauld place rush to the door but they were shocked to see Harry shut Mrs. Black with his bare hands. The woman looked horrified but she couldn't scream anymore since her mouth was now a burning pile of ashes.

"Now listen Mamam, wether you like it or not this house isn't yours anymore, you're dead! So you don't have a say in what goes on in here." He looked positively evil when he brought the flaming tip of his wand near the canvas as Mrs Black looked terrified.

"You've made your point Harry, she can't scream anymore so drop it please." Hermione pleaded to him. The others were still rather shocked at what had just happened and how. . .evil Harry had looked. He lowered his wand and turned to the assembly of order members and Weasleys.

"Hello everyone, have a nice summer?" He asked as he moved towards them, closing the curtains to hide Mrs Black.

"Hey mate! I got your stone right here." Ron tossed him the boosting gem and Harry smiled. He put it in his pocket with the other three. The rest of the day was passed with a retelling of the battle against the death eaters and Harrys assurance of his not being a dark wizard. It came as a shock when he settled in a vacant room with Hermione.

"You hooked up?" Ron looked almost panicked.

"Were you blind Ron, everyone in Hogwarts except you three knew this would happen, there's even a betting pool!" George said as he took out a plain piece of paper. He waved his wand over it and a listing of people names with dates appeared. The trio looked over it. Some names were eliminated from the list because their bets were expired, some were in green and others were written in plain black.

"The green names are those who are close with their bets right now, so, when was it you hooked up?" Fred asked the blushing pair.

"Last night. . ." Harry muttered and both blushed even more, Ron looked rather relieved though.

"At least you didn't wait to tell me." He said in a voice barely above a whisper.

"Why would we do that?" Hermione asked.

"My reaction." He deadpanned.

"There's a pool for that too you know." George interjected as he looked at his listings. His eyes went wide when he read the name of the winner. "SNAPE!??!?" He exclaimed, he looked carefully three times but the name of the potions teacher was now glowing golden while the others were all eliminated.

"You let the teachers bet on our relationship?" Harry exclaimed.

"We're not the responsibles here, just two of the major actors. We don't even know who started this thing." He looked it over and there was also an entry for McGonnagal, Flitwick, Hagrid, Filch and even Trelawney who predicted his death just as he proclaimed his love for her.

"This is humiliating." Hermione said, the whole wizarding world knew they were going out for real this time and the media hadn't done a single thing yet! There even was an entry for Rita Skeeter on the night of Christmas of their fourth year.

"What about my reaction?" He said, the pool was divided, it wasn't a betting pool but just a survey. "78% say I'll be a jealous prat?!!" He screamed, the next was even more shocking to him though. "21% say I'll just go out with Luna???????????? WHAT KIND OF LOONEY MADE THIS?!!!?" He screamed. Somewhere in the streets of London, a man with peculiar violet hair and slitted eyes sneezed. He couldn't be getting a cold and he was basically a stranger to almost everyone on the planet save a few.

"Making people suffer again Xellos?" A feminine voice said with a bit of an edge in her voice. He shook his head rather violently, her anger was good but he didn't want to sleep on the couch, it wasn't that he felt the discomfort but it usually spanned for a century before she forgave him for good and he didn't want that right now, especially since she had just gotten over her last little spat.

"Not a chance dear, or it's just a particular someone." He said, who knew a female would one day tame Xellos.

Ron was looking at the last 1% when he felt ill all of a sudden, he ripped the paper to shreds and left in a hurry, you could hear him belch from the room as he muttered curses after curses to whomever could have voted for him to turn gay and start bunking with Draco Malfoy.

"You're sure you're not making people suffer?" Xellos female companion asked as a smile adorned his face when they passed Grimmauld Place.

"Not my fault but someone is suffering here." He said as he took his meal, not his fault the boy had reacted that way, he had just posted his twisted vote, something innocent and quite legal.

The day turned into night and 12 Grimmauld Place was once again turned into the orders headquarters. The totality of the order was there even if they were supposed to be working, even Snape was able to keep from being called by Voldemort.

"We have already discussed this matter yesterday but now we need to vote, we have three new inductees today. Albeit young, they have proved their worth many times. Please vote accordingly." Dumbledore called to the audience, they raised their wands and white lined flew to a counting device at the end of the room. The vote in favour was unanimous and when Dumbledore announced the result, the twins blew two of their fireworks into the room and celebrated a bit creating quite a ruckus which Molly was sure to disapprove.

"Now maybe you'll be willing to. . .Harry?" All of a sudden, all three of them froze as they felt a disturbance in the magical forces. Harry rushed to the nearest window and looked to the skies. He knew what to look for in the ancient constellations and he actually saw the switch, the dragon of Maryuoh Gaav was gone, leaving in it's place the image of a snake.

"What is the matter?" Dumbledore asked as he looked at the sky but saw only the stars unaligned.

"A passassion of power." Harry said gravely. "And Voldemort was at the very center of it it seems." Hermione rushed at his side and looked noticeably paler.

"Don't tell me. . ." She was dreading his answer. Ron beat them to it though.

"We have a new Chaos demon lord." He said with a frown.

"And a new general and a great priest." Harry was losing everyone in the room but he didn't care until Dumbledore asked him to explain himself.

"It's about the circles of demonology in ancient atlantis. First there is the creator, the lord of nightmares as well of the mother of all that lives, the alpha and omega or God if you want. Then comes the four great lords of the Mazoku and the gods. There's only one of each in each world. We have Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo, a nasty evil critter whop wants and would destroy the world. He was sealed in 7 pieces, 3 of which don't exist anymore. Under him there are 5 Mazoku Lords: Maryuoh Gaav who died, Hellmaster Phibrizo who is also dead, Beastmaster Zellas who doesn't care about much, Deep Sea Dolphin, she's supposed to be the youngest one of the lot and she's not much of a people's person and finally Frozen king Dynast who lives in the vast thundra." He let his lesson sink in the adults now listening to him intently. Hermione could have explained it better but he was the most kinowledgable. Ron knew about demons because he was half of one so he had to get some sensory warning when it happened.

"The two that are dead leave a place for the younger demons to step in but they usually get blasted by the underlings of the other great demons who compete for the position. One of those were reclaimed and be grateful that it was the Hellmaster and not the chaos demon."

"Why should we, if the Dark Lord has gained powers then either way is bad." Snape muttered.

"Thje chaos demon can kill you, and he will if he ever decides to do so, but the hellmaster can simply wish you dead and it's done. If he was the Hellmaster I'd be dead along with Dumbledore right now." Harry took his seat, the lesson over with for the moment and he waited for the questions.

"What can be done then." Dumbledore asked as he took his seat. He looked serious and rather ready to head into a fight.

"You'll be doing nothing!" Ron reacted this time, he wasn't about to let his family fight a Mazoku lord. "They are too strong for you, even a small brass demon could take out the whole order!" He exclaimed.

"Ron's right, right now we're the only ones standing against him. The good new is he's got a whole set of rules to follow now." Hermione interjected.

"That and he has to make his stand in the demon lords council over in the desert of destruction before he can take his place. We have a bit of time to prepare." Harry said gravely. He closed his eyes a seconds and spoke slowly.

"We should head over to Atlas City over in Atlantis, it would give us some clues about the new magical spells developed since our teachers died." He said before he seemed to decide on something else. "We should bring Ginny, Neville and Luna along too, we could teach them a few things at least." He said Mrs Weasley immediately got up but Mr Weasley restrained her.

"No fighting mom, she'll only learn to do magic, most probably the healing spells and some shamanism." Ron appeased her and she calmed a bit.

"She'd need months of training to just get to the level of usefulness so don't worry about it until next year." Hermione said supportive of Harry.

"And it would be better if they could defend themselves. They came with us last year at the department of mysteries. . ." Harry looked thoughtful once again as he finally sighed wearily. "I'm sorry about that though, I should never have gone off by myself." It was directed at the Weasley parents who shook their heads in unison.

"No need for that Harry." Mr Weasley told him.

"As long as they are safe there is no problem dear." Mrs Weasley said after her husband.

"We have to leave tomorrow then, we'll take the passage under Spain and get to Seiluun before we head for Atlas city." Harry declared as he took his seat to listen to the other reports.

Meanwhile, in a dark cave.

You are now one of the Mazoku lords Voldemort. A being of pure power which can bring destruction upon this world. There is only one thing you must do now besides make your standing official.

"And what would that be?" he asked as he bowed to the shadowy figure before him.

"Destroy Potter and his friends." Both looked smiled with all their teethes as the shadow disappeared leaving Voldemort alone.

"WORMTAIL!" He called for his servant.

"Yes master." He grovelled at the feet of the man.

"Fetch Bellatrix from the infirmary and Lucius from the dungeons!" He ordered.

"Yes Master, right away."

The two death eaters were at his feet, Bellatrix with her missing limb and Lucius halfway dead from the tortures he had to endure for his failures.

"M-m-m-master!" They called shakily.

"You two. . .are my most loyal servants." He said this as a compliment.

"Thank you master!" They said with a bit of pride in their voice, faked or otherwise.

"And now, you will serve me. . .after you die!" He pointed his palm to them and an acid mist dissolved their bodies leaving only the bones, Voldemort then forged his general using Lucius and his priest from Bellatrix, thus giving them back their life.

"Welcome back servants." He said

"We live only to serve master." Lucius said from his left side.

"It is our pleasure" Bellatrix called from his right.

"We have a mission, while our death eathers occupy the wizarding world, we have to make our way to a little reunion." He said as he slipped within the astral plane.

End of chapter 6

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