The moon was bright over Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Its loving beams caressed the grounds and the massive towers that was the school itself. They lovingly pass over the sleeping forms of students and professors alike. In one dormitory, one student was not asleep.

            Harry Potter couldn't sleep, no, more like he wouldn't. His dreams would come back. His Godfather's death was pounding in his head even now, in his 6th year of Hogwarts.

            "I can't sit here for much longer, I'm going to go insane," Harry mumbled as he swung off his bed and grabbed his father's Invisibility cloak and the Marauders' Map. Seeing the Map brought pain to him, giving him memories of Sirius again. Harry shoved these thoughts out of his mind and left the room.

            He made it down the stairs and he threw on the cloak. The common room was so peaceful at night and Harry was tempted to stay for the night, but he decided to go for a quick walk around the school, maybe tire himself out or something. He scrambled out of the portrait hole and into the hallway.

            Harry really wasn't paying attention to where he was going; he was just following his feet. He didn't notice that he had walked into a spare classroom that seemed familiar. Then, he saw it. The Mirror of Erised was standing where it was 5 years ago. He couldn't resist the charm it held.

            The mirror was showing Harry his parents again and even Sirius now. "I just can't handle this anymore," he said as he moved towards the mirror. He placed his hand on the mirror, just wanting to be closer again. His parents were smiling sadly and Sirius was giving Harry an odd smirk when something changed.

            The mirror was moving! Harry attempted to remove his hand so it wouldn't tip over but instead saw that his hand was starting to sink into the mirror itself! "Oh crap! Help! Anyone?" he yelled as he sunk in further. The mirror had him up to the elbow and it was getting faster. The surface looked like liquid silver now and was rippling slightly.

            No one came to help him! He was up to his shoulder and no one was coming! "I'm so dead…" he said as the rest of his body was sucked in, leaving his head out of the mirror.  With a loud slurping noise, he was sucked in completely and everything went black.

Okay people, this is a story that I wanted to do really badly! I love Alternate Universe and Severitus Challenge way too much. I thought hmm… what would happen if Lily and Snape would have been together. One of my friends (Uozumi) is doing it also, so it will hereby be a challenge to anyone who wants to do it, Damon's Challenge:

1. It must be an Alternate Universe or must contain an Alternate Timeline

2. Severus must be Harry's father

3. Voldemort must not exist, or Tom Riddle did not turn evil

Otherwise, have fun!

~Damon Rhodes